Saturday, 20 June 2009

Corrie weekly awards, week of June 15 - 19

Bet Lynch retro award: Julie's hair-do. Can a complex beehive and long cheap earrings be far behind? Julie's certainly got a style all of her own, doesn't she?

I Am Completely Taken In Award: Maria actually said "You are so cute sometimes" to Tony after he made her laugh with jokes about his porridge spurtle, kilt and sporran.

I Defy Gravity Award: How on earth did Rosie keep all that flesh and cleavage inside her blouse when she strutted across the room and leaned over the desk in front of Stape (aka Prisoner 666). You'd think there would be some sort of order that he isn't allowed to communicate with Rosie? She sure had a lot of contempt for him, as you would think, but she didn't mind taking his money.

Grace Under Pressure Award: Ever The Voice Of Reason, Ted only puts blame where blame is due and even then, he can manage to more or less forgive David because he loves his grandson though makes no excuses for him.

Lines of the week:
Ramsay to Sean: "We can't remember if it was Richard or John that succeeded Henry II." Sean: "Erm... I'm better with queens!"
Janice about Luke: "A flatterer and a boozer. I want him for my birthday present!" Sean: "Get in line." (indeed)
Kevin to Rosie: "You can't put a price on self respect." (So why is he chasing his best friend's wife?)


Yoork said...

I love Julie's style too!

Yoork said...

I can't get my hair to do that. I probably need a huge can of aquanet or something.

Tvor said...

I think the can of aquanet is under that behive, holding it up!

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