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Monday 9 December 2013

Favourite Corrie couples countdown - seventh poll

Hello all! Now, I hope you've voted in the fifth poll of ten because that is now officially closed. But you have until midnight next Monday to vote for two of your favourite couples in the sixth poll.
So, who's in our seventh poll?
Karl Munro and Stella Price/Munro (2011-2013) – They moved into the Rovers when Stella became the manager. Karl then gets a job as a cabby. They later buy the pub from Steve. Karl then later developed a gambling addiction and was helped by Sunita Alahan, who he then had an affair with. They are found out and Stella kicks Karl out of the Rovers and he moves in with Sunita, who he really only saw as a bit of fun. He then attempted to woo Stella back – he started a fire at the Rovers and blamed Stella’s boyfriend Jason. But it backfired – Stella was in the pub! A panicked Karl ran into the fire and saved Stella. Fearing Sunita was going to expose him, he finished her off at hospital. Stella saw Karl as her hero and fell back in love with him and planned to marry. They married but after the wedding Karl was found out as a killer and arsonist. He kept Stella hostage in the Rovers but was later arrested and jailed. Stella was left humiliated and heartbroken.

Reg Holdsworth and Maureen Naylor/Holdsworth (1993-1995) – Reg and Maureen reunited after 25 years when Maureen started working at Bettabuys and Reg was the manager. Like in 1968, Maureen’s mother Maud strongly opposed the relationship. Reg was keen to consummate the relationship and a memorable scene occurred when Reg tried to seduce Maureen in a waterbed. They married in 1994 and bought the Corner Shop from Alf. Only after a year, the marriage soured as Reg was posted to a Bettabuys in Lowestoft and they divorced.

Roy Cropper and Hayley Patterson/Cropper (1998-2014) – One of Corrie’s most loved couples. Despite finding out that Hayley was a transsexual, it didn’t tarnish Roy’s love and affection towards her and over the years, their partnership at the caf√© is one of the most stable in recent years. Over the years, they’ve taken in waifs and strays; Hayley’s been in prison; Roy’s been drugged by Tracy Barlow; Roy’s been nearly killed by Tony Gordon; and Hayley met her son Christian. Sadly, the partnership is set to end with Hayley dying of terminal cancer.
Alf Roberts and Audrey Potter/Roberts (1985-1998) – Alf had wooed Audrey for many years and had proposed to her in 1981, but she turned him down. In 1985, when Audrey had broken down after crashing Alf’s car, he comforted her and proposed and she accepted. They were popular due to their clashing personalities: Alf was tight-fisted while Audrey was a gad-about who enjoyed spending Alf’s money on shopping. She indulged in his council lunches, and was saddened when Alf lost his seat to Deirdre. In 1991 he reclaimed the seat and in 1994 he became mayor. Audrey was in her element but when she overused the chauffeur, Alf sacked her as mayoress and she was replaced by Betty. In 1993, Audrey persuaded Alf to sell the Corner Shop but was petrified about spending her whole life with Alf. But she was lost when Alf died in 1998.
Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong (2010- ) – Gary bumped into Izzy’s wheelchair and they immediately take a shine to each other, but Gary had to go to war. When he returns, they plan a date but Gary is seduced by Kylie but they then start a relationship. When Izzy was robbed in 2011, Gary became overprotective of her and even kept her hostage in their flat. When Owen breaks into the flat, he fights a petrified Izzy and Gary is treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after his experiences in the war. They reunite on Christmas. In 2012, Izzy lost a baby and was then interested in surrogacy. Tina agrees to take on the challenge and does feel smothered by Gary and Izzy. When she gives birth to the baby, Tina at first refuses to give him to them, but then changes her mind. Since then, Gary and Izzy have settled into parenthood.
Who are your favourites in this batch of five? Well, vote for two of them and we'll see where they'll be in the countdown! The poll closes at midnight on Monday, 23rd December.

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Hannah said...

Karl Munro and stella price and roy cropper and hayley cropper

Newfy Pearl said...

Wasn't Roy and Hayley Cropper already a choice as a fav couple?


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