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Tuesday 23 June 2009

How Romantic: Mon June 22, 2009 Episode Review

Written by David Lane (7:30) & Julie Jones (8:30), Directed by Tony Prescott.

Tyrone finds out that Kevin thought Jason and Molly were sleeping together, and thought it was funny. It's clear that he thought Jason wouldn't be interested in Molly. Ouch! She's miffed now! Way to go Tyrone! Tyrone is being extremely rude to Connie at the tea Molly invited her to. A photo knocks over during tea, and Tyrone thinks it's a sign from Vera that she doesn't approve of Connie. When did Vera turn into poltergeist? Connie sets Tyrone straight about why she's with Jack. Jack however has had enough of Tyrone's acerbic personality and has decided it's time for him to fly the coop. That Tyrone is such a boob!

At the pub, Sean is twittering about his weight again. Becky suggests he try smoking. Yeah, she never had a shot at med school. Slug/Neil shows up and Becky is mildly suspicious, but delights in reminiscing with him about their "living la vida loca" days. Steve finds out that Slug/Neil is Becky's ex and gets jealous. It's kinda cute. Romantic even.

Bill and Auntie Pam are propping up the bar at the Rovers and decide they should write each other's singles ads. How romantic! They're jovially making fun of each other in the process. Pam describes Bill as "strong, reliable, practical." Like a tool. I didn't say it, Bill did. Bill takes it too far and describes Pam as a "bargain-basement Cherie Blair look-a-like seeking dough-boy type bloke for ducking-and-diving, wheeling-and-dealing." Pam does not find this as hysterical as Bill does and walks out in a fit! Oh Bill, now you've gone and done it.

Tina's having a good laugh with Minnie and Molly in Dev's shop until Gary walks in. It's been SO long since I've seen Tina smile that I've forgotten how pretty her face was! Anyway, Gary can't help himself and goes into the kebab shop later to try to talk to her. Jason "White Knight" Grimshaw oversees this and gets rid of Gary for Tina. Minnie mops up the drool on the floor in front of her in time to ask Jason for a drink. Tina is clearly jealous!

Tina and Joe are having a drink later at the Rovers and Tina can't stop watching Jason and Minnie. Minnie isn't terribly interested in Jason as she ditches him to go watch a documentary on obese women and the men who feed them instead. Minnie's a bit of a tease playing hard to get and all! Jason sidles up to Tina after Joe leaves. Tina ribs him for being ditched by Minnie. Jason says he didn't really like Minnie, but she was "giving it to him on a platter" so how could he say no? Wow, charming. Jason is drunk-as-a-skunk and tries to hit on Tina now, telling her he thinks they have a vibe going on. Tina seems to find this endearing until Jason suggests they go back to his. How romantic! Jason tries kiss Tina but she gets mad because she feels like sloppy-seconds after Minnie turned him down. Then she shuts him down like it's closing time. How the Knight-y has fallen.

Well, here's what we've all been waiting for. Fiz is a desperate woman and she decides to do what any sane person would do: go to the prison and setup a protest outside the front by chaining herself to the railing and refusing to budge until she sees John Stape. It seems her little act of defiance has caught the attention of the prison manager who is not happy about the bad attention she's generating. She's got a few supporters now chanting with her "break your rules, save John's life!" John is called to the prison manager's office and sees on the CCTV that Fiz is chained outside with a sign asking him to marry her. John finally agrees to see Fiz, and they embrace when they see each other. It is kind of romantic, if you don't think about it. I must mention at no time does he seem suicidal to me. He admits to Fiz he thought about suicide, but he'd never do it. The little weasel! This whole suicide watch was probably taken from some evil twisted little chapter in the David Platt handbook! There are comical undertones when the visit is up and John Stape is torn away from his Fiz whilst she protests he that answer her question. John says that he will marry her, that he loves that Fiz Brown! How romantic. Almost.

Earlier Sally suspected to Julie that John Stape could just be faking this suicide watch all for the attention. I think she's right. You know, Sally could have made a top-notch detective. One of those hard-knocks with humble beginnings, a shady past and a chip on her shoulder. Well, at least a good TV detective. Sally says she saw right through John Stape from the start. Girlfriend, please. Sally now has it in her head that if Rosie buys into Underworld that equals a promotion to PA for her. She every so subtly tells Luke that if he made some "managerial" changes (ie. her to PA instead of Janice) that she might be inclined to use her influence over Rosie regarding an investment in Underworld. She's planting seeds and she doesn't have a green thumb.

Rosie is still going on her mad spending sprees much to the disapproval of Sally and Kevin especially. Rosie meets with Luke later in the pub and lays it out for him: she wants 10% and to be totally hands-on. Rosie says she has no interest in being a silent partner and is not one to fade into the background. Nobody puts baby in the corner!


Wakie Wanderer said...

I think Bill actually said in Pam's ad that she was looking for a Del Boy, not dough-boy, in a reference to the character from Only Fools and Horses.

Anonymous said...

Wrong use of terminology.
"Jason tries kiss Tina but she gets mad because she feels like sloppy-seconds after Minnie turned him down"
Sloppy seconds is a term used by males who are having sex with the same woman. The first male has intercourse and ejaculates. The second male has intercourse right after the first male has finished i.e. sloppy seconds.
A female cannot physically, have sloppy seconds.


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