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Sunday 16 February 2014

Corrie weekly awards for February 10 - 14

Daggers Drawn award: Fiz and Anna were really at each other's throats over that flooded cafe.

Slimy little pipsqueak award: Todd.

Musical ambiance: Tracy listening to Slave to Love.

Fashion Disaster award: Dennis reliving Happy Days as The Fonz. Ritchie even called him Fonzarelli.

Corrie History Shoutout: Gail talking about almost moving to London with Susie Birchill.

Weight of the World award: Not only is Anna worried about Roy but she's got Phelan creeping her out as well.

Why? did Tina call Lloyd's personal mobile to order a cab? did Peter lick the envelope on the Valentine and when he gave it to her it was still open? would Spider think Emily would enjoy Breaking Bad? She might, I suppose, but it's an odd fit.

Bitch award: Gloria.

Carb fail award: Liz might think eggs are low in carbs and help her keep her girlish figure, but noshing on toast at the same time kind of ruins the effect, which, I'm sure, was the point.

Smug pillock award: Peter. Phelan.

Lines of the week:
Deirdre "If I'd wanted to tiptoe around, I'd have taken up ballet"
Amy to Rob "Gran thinks you should be neutered. What's neutered?" (Line of the week, that one!)
Ritchie to Michelle "Humble as well as stunning"
Rita "I'm off to the Rovers" Dennis "I'll come with yer" Rita "It WASN'T an invitation"
Tracy "I know you think I'm an idiot" Deirdre "Well if you are, we know where you get it from!" (superb!)
Rita "That getup has made you brave" (hasn't it just?)
Tina to Dennis "She has always, ALWAYS been there for you" (well not really)
Rita "I sometimes wonder how much of this I brought on myself. I should have taken Dennis more seriously" (FINALLY)
Todd "I am Snow White in skinny jeans"
Anna about Valerie "She's like The Only Way is Essex on HRT"
Dennis "You are the Queen of my Heart"
Valerie "Pat's always had a low boredom threshold" (so that's what this is all about)
Tony "I never underestimate blondes"

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abbyk said...

Not much of an impression: Tony. After reading Lines of the Week, it took a minute to figure out who Tony was.

How Awful Is This That I'd Rather Watch Tracy Snog Rob: tie between Feeble Peter & Evil Tina and Nasty Rita & Stupid Dennis. Oh make it stop.

When It's Over, Will You Please Leave: Owen and the Windass Armstrong Clan. Except for Izzy and the baby, you're all stupid, screechy and annoying. Go, let Jason take over the builder's yard and give Gail a job at the Cafe.

Looking forward to: Roy and Emily discussing the finer points of Breaking Bad.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Silly search award: What was all that nonsense with the residents looking for Roy? Why would he still be in Weatherfield without returning home – half of them were only there for the free teas anyway. Roy would probably have gone to Amsterdam where he had happy memories of Hailey not be huddled in a bus shelter or sunbathing on the Red Rec. Just an opportunity for Fizz to boss everyone around again.

Too right award: Jason’s dad is correct – this mate’s rates business is totally daft if he is supposed to be running a business especially with Owen also on the Street in direct competition – he owes Dev and Kal nothing.

Deluded old dear award: Poor old Rita really believes her pet Tina stayed in Weatherfield because of her when its skanky old bigamist Peter Barlow she really has on her mind.

No chemistry award: As above Tina and Peter do not gel on screen at all – it’s just like they are going through the motions until one of them is written out. Peenar is as bad as Molvin in Frosty’s opinion.

Who is your kid with award: Why on Corrie are the residents happy to dump their kids on absolutely anyone that will have them while they go out drinking or stuffing their faces. They hardly know Todd, very irresponsible. Why does Michelle who is his natural auntie have zero interaction with him?

Anonymous said...

Business genius in disguise- Eva - giving Ryan a hard time when he gave a quote to Dev and what's his name on their new gym - like she would have a clue.
Destroying one character so another could have a storyline - Dennis and Rita. There was absolutely no call for this at all except it gave Rita and her raccoon eyes some air time. Gloria and Dennis leaving together - sad state when the writers are too lazy to come up with a decent storyline for the two of them other than another 'bitch stealing my man' scenario. Rita thinking Dennis and Gloria could even do it was hilarious!
Reason to turn off...The Windass crap that's coming up. Not worth mentioning. As if Anna would let herself be manhandled by some dork like Phelan. Selective writing again.

Anonymous said...

Not remotely believable - Todd and Marcus. Marcus would never betray Maria. He would tell her what Todd is up to so they could face this dilemma together. Now, he's going to get it on with Todd and destroy Maria's happiness. I don't get why the mentality on this show is who is getting into who's pants? Nobody cares anymore. Gay, straight, Bi - who gives a shite? Talk about grade school story writing. The Todd/Marcus scenario could have been wonderful - but nope - as per it's all about sex - never mind anything else. And Todd came back a different person than when he left..but of course. He's vile and selfish - how original.
OK..I'm done.

Humpty Dumpty said...

These exit storylines are contrived and silly and one wonders what brilliance awaits Stella. She couldn't do anything as simple as get a job in another town. Is it right that she leaves with Gloria and Dennis which I read somewhere? Except the timing is a bit out.

Anonymous said...

I also do not like this Todd/Marcus/Maria storyline. It is so out of character for the Marcus I have grown to know and love, that it is like watching a different character perform in his body. He and Maria were intimate friends before they became a "couple". Where has this deep friendship gone?

The Tina/Peter/Carla storyline is also difficult to take seriously. Why would Peter risk everything he has after all he has been through for a few minutes of physical passion with Tina? This is the ultimate example of the origin of the old cliche, why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home!

Both of these "affairs" have come out of the blue without any hint of problems between the couples. People just do not go shopping for something they already have and are happy with. Remember when Mary decided she wanted Roy, and observe the present goings on between Phelan and Anna. Roy was not remotely interested in Mary's advances nor is Anna now interested in Phelan's because as far as we the viewers have been lead to believe, Roy and Haley and Owen and Anna are in fulfilling, committed relationships. If there had been any hint at all of problems between Peter and Carla or Maria and Marcus, the affair plot lines would be more believable (although I still would not like them).
How can the writers who penned the sensitive, moving, believable interaction between Haley and Roy at the end of her life be the same ones who are writing these affair stories?
In many cases it takes years of life experience to figure out that love is about more than physical attraction and not having sex with everyone you are attracted to is not lethal, but from what the Marcus/Maria/Todd and Peter/Carla/Tina triangles indicate, the current writers of Coronation Street have not had much life experience at all.

Canadian Corrie Addict.


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