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Saturday 15 February 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - Valentine's special

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Rita and Dennis break up this week when Dennis falls for glad-eye Gloria. In an attempt to compete against rock-star Ritchie for Gloria’s affection and attention, Dennis slaps on the hair gel, slicks his hair back, throws on a black leather jacket and thinks he looks like the bees knees.  When Rita takes him to task about the way he’s acting over Gloria, he tells Rita (and I did a sharp intake of breath at this point), “She’s 10 years younger than you!”   Rita rightly chucks him out. Dennis spends the night on Gloria’s soft furnishings before Rita takes him back and the Tanners look like they might get back on track.  That is, until Gloria tells Rita where Dennis had spent the night and Rita knows that she can never trust Dennis so she chucks him again. She tells him she’ll pack up his stuff and leave it outside Gloria’s knocking shop.  “I can accept getting older, “ Rita tells Tina. “But not getting wiser? That’s depressing.”

Tracy’s having better luck with her love life when she and Rob get back together this week and he goes round for tea at Deirdre’s.  “Gran says you should be neutered,” Amy tells Rob over Deirdre’s tuna bake.

Carla heads off to Paris on a business trip this week, leaving Peter home alone in the flat just long enough for him to get Tina in for some sub-duvet shenanigans.  He then hops onto a plane to fly to Paris to be with his wife, telling Tina they’ll get together on his return and see how things go.  And she believes every word.

Elsewhere this week, Anna’s unnerved by the attention from Pat Phelan, especially when a Valentine’s card turns up and she knows it’s from him.  She hasn’t told Owen the extent that Phelan’s creeping her out with his touching and pheeling and flirting, although she does try, and fail.  Anna doesn’t want to say too much in case she jeopardises the building work at The Mill that Owen is doing for Phelan, so stays quiet, for now.
Photo by top Corrie podcasters @conversationStr on twitter
Emily told a fib this week, a big fib too. She told Marcus and Maria she couldn't babysit little Liam because she was looking after someone from church, called Walter White, who has a bad hip.  Instead, she told Rita, she was settling in for the night with a DVD Box Set of Breaking Bad which Geoffrey (Spider) had sent to her. Oh, Emily, you big fibber, you.

And finally this week, Roy’s still missing and I’m still worried.  A search party’s put together made up of Anna, Fiz, Kirk, Beth, Sinead and Chesney, who do their best looking for Roy in libraries and bookshops, but no Roy do they find. Not yet.

And that’s just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Martin Allen, Mark Burt, Susan Oudot, Jonathan Harvey, Carmel Morgan.

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Rosie said...

The whole breaking bad 'joke' would have been completely lost on me if I hadn't had it explained on this blog, why on earth would spider send a DVD box set to Emily? More proof that the writers only write stories that will appeal to the younger viewers.

Anonymous said...

A box set of Breaking Bad, a bag of bonbons and a bottle of sherry. Hangover in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I think Spider is more tuned in to Emily's edgier side than we are.

Tvor said...

Emily can surprise you. You might not think Breaking Bad would be her thing but she'd probably end up having a very philisophical take on it. LOVE LOVE the photo!!!

Unknown said...

I got a laugh out of that picture of Emily this morning. BB isn't just about the drugs, I thought it was an intersting story, especially the first 4 seasons. Our Corrie writers could learn a thing or two about creative writing watching just one season. Might even get Corrie back on track. Just saying.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Surprised the usually kind and helpful Emily would suddenly let Marcus and Maria down on a special night just to quaff a bottle of wine alone and watch a box set and the good Christian lying about a hurt friend to boot. Unfortunately there must be something in the water or wine in Weatherfield that is turning most of the women into old boots. And really would anyone leave their young child with a neighbour they hardly know? Not very responsible I must say.

Newfy Pearl said...

Yeah I found it contrived too that Emily would back out of babysitting on a special occasion too. She could have put the dvd in after Liam had gone to bed, or just saved it for the next evening. I didn't find it as amusing as the writers seemed to think it would be. Just mho. :-)

Llifon said...

I found it odd as well - very unEmily!

Gloria's such a bitch - she did the same to Lewis and Audrey and now she's set on Dennis.

Most probably if Ken was around, she would've gone after him!

Anonymous said...

Is Emily the only person that babysits on the street? I wouldn't leave my kid with her. She fell asleep on the couch while she was minding Ruby (Ty was still with his ex) while Fiz hid behind the tiny bar - even though she was a mere foot away and plain as day, Emily couldn't see her!
It's too bad Dennis has been given such a shoddy send off from this show. Rita should have been told off by him big time before he left but now we're supposed to have sympathy for such a vile unloving woman who treated him like a door-mat for months.
Also..when did Eva become an expert on costing construction jobs? She must have gone to the same business school as Michelle.
Really annoyed with the 'Breaking Bad' mention. Somebody's lame idea of marketing I suppose. As if Emily wouldn't read the synopsis on the cover of the DVD. "Diamonds or crystals". Really??

Dubcek said...

I'm just waiting to find out that Tony and Eva start an affair while he is having an affair with Liz.
And how long before she becomes Jason's boss and takes over his construction company with Tony?

Anonymous said...

Emily was sent a box set of film noir in a box like a cigar case from Frieda. the one Norris tried to pass off as his own gift.Pretty dark tastes and it must be well known to those close to her. she is very much not a doormat. if she wants an indulgent night in, she'll take it. she planned it, and wanted to do it and at her age why not. She's sat in protest up a tree, and told many people when they're out out order and not always politely.

Newfy Pearl said...

Eew, ick and yuck! I hope this never plays out Dubcek. It gives me the heebie geebies just thinking about it. lol

Anonymous said...

I wonder, does anyone (Maybe you, Llifon?) happen to have the stats about the writing staff that shows their age, gender, and gender orientation? We complain here about the quality (or lack thereof) and bias of the writers. It would be interesting to know how old (or young) they are, as well as their life experience and view point. I hope that when hiring is done, not only would their individual work experience be considered, but also an attempt would be made to have a cross-section of society represented.

Anonymous said...


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