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Wednesday 12 February 2014

Top 50 Corrie Couples - Nos. 26 and 25

26. David Platt and Kylie Turner/Platt, 2011- (57 votes)

Gail and Audrey were shocked when David returned from Tenerife with Kylie in tow, saying they were engaged. They had a double wedding with Graeme and Xin that year and Kylie and David soon regained custody of Max. The couple had a happy period until David started pressurising Kylie to have a baby and they briefly split up. A fed up Kylie confided in Nick and they slept together, but agreed not to tell David.

Kylie later fell pregnant and was worried who was the father. A few months later David found out and secretly sabotaged Nick’s business and when he confronted him, he nearly killed him in a van/lorry crash. David found out he was the father and hoped Nick wouldn’t remember. But he did and told Kylie. They then separated but later reconciled and are now giving their marriage another go.

Are you happy they’re reunited? What do you think the future holds for them? Should they be at 26?

25. Peter Barlow and Carla Connor/Barlow, 2011- (62 votes)

We’ve reached halfway! 

Carla had feelings for Peter since 2010 and Peter had refused her seductions as he was married to Leanne and viewers were gripped by their ‘will they/won’t they?’ relationship. But in 2011, they embarked on an affair which was revealed in Frank Foster’s court case for raping Carla. Leanne offered to forgive him, but Peter declared his love for Carla. Over time, Leanne came to accept the relationship and she then married Nick Tilsley. In 2012, Peter and Carla went to America for a few months and in 2013 they married.

But weeks before the wedding, Peter had started flirting with Tina McIntyre and they kissed on Peter’s wedding night. Since getting married, Carla was preoccupied with Hayley’s illness and failed to see the signs that Peter had wandering eyes and even slept with Tina while Carla was visiting Hayley. But when Tina asked Peter to leave Carla for her, he refused. Tina then left for London and Carla was still in the dark over the fling. Tina has returned once again and will continue her affair with Peter.

What do you think the future holds for Peter and Carla? Would you like them to survive the affair?

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Upintheattic said...

I grew to care for Kylie eventually, she slowly grew into a tolerable character, although things are pretty dull with them currently. Peter and Carla...hmmmm, I have not seen one positive thought lately about her or Peter. I think the writers have run out of ideas. It's cheating couples, bitter women, dodgey men. I wish they would do something with Eva and Jason. I really like her character, and it's so sad that she seems to be an after thought since the day they brought her on the show. Sorry, totally off track with this. I guess I'm just tired of the same story line for different couples.

Anonymous said...

Kylie has been a really interesting character, played to perfection by Paula Lane.
Yes, things are a bit mundane for them right now, although she and David just came through a long, drawn out storyline.
I think with the way the show is set up these days, each character's story line has to be more exciting, or at least as exciting as the last ones and it all moves along so fast.
This leads, I think, to character burn-out; after a while the writers do run out of plausible situations and it all gets a recycled and repetitious feel to it.
I feel sorry about that because it then seems there's no where left to go with a character, and good ones like Kylie, run out of steam and disappear for good.

Anonymous said...

I loved both couples but don't feel the same about them anymore.

David and Kylie - when they got back together I really wasn't bothered. The storyline seemed to go on for months and they were going round in circles. They are a good match but I don't love them like I used to.

Peter and Carla - very compelling to watch. They have a dark, sexy chemistry and they absolutely sizzle but the Tina storyline??? No idea where that came from but it's ruined Peter and made his relationship with Carla look like a joke. That's 3 years of excellent writing, wasted.

Unknown said...

David and Kylie are meant to be!They have a love/hate relationship.No matter what twisted thing one of them does like sleeping with Nick or trying to kill Nick they always forgive.One is bad and the other is worse!Kylie completely changed Davids life.She made him mature into a good man.She married David out of love no matter what anyone says and they are still in love.They are soulmates and they belong together.


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