Tuesday, 30 June 2009

State of the Street - June

Eileen Grimshaw has not been very lucky in love but this month, she's reconnected with Jesse, a cowboy/electrician guaranteed to make sparks fly for her. David succeeded in getting Gary Windass banged up in the nick, hoping that Tina would be impressed. She's not and now she's snogging his ex-brother-in-law on top of it all. Rosie is even more insufferable than ever thanks to Prisoner 666, who also has Fiz eating out of his hand, handing her a load of dosh and her father is hitting mid-life crisis with astonishing speed, leaving smoking trainer tracks in his wake as he persues Molly Dobbs on the fun run circuit. Molly doesn't seem to mind one little bit. Yes, dear readers, that's the State of the Street for June 2009.

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