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Tuesday 30 June 2009

Corrie episode review: In the Foreshadows, Mon June 29, 2009

Written by Damon Rochefort (7:30) and David Lane (8:30), Directed by Pip Short

So I was wondering when Rosie turned into Hugh Hefner? What's with the robe? I wonder if she shops at the same kimono store as Martha? Having said that, it's a nice robe. Rosie doesn't have a license to drive, but she's got a license to buy. And that's what she's done, a nice little roadster coupe for herself. I don't know who's more psyched, Rosie or her fairweather mother? The two of them in that sports car just screamed double-trouble to me. Has anyone seen Heartbreakers? Luke takes his turn to drool over Rosie's new ride. Tony is not as impressed. Luke treats Rosie and her fairweather mother to drinks at the Rovers. He really lays the cream on thick asking again about investing in Underworld and trying to coax her with the idea of designing items herself. Sally's just eating this up. Rosie says she'll need a bit of convincing. Ahem, and we know how and by whom. Luke understand full well and proceeds to wine and dine her starting with Teppanyaki.

At the factory, Janice Battersby PA, effs up royally. An error she made cost Underworld a huge client. Luke and Rosie announce to Tony that Rosie is now a partner. They convince Rosie to be "Executive of Administration." Essentially she'll resume her PA duties again, but own shares in the company. Oh, and design knickers of course.

Oh, looks like it's Jason's birthday today. Jason has give me two opportunities this episode(s) to ogle him shirtless. It was really tempting to use one of those captures as my title image, but I didn't want to be known as the woman whose captures are full of topless men. Heaven's no. Turns out, thanks to Eileen and 'Coco the Clown' that Tina didn't stay over last night after all. Eileen warns Jason about Platt, but like most things that are told to Jason, it's in one ear and out the next. Sean informs Tina that it's Jason's birthday. Sean let's Tina know that Jason wears "Frustration" by Calvin Klein. Ooh, I LOVE that scent on a man. Well, Tina actually buys him cologne for his birthday with cute irony. And Sean gives him a stylish new shirt, which he changes into in the Rovers amidst the hoots and hollers. Somewhere Stevey-boy is watching this and gurning whilst clutching his argyle sweater-vest. I see a real chemistry between J and T as they kiss later in the Rovers again. No points for guessing where they ended up that night! Or where this is heading...

What is an episode without any trouble? Or at least the fore-shadowing of it. By trouble, I mean Platt of course. David, accompanied by Darryl and Graeme, comes into the Rovers and sees Jason and Tina flirting and thinks she's trying to wind him up. Oh yeah, David, of course. As Dr. Phil would say: "If you knew how seldom people thought about you, you wouldn't worry so much about what they thought." Larry and Curly suggest that he not let her wind him up and just ignore it. Another piece of good advice. David eventually leaves after he's realises that his life's come down to hanging out with a couple of losers (Darryl and Graeme) while Jason is getting it on with his "girlfriend." He just can't get no satisfaction.

Jesse's back and invites Eileen for a drink later. He's quite the boob, isn't he? Maybe that's an understatement, but he's rather endearing. Eileen seems to think so too, or she just doesn't care! In the Rovers later, Jesse tells everyone that he needs a replacement for Hiawatha in his production. Kirk volunteers, and Jesse accepts. Looks like Kirk portrayal of Hiawatha didn't exactly go over well. Well, the kids had fun. Kirk told the kids he was really a stuntman, and they tried to test this by burning his headpiece on fire and pelting him with puddings. One broken expensive plate to pay for, a burnt headdress, and a cheesed off Jesse later they were downing drinks at the Rovers and Kirk found himself out of a job again. I think he looked a little like Cher in one of her Bob Mackie's in that get up. It's a matter of opinion I suppose. Graeme thinks he looks pretty good too. That boy is what we used to call "off-center." Jesse invites Eileen back to his parents place - they're out for the night! Eileen excitedly (desperately) takes him up on this offer. They run away in glee like a couple of school kids! Nice to see Eileen so happy actually.

