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Saturday 27 June 2009

Three and a half minutes: Friday June 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther, directed by Tony Prescott

It's court day for Gary Windass and Gary is looking very sombre. Gary really needs to get rid of that peanut butter mustache. Ted threatens David that he'd better not go near that court room today. He tells David to behave with dignity. Waste of breath! Well, it's a victory for David as Gary never returns from court with his parents. However, no one is keen on celebrating with David. Or his Welsh cousin, Die Platt. David assures Graeme that Tina will come around to him again, because she loves him after all.

Fiz confesses to Hayley that she's proposed to John and he's said yes. Hayley thinks this is a terrible idea, like everyone else soon will. But she keeps Fiz's secret.

At Maria's, she and Tony are reading the pregnancy handbook on ways to induce labour, and they both get embarrassed when reading how vigorous sex can do the trick. Awk-ward! The decide a curry, window washing and a Desperate Housewives episode to be a good option.

Jack and Connie are getting on famously. It sounds like Jack is really happy and enjoying his life spending time with Connie and company. Apparently if you work all your life on the railroad, that buys you a life-time free pass to travel anywhere in Britain by rail. Somewhere Roy is squirming in his pants.

It's Steve's 35th birthday today. Happy Birthday Steve McDonald. 35 though? Really? He looks more like 45. And how exactly has turning 35 entitled him to dress like our favourite newsagent?

Jesse comes into the Rovers and spots Eileen. He drones on about his divorce and how he has nothing in his life and lives with his parents. Wow, charming. That's exactly what women want to hear.

Meanwhile, Tina comes into the Rovers dressed up as though she borrowed a shirt out of Rosie Webster's wardrobe. Jason promptly notices and buys her a drink. Later, he asks her if she'd like to come in for some wine. Tina tells him that she gets a bit tipsy and frisky when she drinks wine. So like the idiot that he is, Jason renegs on that and offers up a cuppa instead. Well, it looks as though the wine won (that is, red wine) because the two of them were very cosy-looking on Eileen's couch. Tina asks Jason if he fancies her. She tells Jason to kiss her and he does. I wonder if Tina actually likes Jason, or is doing this to get David's goat?

Well, Eileen invites Jesse back for a drink, and as they walk in they find Tina and Jason in a rather compromising position. That is SOME red wine! This is very awkward. Jesse is thinking the same thing as he runs out of there like a bat out of hell. Poor Eileen. She asks them how long this has been going on and Tina responds: "About three and a half minutes," then bursts out laughing.

Oh yucky! The screen just shot from Jason's chest to Eddie's! *shudder*

Anyway, there's still some passion fire brewing between Molly and Kevin. There is a lot of uneasy tension between them, so Molly goes to the garage to talk to him about what happened. They close the shutters for some privacy. Molly says she was very flattered, Kevin says he's embarrassed and they decide to remain mates. Her mouth says no, but her face says yes, yes, yes. I tell ya! Well, Sally knocks on the shutters to try to talk to Kevin about their own tensions, and Kevin and Molly freak out, and Kevin hides Molly in the boot of a car he's working on. Sally comes in and complains about Molly's work on the books, then Tyrone comes in and complains about Molly's attitude. All the while, Molly's overhearing this in the boot. Poor Molly! After Sally and Tyrone decide that they should all have dinner that night, they leave and Kevin gets an upset looking Molly out of hiding.

At dinner that evening, Sally notices Kevin is wearing aftershave and says if he's lucky, he might get lucky. Please, girl, he's not wearing it for your benefit! I don't know what it is with Tyrone's shirt, but I thought I was having a seizure when I first set eyes on it. At Sally and Tyrone's insistence, Molly and Kevin agree to go on morning runs together again.

Oh, trouble's a brewing!


Tvor said...

Red wine has historically been the catalyst to "rumpeh pumpeh" on Corrie!!

Llifon said...

Had David Platt had a bad haircut tonight? I thought it was different

Yoork said...

David did look a little different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I thought his skin looked like it cleared up a bit actually. I think he's "growing out" his hair, and its all wacky and all over the place too.

Rumpeh pumpeh! love it!

Old Ena said...

I find the scenes with Kevin and Molly and their "secret looks" cringe making to watch! Awful awful awful.

Glenda Young said...

I loved Steve's new tank top birthday present, it was spot on for cringe making.

Fishwife said...

What an absolutely arresting scene in the mirror - the lighting is beautiful. If Caravaggio had ever painted a Nymph and Faun, it would have looked like this.


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