Thursday, 27 February 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - No. 12

12. Alf Roberts and Audrey Potter/Roberts 1985-1999 (120 votes)

Alf had wooed Audrey for many years and had proposed to her in 1981, but she turned him down. In 1985, when Audrey had broken down after crashing Alf’s car, he comforted her and proposed and she accepted. They were popular due to their clashing personalities: Alf was tight-fisted while Audrey was a gad-about who enjoyed spending Alf’s money on shopping. After they got wed they lived at the Corner Shop before then buying 11 Coronation Street, much to Audrey’s chagrin.

The Roberts’ marriage did have its ups and downs. Alf nearly lost Audrey to Malcolm Reid in 1988 when Malcolm charmed Audrey to leave Alf but she remained loyal and Alf and he threw Malcolm out. Audrey often walked out on Alf when she had enough of his tight-fistedness and also when he associated himself with Vivian Barford who became his campaign manager during the 1991 council election. A misunderstanding nearly led Audrey to file a divorce when she saw Alf in a robe with Vivian. Alf also often told Rita that he’d happily leave Audrey for her only for her to say. Rita would always say she only saw him as a good friend.

Audrey indulged in Alf’s council lunches, and was saddened when Alf lost his seat to Deirdre in 1987. She could no longer dress up and dazzle the councillors. In 1991 he reclaimed the seat and in 1994 he became mayor. Audrey was in her element but when she overused the chauffeur, Alf sacked her as mayoress and she was replaced by Betty Turpin. In 1993, Audrey persuaded Alf to sell the Corner Shop but was petrified about spending her whole life with Alf. She was horrified when he bought the shop back when Brendan Scott died but Alf finally retired in 1994. Audrey was proud when Alf was awarded an OBE by the Queen, but due to a fight with Don Brennan, she missed the inauguration and yet again it was Betty who accompanied Alf to the palace.

Their marriage was also plagued by Alf’s health problems. He suffered two heart attacks (1987 and 1992) and by his final years had become very frail. Alf’s declining health also led to Audrey becoming close to Fred Elliott and Alf had to warn him off. Alf died of a stroke in 1999, leaving Audrey penniless as he hadn’t updated his life insurance!

Were you fans of Alf and Audrey? Should they be in 12th position or in the top 10?

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Graeme N said...

I loved the episode when Alf and Audrey go to the palace! :)

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