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Saturday 22 February 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - Tina's birthday suit

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It wasn’t the first time Rita’s had her heart broken and it might not be the last. But this week Dennis Tanner managed to snap Rita’s heart in half as he drove off with Gloria Price.  Yes, Gloria wants bright lights and excitement and Dennis decides to go with her.  She pulls up on the cobbles in a bright red sports car with the top down (the car, not Gloria).  “OMG!” cries Steph when she sees the car, but it’s an e-type Jag, not an MG.  Dennis slides into the passenger seat and drives off with Gloria but not before he gives Rita the final insult. Just as Rita’s coming out of the pub with Emily, Dennis tells Gloria to slow the car down, giving him just long enough to shout out to his missus: “Sorry Rita! Bye love! Take care of yourself!”.  Oh, but she will take care of herself all right, that’s something Rita knows very well how to do.

Todd gets his way with Marcus this week after luring Marcus back to an empty house at Eileen’s.  The two of them end up snogging on the sofa before they head upstairs to inspect Todd’s duvet.  Marcus is not sure he finds the thread count to his liking and sits in the pub with his head in his hands, and his soul in turmoil. Eileen figures out what Todd’s gone and done with and to Marcus while Maria is still in the dark, for now.

Meanwhile upstairs in Peter and Carla’s flat, Tina’s there with Peter after he returns early from Paris, lying to Carla about his whereabouts and whatnot.  As Peter and Tina snuggle in bed celebrating Tina’s birthday, Steve and Lloyd spot a light on up in the flat. They reckon it’s burglars as they think Peter’s still in Paris and so they get the spare keys from Michelle and enter the flat to find out what’s going on.  What they find is more than they expected to see – it’s Tina in her birthday suit. She grabs her clothes and covers up and lies through her teeth about using Carla’s shower as her boiler’s gone off.  Peter’s going to be in hot water when Carla finds out what he’s up to, which she will do, of course, this being soap.

Amy’s bored. She’s off school during half-term and wants something to do. So, she gets Steve and Tracy to dress up in Victorian clothes for a family fun day at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. It’s a convoluted plot but it works, because Tracy looks a drip in her apron and frilly cap while Steve’s in a velvet suit with a very big hat, which suits him down to the ground. At the museum Steve’s standing by the steam engines and a familiar voice starts talking – it’s Roy! He’s returned! In fact, he hadn’t been away at all, he’d just been holed up in a B&B near the museum for the last two weeks, dealing with Hayley’s death the only way he knew how – by hiding out.   Anyway, it doesn’t take long before Roy’s back on the Street and in the caf√© where he belongs, back at work and putting apostrophes back on his signs.  A mysterious parcel arrives for him, it’s a model for his train set and it’s been sent from Hayley, who’d ordered it for him before she passed on.  He looks through photos of Hayley and tells her “thank you” in a very touching scene.  And then, as you’d expect, he gets out his train set and sets-to with the model and the tracks.

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Anonymous said...

Good on Dennis - Rita deserves that and more. She treated him so badly for months, it's no wonder he left.
As for Tina - no longer interested, not that I ever was. I guess she has to fulfill her contract so she'll be front and center until the end - soon hopefully.

Newfy Pearl said...

I so enjoyed Dennis grabbing his testicles and flying away with Gloria! Haha Rita - you nasty old shrew!

Newfy Pearl said...

I loved Tyrone in this episode. He was supportive of Fiz but put his foot down when he needed to. Way to go Ty!
I thought Amy was adorable. Love the Tracy/Rob relationship.
Could not believe how low Peter has sunk. I hope that Carla has his guts for garters after she has wiped the cobbles with sleazy little Tina.
I love Anna. She is a believable character and despite some people's views of the Armstrong/Windass clan. I really like them - Fay being the exception...send her to a boarding school.

Kira Thomsen-Cheek said...

The present from Hayley is such a brilliant, heartbreaking touch! I hope the Winter Olympic snooze fest is over in time for us to see that episode in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Well, I beg to differ with the Dennis storyline. That was one of the most mean-spirited exits I've seen on Corrie. It was so cruel of Dennis, minutes after he had professed his love for Rita. I had loved their relationship until it had been ruined in the recent storyline. What with that and the nasty, smirking Todd, and the leering Peter, I felt as if I really don't want to watch these thoroughly unpleasant people anymore.
It's only been redeemed this week by Steve and his get-up at the Museum. Loved the line about Austin Powers needing his costume back!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous did you not see Rita gloating in the seat of the Rovers because she had Dennis back in line. I pitied him at the thought of a life with her. She is a nasty woman and he looked like a man who made an escape from a dreary life. Who wants to be under the thumb of an emasculating old crow like Rita?

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I have to say I found Dennis' exit storyline baffling, particularly the wave and the laugh at the end... Ok, he's decided he's going but why would he suddenly take pleasure from hurting Rita? He was so smug and so was Gloria.

Tina and Peter... just dreadful. They are both disgusting. Someone just make it stop. Please.

I loved Roy's return!

lizzieizzard said...

Agree totally with prior comments it was done coldly and woodenly especially the way Dennis just paid for the drinks and walked out - Rita deserved better than that. One piece that stood out was the tender moment between Stella and gloria where was this real person hiding - we would have welcomed her more into the corrie family and she would have made more friends if the acid tongue didn;t happen still it;s a soap - I too am not a fan of Todd he is horrible and playing games with Marcus is not good, I see plenty of tears to come. He should have stayed in the big London town and not come back. I hope Eileen will kick him out the door.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that Rita and Norris finally develop a genuine companionship, now that Dennis is out of the picture. I'd also like to see Mary become more involved with the Alahan clan and I don't mean in a romantic relationship with Dev but more one of genuine friendship, as taking care of those kids seemed to bring the best out in her. Bless Roy and his trains - even Hayley had the sense to know they would bring him comfort in his time of need, not being pestered.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was odd that after knowing Roy had worried people to the point of thinking he was dead....he just shut down the phone.

I mean how many people would be calling? Way to go not worrying people Roy.

He is such a selfish man. He is smart in so many ways yet he is so stupid.


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