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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Eccles, the wonder dog

This is Tess. Tess is a border terrier, and Tess and her sisters, Phi and Maeve are TV stars. They in turn have played Eccles over the past couple of years on Coronation Street.

They've even got a website and a Facebook page - no kidding.

The main website belongs to Tess' breeder where you can see more photos of the dogs and there's even some video clips from the show and Harry Hill as well. Mouse over 'Coronation Street Eccles' and a menu will show to click on the video page.

Apparently all three dogs were used for the dunking in the canal when Ken met Martha. Marvellous stuff!


Flaming Nora said...


Beth said...

Btw where the heck is Eccles whenever they show inside the Barlow's? Especially when Mad Becky was bashing the place up? Surely the dog would have barked, yowled.... done something? Until this article was posted I'd totally forgotten that they had a dog!

Tvor said...

We saw Eccles recently when Amy was sneaking drinks of milk to make herself ill, cautioning Eccles to keep her secret.

Steve said...

bad enough Eccles being locked in a cupboard all day - taken for a walk only once a week if it is lucky and no mess in the yard but what about Schmichael? It was bad enough that you never saw or heard him when he lived in the street or stood on anything in the yard but now he is rarely seen at all and must be locked up all day and night in a small flat. It always amused me when he was in the street and Stape could here noises outside he never sent Schmichael - he went himself into the ginnel. And what about Maria's dog - the lab - name escapes me at the moment but we see or hear nothing.
The dogs aren't essential to the storyline and I wonder why the writers treat them as inanimate objects to roll out once ina blue moon although they do the same for humans. How many years was Tracy, before her head transplant, in her bedroom listening to tapes?

Steve said...

the scriptwriters should remember - a dog is not just for one storyline, it is for 10 or so years

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