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Monday 22 June 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 22 2009

Greetings and welcome to another weekly update bringing you all the goings-on and gossip from the cobbles.

All’s not well at the Websters’ this week. First off, Kevin grows close to Molly. “Give me a dopey mechanic with a hairy back any day,” winks Molly to Kevin in the garage. These are magic words to Kevin’s ears after years of Sally nagging him to have a wash and not get oil on her pouffe.

As if the imminent affair of grease monkey and corner shopgirl was not bad enough, Rosie Webster’s only gone spend, spend, spend crazy with the hundred and fifty grand John Stape’s given to her. She blows a small fortune on a Penny Chew (well done, writer Mark Wadlow) designer handbag. “It’s not Penny Chew,” she smirks at Sophie, who knows nowt, but giggles just as we do at Rosie’s pretentiousness over her new handbag.

“It’s Penny Chiew. C. H. I. E. W,” she cries. That’s Rosie ripped off to the tune of three grand for a leather bag, then. That’s R. I. P. P. E. D. O. F. F. She also splashes the cash to buy champagne in the Rovers and the company of new best mate Minnie. “It’s blood money, give it back it’s tainted,” says Kevin. “Ooh, leave her alone,” coos Sally, hoping to have her mortgage paid off, a holiday to Barbados and a new Primark coat. Rosie’s other plans for the cash involve investing in Underworld. “I want to invest 10% and be very hands-on,” she coos to Luke Strong who doesn’t know which bit of Rosie's offer to get excited about first.

Now then, regular readers will know I can’t stand the Windasses. I really can’t, All they ever do is go “Eeeh, our Gary,” by the sofa every week. But the one redeeming feature of Eddie Windass, if you’ll allow me, is that he bakes. I bake too so I’m with him on this one and I love this little endearing feature of his. I can’t cook much but by ‘eck, I can bake. Anyway, Eddie bakes an apple and blackberry tart to take in for Gail to help make amends for Ted’s heart attack. Gail takes the tart in spite of herself and settles down to eat it with a smile on her face and a fork.

Jack returns from Spain this week and is rumbled by Tyrone who discovers Jack hasn’t been to Blackpool after all. Not only has he been to Spain, he’s been with that Connie woman too. Tyrone’s jealous and angry of Jack spending time with anyone but Vera and is rude and offhand to both Connie and Jack when Connie come for tea. As Tyrone berates Molly for using Vera’s best dish to serve up the sherry trifle, Vera’s photo falls off the sideboard and crashes to the floor. “See,” says Tyrone as he glares at Connie. “It’s a sign. Vera’s not ‘appy,”. Jack has a little word with me laddo when Connie’s gone home and says he’s not best pleased about Tyrone’s attitude to his new lady friend.

Fiz, for reasons best known to herself, goes to see John Stape in prison this week, again. John doesn’t want to see her. He hasn’t sent her a visiting order but this doesn’t deter Fiz. She chains herself to the railings and causes a scene that gathers a mob and almost turns into a mini-riot. She demands to see Stape and then unfurls a giant banner that reads: “John Stape, Marry Me”. The Guvnor brings John to his office and they watch Fiz on the monitor as a sly smile creeps across creepy Stape’s face. Finally Fiz is let in to see John, who says yes to her proposal and is led back to his cells with a simpering air about him. Let’s hope it’ll not be long before Fiz sees sense. I mean, really sees sense.

Elsewhere this week, Slug returns to slither about in the Rovers in a new suit demanding everyone call him Neil. Steve wants to know why Becky hasn’t told him that her ex has turned up drinking in the Rovers and wonders if there’s summat going on.

Eileen’s face set its default position to ‘fairly happy’ this week when kids entertainer General Custard aka Jesse Chadwick, returned to the Street and she swapped phone numbers with him. She’s either hoping for a date or wants to hire him for Jason’s next birthday.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Coronation Street writers this week were Damon Rochefort, Mark Wadlow, David Lane and Julie Jones.

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Danny-K said...

"...Finally Fiz is let in to see John, who says yes to her proposal and is led back to his cells with a simpering air about him..."

Hee hee, I was L'ing-O-L (literally laughing out loud), in enjoyment at John Stape and Fiz in that scene.

First, the burly, wrestler-like, prison guard terminates the meeting and attempts to lead John away; but John slips from his grasp and pulls away. The guard recaptures him, strong-arming him towards the door, locked in an inescapable Half-Nelson. Likewise Fiz is ushered out by the other guard in the opposite direction.

- But wait! John Stape has broken free once again!

He tells Fiz , yes he will marry her - with the burly guard in hot pursuit of his charge. How many times did this procedure loop?

- Escape,
- recapture,
- escape,
- recapture?

I was laughing because it reminded me of a well-done parody of the Elvis comebacks, or was it the James Brown on-stage farewell/comebacks?

Remember the set-up? Brown's minders attempt to lead him away from the stage at the end of the concert and drape a cloak over his shoulders - but wait the lure of the audience is too strong and an exhausted James Brown (ala John Stape) finds the strength to break free and rush back on stage to the applause of the audience - his minders yet again attempt to lead him from the stage, but once again, he throws off the cloak and escapes their grasp to run back on stage and grab the microphone, his minders yet again drag him back, and, so on... endlessly looped to the delight of the screaming audience.

All it needed to complete my enjoyment was for Fiz and John to break into song with a melody from West Side story or something, hee hee.

If ever they want a character actor for the James Brown story, then they need look no further than to John Stape.

Danny-K said...

-No wait! (I'm doing a comeback now)
- Fiz could break out into song from the film 'The Bodyguard', and belt out Witney Houston's, 'I Will Always love you'.

- But what wouuld John Stape sing from, in reply?

Yoork said...

It was a really funny cheesy scene! It almost looked like the actors had a hard time doing it.

Yoork said...

Without laughing!


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