Maria looks about ready to give birth to an entire football team, the size of her! She wants it out, and so do we! Baby Liam needs to succeed the throne of hot-ness left by his father. Maria later goes to the Rovers for Jason's birthday, and Tony freaks out when he can't find her at home and she doesn't answer her phone. He makes a scene in the Rovers looking like the completely possessive psycho that he is. Maria's not happy, but Tony immediately apologizes the breaths a sigh of relief after she accepts his apology. I can only imagine how much worse this will get. The signs are clear and present.

Bill and Pam mend fences after Uncle Umed (he hasn't disappeared just yet, people!) says that the old adverts they wrote about each other weren't really that bad. They agree, and decide to start over. *seeing sparks* *again*

Hayley is not so keen on Pam however, or her sarnies. She tells Pam to stop selling to her customers. Gee, it's like some kind of gang-war over turf or something. A real show-down. However, thanks to Bill's mediation, the girls have decided to work together. Hayley's got the permits, licenses and the premises and Pam's got the hutzpah! (sales talent) It was really about delivery. Their customer pool is extremely lazy. Well that's all wrapped up in a nice tidy bow. For now, at least.

Molly and Kevin meet to go for their run. Kevin is in a tank-top today, and he's not shirtless, but thanks to the x-ray vision I've honed over the years, I can gauge a pretty good rendering. From what I can see he's NO torso-of-the-week. Maybe torso-of-the-last-decade? Oh, I'm mean! He looks good for his age! Molly notes that Kevin has been quiet on their run. He's probably just lucky that he can open his mouth to get a gasp of air, never mind talk. Molly and Kevin find a bench and Kevin looks at her with puppy-dog eyes and says he can't stop looking at her. Why can't men say all those right things to the right woman? Well, that's all Molly needed to hear as she leans in for a kiss. It's done now. She's smitten. Later, they use the "books" as an excuse to huddle together in the garage office. This just foreshadows worse events to come. Poor Tyrone!


Tvor said...

The scene with Kirk and Jesse explaining what happened was priceless! Oh and he fell into a pond and they have to replace 200 quid's worth of prize koi thingys too! :)) There was some really good writing last night. Too bad we had to suffer Rosie's prancing around. At least we'll eventually get to see Sally utterly humiliated again. At some point. The higher she flies on those phoney airs and graces, the harder she'll fall!

Danny-K said...

"The scene with Kirk and Jesse explaining what happened was priceless!"

- You beat me to it, Tvor.

Seeing potato-faced Kirk with his forlorn looking dead-pan dumpling of a nose, his expression one of a lost far-away look of contemplation whilst standing quietly at the bar in his squaw outfit was classic Corrie at its best - firing on all cylinders in my book.

For soaps to draw a laugh with characters dressed in fancy-dress costumes the first prerequisite (IMO) is that they have 'the face' for it, and Kirk has it in bucket-loads.

Contrast that to John Thompson's Jesse. I am a big, big, fan of John Thompson's comedy. Remember him as 'Fat Bob' alongside Steve Coogan, and in that hit rom-com series from the nineties, 'Cold Feet'?

He was brilliant in those, but meh... I don't care much for the lines the Corrie writers are feeding him this time around - it makes John Thompson appear almost as if he's, well, 'trying-to-hard'.

It's as if the production team are thinking: 'Ooh, we've landed a big-name comedy star on the books - let's make the most of it'. If they'd just relax, and not force things, as they do when writing Kirk's character, (or other guest appearance names like Andrew Sachs character), then John Thompson could shine more, like he once did as 'Fat Bob'.

Tvor said...

Maybe, but then perhaps Mr. Thompson needs a bit more time to settle into his character, too. Andy Whyment has had years to perfect Kirk. They haven't fleshed out Jesse too much yet. Andy W. is absolutely genius as Kirk.

abbyk said...

It didn't go far, but for me, the bit with the boys in the Rovers was last night's re-wind moment. I hope they keep Graeme and Darryl around, what a great doubles act they'd be.

Yoork said...

Oh yeah, I loved the bit with the three stooges, David, Graeme and Darryl. They're like some kind of dumb gang or something, it was awesome. Graeme and Darryl were like the greek chorus in this episode.

Yoork said...

Danny K - Potato-faced Kirk!

That's awesome!


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