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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Jason beaten up and left for dead in next week's Corrie

There might be happy campers next week on Coronation Street, but life gets grim for the Grimshaws.

Jason is beaten up and left for dead by Callum in next week's Corrie, after he defends Sarah when Callum starts having a go at her.

By the look of our preview pictures above, Jason's in a bit of a state and ends up in hospital with his parents Eileen and Tony at his bedside. 

However, our pictures also show that Callum doesn't do the beating up, he gets a couple of his goons to do it for him. Well, he wouldn't want to damage his nails, now, would he?

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Anonymous said...

Of course Callum doesn't do the beating, he couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding.

For God's sake call time on this character, I can't stand much more of him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Come on, Tony, do your worst. Let's wind this story up now.

Tvor said...

Next... Tony beats the crap out of Callum who then dies from internal injuries over Jason's hospital bed...... oh, wait.... Well, at least he could be in prison with Jim MacDonald so he could!

Nikki NZ said...

Tvor lol ��

Nikki NZ said...

Those weird symbols were supposed to be an emoticon crying with laughter btw

Anonymous said...

Oh goody another hospital scene with the family by the bedside 24/7. Then the next thing we know he'll back home drinking in the Rovers. I am so sick of Callum high time the writers wrapped up this tediously, boring storyline once and for all.

Anonymous said...

J in Atlanta writes:
probably Tony will beat up Callum, Callum dies (yeah finally) Tony goes to prison and meets up with Rob who then wrecks havoc on the street from his jail cell with Tony as his accomplice (reminds me of Jim McDonald and Peter Barlow) - can any writers come up with something new instead of rehashing the same old, same old???
same with the storyline of Maria/Luke/Steph - rehashed storyline of Tina following Kirsty with a good looking guy with a gorgeous red Fiarre
blabs all to Tyrone and it turns out Kirsty was only trying to borrow it for the weekend for Tyrone as a surprise gift
same old, same old

Anonymous said...

SŃ€eaking of rehashed stories, this smacks of Steve,Jim and Jez Quigley!

Joseph Billington said...

Kill Callum off for good. Oh no, none of this "Tony's Revenge" ninsense, oh no, just the next Wayfarer knocking him down outside the salon. At least with him lying on the cobbles, Gail will get a better Shampoo-Bottle Throwing shot!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Callum. Thin as a pencil, foot up on the wall. More like David Bowie than a drug dealer. Makes me laugh!

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