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Friday, 7 August 2015

Play our fiendish Coronation Street quiz - Friday August 7

With thanks to a very old soaps quiz book that Sunny Jim found in a charity shop recently, here we go with another of our Coronation Street quizzes.  The earlier ones can be found here.

There's no prizes for winning, so don't ring in. It's just for fun. Mind you, it is rather tricky.

Answers are at

1. Who were the first occupants of No. 6 Coronation Street?
2. Who rescued Bet when the Rovers went up in flames?
3. What was the Street's first new baby?
4. How did Brian Tilsley come to an untimely end?
5. How many times was Elsie Tanner married?
6. What caused Albert Tatlock to collapse on the kitchen floor in 1961?
7. Why were the Street's residents evacuated to the Mission Hall in 1961?
8. How much did Linda and Ivan Cheveski pay for No. 9 Coronation Street?
9. Where did Billy Walker go to work after returning from National Service?
10. What did Tom Hayes - who lived at No. 5 in 1961 - do for a living?
11. Who were the propreitors of the Italian restaurant in Rosamund Street?
12. How much did Florrie Lindley win on the premium bonds?

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Tvor said...

1. Des and STeph Barnes
2. Kevin Webster (sort of, the firemen got her out the window)
3. Paul Cheveski
4. Stabbed outside a nightclub
5. 3 (unless she marred the fellow she went to Portugal with)
7. Gas leak
9. a garage
11. Leanne Battersby and Paul Clayton

Llifon said...

1. Des and Steph Barnes
2. Kevin Webster
3. Paul Cheveski
4. Stabbed to death
5. Four (if you include Bill Gregory)
6. Overwork
7. Gas leak
8. £200
9. Blue Bell Garage
10. Criminal
11. Bartolis
12. £500

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