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Thursday 13 February 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - Nos. 24 and 23

24. Dennis Tanner and Rita Sullivan/Tanner, 2011- (63 votes)

Having not seen each other in nearly 50 years, Dennis and Rita were overjoyed to meet up again and reminisce about Elsie and their showbiz days. With Dennis on the streets, Rita happily offered a sofa for him. But as the months went by, Rita was clearly smitten with her old pal, despite Norris’ jibes that he was sponging off her. In 2012, Dennis decided he’d taken advantage of Rita for too long and found a job in Birmingham. But he backed out when he realised he loved Rita and proposed to her and they married.

Since they’ve married, they’ve mainly been involved in the trials and tribulations of Tommy and Tina’s troubles. In recent weeks, Dennis has started to get involved again in a bit of showbiz by arranging gigs and concerts with the help of Gloria Price, who doesn’t hide her attraction to Dennis. And Rita doesn’t hide her contempt! 

With what the media says, are you happy that Dennis and Rita will split up? Or are you angry that the producers have wasted this potentially golden couple? Should they be at 24?

23. Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby/Tilsley/Battersby/Barlow/Tilsley 1997-1999, 2010, 2012- (67 votes)

They started off as teenage sweethearts who eloped to Gretna Green, much to Gail’s anger.  They settled down, but the marriage soon soured when Leanne fell pregnant and Nick forced her to have an abortion. They later separated and divorced.

Eleven years passed before their love reignited. Leanne was now with Peter Barlow but didn’t stop her having an affair with Nick. But when Peter was injured in the tram crash, they ended the affair. Peter found out about the affair at their marriage blessing in 2011. But in 2012, with Leanne now single again, Nick declared his love and they planned to marry. Despite stalling at first, they did re-marry in 2013. Since then, they have had their share of tribulations including Nick’s one-night stand with Kylie Platt and then being injured in a car crash and is now trying to rebuild his life after brain damage.

Are you happy they have split up once again? Were you a fan of them? Should they be at 23?

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John in Cincinnati said...

The producers and writers have completely and utterly wasted what could have been a great series of storylines for people over 50 (they DO WATCH!) with Rita and Dennis but oh no...focus all energy on those stupid young people and let the seniors rot on the sidelines. Mr. Lowery should have gotten a long term contract..

Upintheattic said...

Rita and Dennis were unfortunately wasted characters. I thought it would be an old fashioned love story to give us a break from the battles of other couples. Nick and Leanne are just a huge yawn to me, and then the writers decide to do basically the same thing with Rita and Dennis. Such a waste. I'll be sorry to see him go...and Nick stay. :((

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder what is the average age of the writers. They seem to have trouble relating to the older characters and believing that they can have interesting stories/lives on their own.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Like so many have said before on this blog, why bother to bring Dennis back and then do absolutely nothing with him. They could have done so much. Dennis has got a cheeky face and he could have got up to all sorts of mischief - which wouldn't have involved affairs! I think the best pairing for Rita was with Len. They seemed to have so much chemistry on-screen and, actually, I haven't seen that with Rita and Dennis which I put down to the writing.

I'm betting that Nick and Leanne reconcile later this year. Nick's health will improve, Simon will need his step-dad after Peter leaves. That's fine because they make a reasonable couple. But if that happens, please can the writers leave them alone to lead a fairly ordinary life.

I wonder the same as Anon at 14.26 about the writers. Do the really big stories get the chief writers and then the 'trainees' get the run-of-the-mill stuff? As the oldies don't count as major story lines, they are always going to be written for by much younger people. It doesn't seem realistic that Dennis would have his head turned by Gloria unless he and Rita were having major problems. It's a poor do when we, on this blog, have to fill in for ourselves the sub-text of what's going on between characters. All it needed was for Dennis to complain to someone, maybe Emily, that he felt undermined, and we would have understood that he was unhappy. As it was, Rita suddenly becomes mean for no reason other than tptb are getting rid of Philip Lowrie.

Rosie said...

Absolutely agree with all of the above, there was so much potential in the Rita/Dennis story, but as usual the writers haven't got a clue when it comes to the 'oldies' they just recycle the same old same old. Totally fed up at the moment with boring repeated story lines.

Zagg said...

So Dennis is going to have an affair with Gloria. What a big freakin' surprise!! That is ALL these writers know. That's it. They are stunted, they are incapable.

I am sick to death of these crappy story lines. And I have to say, at this point I am starting to resent these one trick pony writers. I resent the fact that they are ruining my show. That's right, I said it...MY show.I have invested decades into this Street and to have this overly contrived cheating crap rear its ugly head EVERY time in EVERY story line in EVERY family is just pitiful and total Bulls**t. I AM SICK OF IT!

Here is a news flash for these so called writers....the whole world does not cheat! Get your head out of your American Soap Opera bum and write something else!
Ok...rant over ...for now.


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