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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Coronation Street Episode Review 8 December 2013

Kal is in the house! Well, in the Rovers Return and he is scored out of 10 -  Sinead awards him an 8 , Eva gives him a 9 and Beth awards him a 10. Don’t worry though Kirky, because you are an 11 in your beloved’s eyes.

There seems to be a real connection between Gary and Kal, and obviously they know each other well, having been in the forces together. Kal is both surprised and impressed that Gary is so together and content. Gary explains that the reason is Izzy.

Kal is first mentioned by Gary as Dev has had a humiliating run with Sophie and she has beaten him. ‘You just got beat by a girl, let me call him,’ says Gary. Sophie had a hard job but finally succeeded in getting the Devster to run.  She told him that she had sacrificed going to church this Sunday morning and she reminded Dev that when God was angry, he did terrible things, so he had better make her sacrifice worthwhile. ‘Plagues of locusts, earthquakes and pestilence,’ she reminds Dev but Dev tries hard with his excuses, ‘ I have accounts, VAT, phonecalls,’ he states but Sophie calls them just what they are - excuses. It’s true, we always find time to do the things we want to do but rarely have time for the things we don’t. Dev is no different but Sophie will have none of it. ‘She’s a bully,’ he states with a little too much venom.

Mary tells Dev to be careful, after having told us that she has, ‘tried it all,’ including  boxercise and hot-yoga zumba. Asked what hot yoga zumba is, Mary explains with no hint of the ridiculous, that it’s when they turn up the radiators at the community centre. So know we know.  Sadly, according to Mary, her career in exercise was curtailed by ‘a mild allergy to Lycra’.

There’s more than a little distrust of Kal by Dev. Initially Dev feels as if he’s ‘been set up on a blind date’ but gradually they warm towards each other. Kal makes the claim that he is the best and so Dev challenges him by saying, ‘Prove it- take me on,’ and Kal does. Dev may well be representing us at the Rio Olympics, but Kal cannot guarantee him a medal. Easy now Usain and Mo, you’re fine for Brazil - for now. That the 2 men are both widowers might help to form a bond between them and on leaving the pub, it was good to see Kal give Dev’s shoulder a warm squeeze. This bodes very well and there will be interesting times ahead. Which of the ladies fancy their chances apart from Eva, who surely wouldn’t want to hurt Jason?  

Bits and Pieces by The Dave Clark Five!  1964 if you were wondering. What a tune that was- at least Dennis certainly thinks so. There he was with his lollipop as a guitar. Later, In the pub, chatting with Gloria, Dennis is enjoying himself and taking a trip down Memory Lane. On Rita’s arrival, she asks him if he’s sulking after they’d had words earlier. Dennis shows off a bit and talks about how he rubbed shoulders with the stars until Rita really pulls the rug from under him and says that when she first met him he was rubbing shoulders ‘with tramps and winos’. Queen Rita! Below the belt! Was that really necessary? No – he was humiliated.

Julie is irritating to some, but I do feel warmth towards her. Life has struck her a bitter blow – infertility. She has dealt with that and come to terms with it. Fostering is what she wants to do and unbeknown to her, Brian has sabotaged her chances.  Refusing to give up, she says she will phone tomorrow and find out from Trudie what happened. Brian of course, is panicking and finding every reason as to why she mustn’t do that. He spews out a pile of platitudes and clich├ęs about them being survivors, fighters, not able to realise all their dreams, but able to realise some. Brian, your comeuppance is nigh and hopefully Julie will find a decent man who will appreciate her. On the phone for 2.5 hours with her mother, a personal best – Julie shows herself to have the patience of a latter-day saint. ‘To boldly go,’ says Julie, reusing the most commonly split infinitive in the English language, along with metaphors of journeys and paths.  
Is there anything to like about Todd? So they’re brothers,  which gives Todd some kind of licence to eat his brother’s bacon sandwich. Sean to the rescue though with a lunch box, and it dawns on Jason that Sean fancies Todd. Sean denies it but we see it to be the case. What a user Todd is! Sean buying him drinks  is one thing, but to say to Brian, who wonders if they are a couple, that he would not have a relationship with Sean if he was the last man in the world, is cruel. That Brian, under pressure admittedly, repeats it to Sean, must have had a devastating effect on Sean. Don’t waste your time on Todd, Sean! If only he could hear…
Audrey is doing her best in trying to help David but not enrage the rest of her charmless family. David does seem to deeply regret what he has done. We can excuse Nick who has had a devastating injury and will always carry the knowledge that his own brother tried to kill him. As for David, he reminds Kylie of the pain he felt when he discovered that she had slept with Nick. He says he couldn’t breathe and had it not been for Max’s phone call, may have committed suicide.  He loves her, she loves him. They’ll be back together soon, maybe in time for Lily’s first Christmas, won’t they?             

