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Thursday 25 June 2009

Trouble with a Capital T : Wed June 24, 2009 Episode Review

Written by Jonathan Harvey, Directed by Tony Prescott

Molly apologises again to Jack about Tyrone. Molly goes over to the garage to tell Tyrone to sort his issues with Jack, or Jack will move out. Sally remarks to Tyrone that Molly has a swing in her step, he must be doing something right. Oh, the irony. This plasters a big smile on Tyrone's face. The man that knew too little. Jack tells Tyrone that he's not replacing Vera, that Connie is just a mate. No, sorry I'm not having that. They're not just mates. It's definitely more than that, but let's not go there.

Steve is getting very jealous of Becky and Slug/Neil to the point where it's not so cute anymore. Hayley enforces Steve's suspicions and informs him that Slug/Neil is trouble with a capital T. Well put! Becky's not happy when she realizes Steve doesn't trust her.

Maria tells Tony she had a dream of him... and a bucket full of baby oil. Just kidding! *snap out of that daydream* In Maria's dream, Tony's eyes were red. Like the devil. She blames the bad dream on eating cheese before bed. Pfft, I eat cheese before bed (and all day long) and I don't have devil-dreams! Tony is happy to feel little-baby-fatherless-thanks-to-him kick in Maria's tummy, then looks ashamed afterwards. For shame.

The factory girls gossip over Tony and Maria's new "situation." Sean opines that you couldn't write that stuff, they should put it in a play. Then he tries his best to do Tony's Scottish accent. Hi-la-ri-ous!

Jason spends his morning doling out the apologies. Minnie first, then Tina. Tina is unforgiving (and unforgetting), but they settle on being mates. Mmm-hmm. *bobs head* Minne decides Jason's not her type. She asks Tina if he's her type and what her type is. Oh, I don't even want to know if there's more where David came from. Tina responds that her type is ANYONE besides David. Well, Jason should be happy that's him checking all her boxes!

Fiz hasn't said anything about her and John's engagement. They talk about John's mental state and Julie states that depression is like a prison, and it's ironic, because he's in a prison. That was pretty funny. C'mon. Side note: Did anyone notice an old fireplace now on the opposite wall in No. 5? Was it always there? Duh if it was.

Well, Rosie didn't come home last night after being with Luke. Three guesses as to where she was, the first two don't count. That's right, Rosie's cosy in Luke's bed looking very pleased with herself. Sally's just Rosie's No. 1 fan recently. I wonder (£££) why? After Rosie walks in from her walk-of-shame, Kevin tells her that Luke's just using her for her money. She says that's not what he was using her for last night. Uh.... Sally thinks Luke is just a fine bloke for her daughter. What? What kind of a mother is she? Her and Rosie remind me of characters in one of those old-timey movies where the manipulative mother tries to do anything she can to get her daughter married to a man from a "good family" with a title for her own personal gain, and the stupid snotty daughter falls right in line only to be the one who suffers in the end. Well, actually, the man was probably suffering all the way through. Watch out Luke!

Sally's quite forthright and asks Luke straight out if he's using Rosie for her money. He says he never intended for the night to end like that. Sure, sure. Rosie comes into the factory and tells all that she may be coming back as their boss. Cue open-mouthed stares.

Kevin tries to put the threat on Luke Strong about using Rosie, but his efforts are ineffective as usual. Kevin projects his bad mood onto Molly then later apologises. Kevin breaks down and tells Molly that all he cares about is her. Then he gives her that look: like he's the spoon and she's the ice cream. Molly asks what he's doing, but he says he doesn't know. Oh YES he does. Kevin goes on further to tell her that he can't stop thinking about her, he fancies her like mad and he wants to jump her bones! She looks somewhere between petrified and intrigued. Let's call it petrigued. Molly gives him five across the eyes and tells him to keep away from her! Well, that was awkward. As she leaves, Molly half-smiles to herself. Girl is trouble with a capital T! *makes Hayley's hand sign into a T* On a side note, what is Molly wearing? A cropped blazer with cargo-jeans? I didn't even know cargo-jeans existed! And for women! She doesn't need Kevin Webster to pump her self-esteem, she needs What Not To Wear.


Anonymous said...

Re: Molly's Blazer and Jeans combo. I liked them jeans. Does anyone know where they're from?

Glenda Young said...

He's the spoon and she's the icre-cream... love it!!

Tvor said...

As for the fireplace in Number 5, if it's on the wall we don't usually see, the one the sofa faces, yes it was always there. I remember it there when Don and Ivy Brennan had the house.

I thought Molly looked a bit pleased with herself as well after she smacked Kev.

Yoork said...

Re: Anonymous, here's Molly's Cargo Jeans:

I should do a "as worn on Corrie" fashion feature. Lol. Often I like the clothes I see on the show, but not these pants. But then, I'm a pear-shape, so they're all wrong for me.

As for the fireplace, I suppose I just can't remember the last time they showed that wall and it just stuck out to me!


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