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Thursday 27 February 2014

Sylvia won't return to Corrie says Stephanie Cole

Stephanie Cole has confirmed that she has no plans to return to her role as Sylvia Goodwin on Coronation Street.

In an interview on ITV's Daybreak (by way of Digital Spy), Stephanie said this on live TV this week:

"I don't like being away from theatre too long, I don't like being away from telly too long. I adored my time on Corrie - great, wonderful actors, great crews and great scripts. And also, of course, Robert Vaughn as my love interest - it can't be bad, can it?"

What a massive shame she won't be back.  I miss her a lot and was hoping she would return one day to help Roy cope without Hayley.

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njblas said...

A damn shame:( Let's hope the producers tempt her back a little down the track with a healthy pay cheque:)

Anonymous said...

I think the actress was being diplomatic. If she wanted to return, she would but someone as experienced and talented as she probably saw the production/writing problems with this show and wanted a better working environment(less rushed rehearsal schedule) as well as better scripts/storylines.

Newfy Pearl said...

Excuse me but in a case like that....can't they replace her with another actress? Silvia is a good 'character' and it is not like Corrie hasn't replaced actors in the past.
With that said...they would have to say she had been dealing with a serious illness of her own and couldn't cope...otherwise it would be hard to win the fans over.

Anonymous said...

What? She's been gone for months and NOW she says she's not coming back. Geez..never saw that coming. Who cares anyway - her character was horrific IMO - just a mean loud mouthed old lady.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Great character and great actress. A shame she had to leave as her presence in the Croppers storyline would have added an extra dimension.

Perhaps another reason not to have such well known actors in Corrie - they will never stay longterm.

David the Parsnip said...

As much as I admire Stephanie Cole we all know this would be a passing role as she would be much in demand, and its a pity it was wasted on her and wasnt given to an unknown late middle aged actress that could have made the role their own. There must be plenty of character actresses out there that would give their eye teeth for a regular role in Corrie.

Rebecca said...

I love Stephanie Cole as Sylvia, but I am inclined to agree with David. I would have loved for Sylvia to be a long term character and a relative unknown would have been more likely to stay longer. Oh well, c'est la vie!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree that it would have been far better not to have had a name-drawing attraction as Sylvia. Her departure left us with a hotch-potch of supporters: Fiz, Anna, Carla. It seemed very flung-together.

Sylvia would have been the one to talk some sense into the couple when they were going through their problems, and she would have protected Roy from well-meaning interfering types like Fiz. Sylvia could have come back with another head for the funeral, perhaps explaining her absence with her own illness as Newfy Pearl suggests.

ChiaGwen said...

Now I'm almost sorry Stephanie Cole took on the role only to dash our hopes of her return and yes I think she was being diplomatic for many reasons. Agree it would have been better to have that role played by an unknown so it could have been continued and not ended so bizarrely - could we accept a different head on Sylvia if she is to return now?

Anonymous said...

I don't see why characters can't be played by different actors, it happens all the time in the theatre and on tv. We get so used to our favourites that we forget it's not real. But after a while we would just accept the new face. Nick and Tracey have had new heads so why not others.
I think it was quite strange that Stephanie Cole left the way she did, suddenly, before her contract ended. Would they even want her back, she might just take off again

Zagg said...

Well she left for health reasons so not strange at all. Doesn't she have MS? I think I read that somewhere.
In any event, I wasn't keen on her in the beginning. She was just too nasty to enjoy on any scale for me. Then when they started softening her up a bit, I really liked her. It is a real shame that she was not around for the Hayley demise story. It seemed so unnatural even in the way it was explained...that she took off because she couldn't deal with it? How stupid was that?
I think enough time has passed that they could bring in another actress for Roy's mother. Why not? They had no trouble with a different Amy, different Nick, different Ryan (ugh, glad he's gone!)
A mother for Roy could open up more story lines for him etc...and give him a better family base on the street now.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't ILL!!! Her brother DIED!! That's why she left suddenly it was on TWITTER!! Anyway she was planning to leave the show anyway they just pushed her exit earlier and she was just responding to a question on television and you will all be complaining when the person if they ever recast it dosent live up to the previous one as always

vintgal003 said...

I am very disappointed to read this...I agree with others, that it would have been wonderful for her character to have been with Roy and Hayley to the end... Sad...I HOPE that Mr. Blackburn can find a suitable replacement for Sylvia...Roy needs a 'Mom' in his life now, more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Where's Hayley's Mom again? Can't remember. Well, wouldn't it be nice if she appeared (or an aunt, or someone from Hayley's life before Roy) to explore it all together?


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