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Anonymous said...

What the heck is wrong with Rita? Is she taking lessons from Michelle and Liz on how to belittle the man in your life? That was just nasty.

lizzieizzard said...

What is wrong with some of the main characters in Corrie? they are all acting like they have had enough and can't wait to be away from the street - well that's how its coming across - Poor Dennis he doesn't get much joy out of life and there is Rita cutting him back down to size once more -I liked the way he had fun playing guitar on the lolly pop sign to his vintage music - a little light hearted fun - Rita was acting like she'd just sucked on a lemon - not our Rita.
I don't think it will happen but Gail just has to keep quiet and let things be - she has to get into all her family happenings turning out to be like a certain mother in law Ivy??

abbyk said...

What an bunch of personality shifts we suffered thorough tonight. Gloria was surprisingly fun, and I liked Sophie threatening Dev with plagues (although as he's a Hindu, I don't know how effective they were). Dennis had a plan and a sparkle. Wish they were always like that but we know they aren't. :(

Rita, OTOH, was horrible. Dennis has done nothing to deserve that in public or in front of Emily. (I'm surprised they didn't wedge in Tina instead of Gloria, although it would have deprived Rita the opportunity to cast an evil eye.)

Brian is too smart to be so stupid. He was (brutally) honest with Sean; so why not Julie?

Threats from Nick? Kylie doesn't want the cash & will get the money from Nick. Seriously??? Kylie and David finally had an honest talk, and while she admitted she was wrong, she also reminded us of how horribly David was treating her at the time. And then it fizzled.


Anonymous said...

Too much out-of-character behaviour, these days. I just don't get why they went there with Julie and Brian when they knew the actor was leaving. It just really gets up my nose! They were a good couple. Also hate, hate, hate, how they have turned Rita into a shrew.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Helmet head Rita giving Dennis a hard time as usual, she really is turning into an old bag and yes Gloria was actually pleasant - why couldnt they have written her like that in the first place?

Sick of this over the top and dragging on David business - why are Nick, Kylie and Gail even still in HIS house? Kick the three of em out.

Fitness instructor bloke looks a good character but totally miscast for Liz's new love interest, why would he go for a tarty 60 year old with a son the same age as him? Rather tacky if you ask Frosty.

John McE said...

I'm not, and never have been, a fan of David, his "reign of terror" against Nick certainly deserved to be punished, and his comeuppance was long, long overdue. But remind me again exactly what he did to Kylie? She slept with his brother after a row, which they soon got over, so why is she so determined (this week at least) not to give him a second chance?

And what seems to have been forgotten is that, when he grabbed the wheel of the car, he was just as likely to end his own life as Nick's. So it was hardly a murder plot.

Anonymous said...

Who will be the first in Kal's bed? I'm thinking Tina la douche but maybe Sally will give him a jump, she's so desperate.
Rita needs to go somewhere..anywhere. This character is a totally unpleasant old mare. I don't understand her nastiness towards Dennis at all.

Ping Pong Poon said...

A double episode with NO TINA - hurrah although I hear she is back to have a fling with Rob this time!!! Arggghh

Kate said...

The Platt storyline is driving me bonkers, and I usually like that family! WHY are they treating David so horribly? I just don't get it!

Confused said...

WHY are they treating David so horribly? I just don't get it!

Because they know that they were in the wrong by committing adultery but rather than owning up to it they are shifting the blame to David as if he had no reason to react to what they did.

In Sunday's episode it really amazed me that it's Nick and Kylie that come across as being married not David and Kylie, I just don't understand why it is being written this way.

I'd like to see David tell Kylie that he is filing for divorce and naming Nick as correspondent and watch her crap her drawers.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am so sick of Rita! Not surprised though...look how she has treated Norris all of these years. Too bad Gloria is leaving...I would love to see her steal Dennis from Rita.
Poor David. He was a good father to those kiddies and he is being punished unfairly. Why can he not have at least one person in his corner. I was hoping that Audrey would have reminded them that Nick and Kyley were not blameless in all of this.
So sick of Corrie right now.


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