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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Second Chances: Monday June 15, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt (7:30pm) & John Kerr (8:30pm), Directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones.

Rosie receives a visiting order from John Stape in the mail. She feigns sickness to get out of work to go see him. According to Sophie, she has "skivvy-itis." I get that ALL the time. Mostly on Fridays. Rosie goes to see John dressed provocatively boom-bust. Not exactly how I'd dress to go to a prison. Well, that's not how I'd dress at all, even if I wanted to. John can't help but muster a smile. John tells her he's sold his Gran's house and is giving her the dividends. An entire £150,000! Rosie's gobsmacked! John wants Rosie to do something good with the money. She says she'll spend it any way she pleases, since he's giving her the money out of guilt. Well, she's right. I loved watching her run out of there giggling with glee. I probably would have pulled my arm down and yelled "cha-ching!" You know, after, when I was in the car, alone. I have SOME class.

Fiz unsuccessfully goes to the prison to try to see John. Fiz goes all batty on the poor front-desk-guy at the prison when he denies her. She's a desperate woman. Later, she comes home and Rosie just HAD to rub it in her face that she went and saw John that afternoon, but wouldn't tell Fiz why. Fiz looks devastated. More so.

Ted isn't happy with all the mandatory rest he has to endure after his heart attack and compares himself to Joe as a "man of leisure." Good dig! David tries for his mum's forgiveness, but she's put her foot down firmly telling him "not this time, sunshine." She's great in this scene, it's like something out of a Clint Eastwood flick. The Good (Ted), the Bad (David), and the Ugly (Gail). She also informs David he must pay rent since he's merely a lodger to her now. Finally! Ted tells David they've both been given second chances and asks David if he's going to take his. Second chance is David's middle name at this point. David Second-Chance Platt. David can't help himself and goes to the kebab shop to pester Tina unsuccessfully. Jason comes into the shop all white-knight to make sure Tina's okay. She smiles warmly at him and assures him she is. *seeing sparks*

Well. The sight of Tony in Maria's living room makes up for having to look at Gail's scowl in the earlier scene! Tony is shirtless and ironing. I'm pretty sure that describes the ideal man. I have to apologise because I didn't even catch the dialogue in this scene, since I couldn't pay attention. Sumthin' slept like a baby, sumthin' Ozzie loves you, sumthin' have to get dressed now. I don't know. Well, I'm not a fan of Tony's, but you know what they say: the devil ain't ugly!

Tyrone is not happy with healthy food and is longing for Jack. Molly, not so much. It is clear that Molly is more interested in working out with Kevin rather than Jason. Kevin doesn't think so however, and sees Molly and Jason all friendly and accuses Jason of sleeping with Molly, only to be corrected. Jason would never sleep with a mate's wife and admonishes Kev for even thinking so. For shame!

Lastly, Norris is very upset that Emily has become so "familiar" with Ramsay. Wow, did you know that in the right light Norris' eyes are a deep shade of green? Most unbecoming. Ramsay is hired by Rita as a paperboy after Norris' severe cutting-down of the last boy resulted in NO paperboy. Norris isn't happy about this, needless to say. Ramsay meets up with Emily at the pub later and convinces her to have a drink with him. Emily warmly accepts. *seeing sparks*

Norris, I think this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.


Tvor said...

Tony shirtless and ironing...... I'm with you there. I don't even mind that he doesn't have tattoos! ;)

Rebecca said...

Is anyone else getting really sick of

a) Fiz's simpering "Ohhh Chesneyyyyy/Ohhh I love Johnnnnn/Ohhhhh" all the time?

b) Rosie, just in general?

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Someone has managed to get a pic of that body! Thanks. There weren't any on
Very impressive and actually, it put some of the younger chaps on Corrie to shame. He even had a 6 pack.
I wonder why it's taken so long to get him shirtless? Maybe the actor wasn't very keen to do so. Even Ozzie the dog couldn't stop staring.

Clare said...

I'm with you on the shirtless Tony front..ooft! and he's old enough to be my dad! ;)

Took Gray long enough to do a topless scene didn't it!

Loved the review, had me in stitches, the good, the bad and the ugly a personal highlight.

Yoork said...

I liked him shirtless, but even though I like a man in a suit, he looked really good in those jeans and shirt too. It really "suited" him.

Gray O'Brian is only 40! (maybe that's old by some standards)

Clare said...

No i know he's only 40, but i'm only 18, therefore he is a tad too old for me lol. But, hey i still would!

Anonymous said...

Eat your hearts out, kiddies, the man is buff and sexy.

And he's 40....nyeah nyeah.....he isn't old, you just can't appreciate a good man. ;)

I like my word verification: supple



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