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Monday 29 June 2009

Windass-ing me up

Coronation Street spoilers say David Platt is going to get beaten to a pulp (yet again) after he takes his jealousy out on Jason.

A comment left on the blog by Danny-K mentions how Gary's first beating of David was unusually brutal for early evening telly. Yes it was, but they'd been portraying him as a thug from the get go, same as they have his Uncle Len, who is the one I've got my money on as the culprit in the Platt pulverisation, yet another graphically violent scene, no doubt.

The whole Windass family just doesn't seem to do it for me, nor for a lot of other people it seems. Why? Well, if you're interested in reading my thoughts on this plot and the family themselves, take a look over here.


Danny-K said...

"The whole Windass family just doesn't seem to do it for me, nor for a lot of other people it seems."

- Nor me.

The public in general just don't (or won't) empathise with a family's ups-and-downs who live to thieve, cheat, and induce fear and violence towards everyone around them as a means of getting what they desire.

It can be done, see 'The Sopranos' or 'The Wire' - but never on a soap; viewers are more comfortable with for example TOT - (triumph over tragedy). They just do not want (IMO) to support a criminal family where the victim could typically be someone like themselves, or reminiscent of someone they know.

That's why The Sopranos worked - the victims getting 'whacked' were often other bad guys or 'businesses' - not someone like David's granddad.

If we are to empathise with such a rotten, socially-inept family, then more comedy mishaps are required from them - ie., see 'Shameless'.

Yoork said...


I'm really NOT a fan of the Windasses overall, especially Eddie *shudder*, and even Len. I think Eddie is gross, and Len is plain unnecessary. I do like Gary, because I think he does try to do right, but is a product of his raisin'. I also like Anna's charm. I think she wants a better life. If Len and Eddie left, it might be okay.

Eventhough I'm not a fan of them, and not many people are. I think the street needs a certain element of "bad folk." You know? There needs to be some baddies. What is a soap without people with bad intentions?

Whereas I don't encourage violence, let's face it, it exists. And its MUCH worse in life than it ever is in art. Depending on the way they address the violence makes the difference for me. Will people get punished for their crimes justly? Or will they get away with it? As long as justice is done, really, portraying incidents of violence where it is punished (both in court, and the lives of loved ones - sad silent Anna) could actually create awareness on the issue.

And those "bad guys" who were getting whacked in the Sopranos, they were SOMEONE's granddads, and THOSE people were probably innocent and suffered as a result. People are really uninformed of how the cycle of violence really works and who really are the victims.

So, I don't have any more compassion for Tony Soprano than I do Len Windass!

Yoork said...

I agree that more comedy is needed Danny-K!

Right now, Eddie seems to be "comic relief", but I just find him so repulsive, it's hard to laugh. But he has become the butt of many jokes of others on the street.

Tvor said...

Eddie is definitely repulsive, he really is but at least the actor is really good. I could never say that about Bruce Jones.

At least with the Battersbys, when Les would cheat and thieve he was stupid about it and always got caught or paid for it in some way. The rest of the family were quickly made more sympathetic than they were initially as introduced and i guess that's why they worked even though Janice still has her moments of nastiness.

Even Shameless is getting darker these days with precious little comedy left and if i want to watch Shameless, i will watch it,but i don't want it on my Corrie :)


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