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Friday, 7 February 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - Nos. 32 and 31

32. Dev Alahan and Sunita Parekh/Alahan, 2004-2006, 2010-2013 (46 votes)

Sunita Parekh was an employee at one of Dev’s seven shops, after she fled from her arranged marriage in India. Soon enough, Dev hired her as an assistant at the corner shop and she moved into the flat. Sunita dated Ciaran McCarthy and planned to marry, but they didn’t. Dev, meanwhile, was dating lawyer Maya Sharma. Soon enough, Dev found Sunita behaving oddly and when she collapsed in the shop it was revealed that she had a brain tumour. Dev later proclaimed love to Sunita and dumped Maya who was not pleased. Dev and Sunita got married in 2004.

Maya appeared again, wanting revenge. She framed Sunita for bigamy and Sunita was sent to jail for a while. Dev sorted things out and Maya was arrested but freed. Her next step was burning Dev’s shops, keeping Dev and Sunita hostage in the flat and then setting fire to it. They were saved and Maya then tried to run them over. She crashed into a lorry and was sent to a hospital. The Alahans settled to marital life and twins Aadi and Asha were born in 2006. The marriage ended when Sunita found out that Dev had fathered children from his shop assistants and divorced him.

They reunited in 2010 when Dev found out Sunita was back in the area. But, in 2012, a bored Sunita had an affair with Karl Munro and Dev moved out. But after a few months, Sunita realised that she’d made a mistake and she reunited with Dev. But the reunion didn’t last long as Sunita caught Karl starting a fire in the Rovers and he pushed her down the cellar steps into the flames. Although she’d survived the fire, Karl finished her off in the hospital by dislodging her life support tube.

Were you a fan of Dev and Sunita? Should they be at 32?

31. Ashley Peacock and Maxine Heavey/Peacock, 1997, 1999-2003 (51 votes)

Although they were a mismatched couple, it was a popular one. After dating him and then moving in with him, Maxine married Ashley in 1999, seeking security more than ever. The marriage was troubled from the start with Maxine accusing Ashley of having an affair and Maxine having trouble getting pregnant by Ashley. When he was in surgery sorting the problem, Maxine drunkenly slept with local GP Matt Ramsden and fell pregnant. Joshua was born in 2001. Although he was angered that Matt was the father, Ashley vowed to forget about the subject and continued to live a happy life with his wife and baby.

By 2003, the Peacocks were happy but it was all going to end tragically. Maxine was murdered by Richard Hillman. He hadn’t intended to kill her though. His intended victim was Emily Bishop who was babysitting for the Peacocks. After bludgeoning Emily, Richard was disturbed by Maxine, who’d popped home to check on Emily and Joshua. While Maxine attempted to escape, Richard bludgeoned her as well. Emily survived the attack. At 26, Ashley was a widower and a single father.

Were you a fan of Ashley and Maxine? Should they be at 31?

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1 comment:

Newfy Pearl said...

I really liked Ashley and Maxine. It broke my heart when she had to deal with Mat Ramsey. He was such a d***head. I fondly remember Audrey dealing with him on more than one occasion.


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