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Saturday 13 June 2009

How Cosy - June 12, 2009 Corrie episode review

Coronation Street, double episode, June 12, 2009.
Written by Martin Allen and Lucy Gannon. Directed by Kay Patrick and David Kester.

Kevin tells Fiz that Chesney is working at the garage now. Fiz goes and cries her heart out to Hayley (communal shoulder-to-cry-on) about John again. John is suffering from clinical depression. Well, yeah. I would be too if I were in PRISON! Anyway, Roy suggests to Fiz that she send John some books to let him know she's thinking of him. Fiz decides to send it from Lloyd so they won't get returned. As if Lloyd would send John books? When John gets them he's not only going to think he's depressed but crazy too. Well, Sally spies this package in Fiz's bag at work, and tampers with it by ripping out random pages from the books. Fiz finds out and it gets ugly. Sally is VERY spiteful. Man, that Sally's sumthin'-else! This scene really bothered me. I really hate seeing books being destroyed for some reason. And they were Roy's books too, that made me sad. Poor sweet Roy, kindness is so risky.

Julie has been complaining to management on behalf of the workers of the shoddy working conditions and that the place needs a re-vamp. Well, management doesn't have the funds, so Luke suggests that the workers buy shares. Tony is smug at the worker's sceptical attitude towards this suggestion. Tony sees Rosie flirting with Luke and warns him to stay away from her. Waste of breath!

Tony checks up on Maria concerned after her false labour. Maria confides in Tony that she's scared to go through the birth all alone. Tony commits to being on-call 24/7, and that he'll sleep there every night on the sofa until the baby is born. He'll even walk the dog. Wow. Guilt makes you do some CRAZY things! Maria thinks it's all "just lovely." Sounds cosy to me.

Kevin overhears that Jason and Molly are going on a work-out run and weasels his way in on it. Jason has to cancel last minute, and now it's just Kevin and Molly. How cosy. Kevin's all decked out in a new tracksuit trying to look young and hip. For whose benefit I wonder?

At the Kabin, Ramsay shows up to find out whether he and Norris share the same taste in single malt. Emily confirms that they do INDEED share the same taste in single malt. Well, heck, so do I if he's offering! Norris dismisses him. Emily proposes that Ramsay and Rita come over for tea and church-cake. If I didn't know better, I think our Emily has a "thing" for Ramsay. And trust me, I know better. Well, Norris comes home to find Ramsay all cosy with his ladies. Is Ramsay usurping Norris' station?

In the "whodunnit" burglary storyline, Gary comes back from the police station and sees Audrey with David and tells Audrey the whole truth, and nothing but. Audrey smells a rat. And you know what they say: where there's a rat, there's usually David Platt. Audrey thinks back to the mysterious photos-in-the-drawer incident and quickly puts two and two together to make four. Four very disappointed people in David Platt, that is. Gail and Audrey have unwrapped David's lies down to the crumbs and he STILL continues to deny it all. (Don't you HATE when people do that?). It isn't until he puts his foot in his mouth and implicates himself, by telling them that he didn't know his granddad would be there, does he finally admit what he's done. Tina hears him admit it all and leaves saying she never wants anything to do with him ever again. Again? I mean really, is this the final straw? Finally? What more does he need to do to convince these people he shouldn't be around. Honestly, at this point, how can you even bother chastising him? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Shame Gail, shame. Gail tells David that his bedroom's still there, (???? Move Graeme in, David out!) but she doesn't want anything else to do with him. Whatever, Gail.

Will David Platt ever change his ways? I don't think so. But anything's possible in soap-land. We'll just have to wait and see...


Clare said...

yaaaaay for episode reviews :)
and a very humourous startmay i add! guilt does indeed do strange things to people. am i the only one that really doesn't think this up and coming 'romance' between maria and tony is going to work? it sickens me to the stomach actually! just another plot device until carla comes back!

Glenda Young said...

Brilliant stuff and welcome again and thank you thank you thank you.

Yoork said...

Oh Tony Gordon makes me positively sick. After he told off Natasha like that? Well, and killed Liam and lied about it.

Anonymous said...

i really like maria and tony together, i think there scenes are gonna be amazing - especially at the birth of marias baby - also on sharon marshell (soap editor) twitter page she says that tony is going to be ironing topless on mondays episode and on this morning she also said when carla return tony secret will still remain a secret. yay can't wait to see mondays episode.

BTW david platt is really annoying, they need something new for the character.

Anonymous said...

i do actually think the maria and tony relationship, will work as they have both been hurt and lost the people they loved and as samia and gray said recently its that experience as well as the baby brinign them closer together. the producer kym said it was the writers who came up with the maria/tony and that it was genious - i tend to agree!!!!

what i aint looking forward to MOLLY and Kevin, that makes me cringe, not sick its just a show after all.

Yoork said...

I think Tony and Maria are like dominos: set up to fall down.

Poor Maria!

Kevin and Maria are def a strange coupling!

Yoork said...

* I meant Kevin & Molly


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