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Saturday 20 June 2009

That Kind of Girl: Fri June 19, 2009 Episode Review

Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Kevin tells Molly he's sorry again for the stuff he said about her and Jason before, and that he didn't want to "offend her honour." How noble. He says he knows she's not "that kind of girl." What's THAT supposed to mean? I hate it when men categorize women like that. So does Molly, since she told him that he has no clue as to what "type of girl" she is just because she's married to Tyrone. Molly shows up at the garage for Tyrone to take her to her fun-run, but Kevin says he'll be late, so Kevin can take her instead. They talk about Rosie, and Molly remarks that Kevin doesn't look old enough to have an 18 year old daughter. Yes, he does. Molly continues to compliment Kevin on how fit he is and Kevin looks quite abashed. Molly then tells Kevin he's right about her ogling fellas, he just got the wrong one. Hel-lo! I thought that Kevin would be the pursuer in this risky business! I love being proven wrong. Kevin and Molly arrive at the fun-run and The Eurythmics are playing in the background? I've never thought of "Here Comes the Rain Again" as warm-up music. Someone needs to update their iPod. Or cassette collection. It is raining though. Molly gets apprehensive about the run when she sees a girl there that tormenter her for being overweight as a girl. Turns out that tormenter has "let herself go" and doesn't even finish the race. Molly does the run and finishes 10th thanks to Kevin's support. Kevin tells her she's amazing, they embrace, then linger a stare at each other. Molly gives Kevin a peck on the cheek. *seeing sparks*

So where is Tyrone in all this? Tyrone is much more concerned about Jack's love life than his own. Jack and Connie try to hide their vacation from Tyrone. Connie walks into the pub putting on a ruse until she realizes Tyrone isn't there. She asks Jack if she can say the S-word now. Wait, is that a double-entendre? Tyrone is suspicious of of Connie's motives with Jack. Oh yeah, she's clearly using Jack for either his fit form, influence, title, or extreme wealth. Tyrone notices airport tags from Spain on Jack's luggage and goes through his suitcase. From the looks of it the only things Jack wore in Spain were castanets, I Love Spain t-shirts and a sombrero. This holiday gets more and more interesting. Tyrone confronted Jack and Connie and demanded to know what's going on. Jack admits that he and Connie went to Spain. Tyrone blames Connie, Jack gets mad, Molly gets embarassed and apologizes. Molly asked Jack where all his clothes were. Connie says that she's washing them at her house. She's washing his smalls? This is getting serious. Skid-mark serious. You know, THAT stage of the relationship. Molly says she's invited Connie over for tea. This doesn't go over well with Tyrone and he wonders if what he says even counts for anything anymore. Molly confirms that it doesn't. Tyrone must not have read the marriage contract. It goes something like this: "as of now, what the man says counts for nothing." Fine print. Gotta love it.

Becky and Steve celebrate because Liz praised Becky for being "not that bad, once you get to know her." I think that'll be enscribed on my tombstone. Becky tells Steve she wants a big lavish wedding. Slug comes into the bar, and Becky doesn't even recognize him. He says he saw her in the Gazette. He now calls himself Neil, he's got a job, a studio flat, a moped, a suit, a shower, a haircut and a tan from the looks of it. He's also sober. Well, that checks all my boxes. Except for the tan, that's not necessary. Becky can't believe how much Slug/Neil's changed. Well, you know what I (and Judge Judy) always say "if something doesn't make sense, it's because it isn't true." I'd be wary.

Claire and Ashley tell Eileen that they're taking their boys to see General Custard down at the community centre. Steve lends Amy to Eileen so Eileen has an excuse to go down there and see General Custard again. Eileen and Amy watch the show then Eileen asks General Custard for his autograph. And phone number. Work and moble. Subtle! He asks for her coordinates also. *seeing sparks*

Minnie and Rosie spend more time shopping and boozing on Rosie's new dime. Fiz demands to know more about John from Rosie. Rosie blows her off. Sally tells Fiz what we've all been wanting to: "He's not worth it. You're a nice girl, go find yourself a nice young man." Rosie tells her mother and sister about exorbitant spending on a handbag. Sally tells Rosie she needs a financial planner. She then tells Rosie that John's on suicide watch. Rosie freaks that if something happens to him, Fiz will blame her, so she decides to go speak to Fiz later. That's more than I expected of her. Rosie goes to see Fiz and tells her that John got in touch with her and she didn't encourage him. Rosie said she only saw him the once, and he didn't look suicidal to her. Or us.

Luke sees Rosie and Minnie come into the Rovers looking for champage and orders a bottle and three glasses. He goes and sits with the girls, and Minnie asks who invited him. He gives her "the hand" and says that he's buying. That was hilarious! That Minnie is an AIR-head. She makes Rosie seem sophisticated and sharp. Well, Rosie is actually quite sharp it seems because she puts two and two together that Luke is giving her the time of day only to get her to invest in Underworld. And she lets him know it. She's not a ditz anymore! She's a diva now! Luke wants to go out on the town with them, but Rosie subtly turns him down by saying "no offence, but I don't want anyone to think you're my dad." Ohhhhh, snap! Miss Thang then tracks back and says she might be interested in Underword, but not today. The sass!

Julie tries to comfort Fiz over the whole John-suicide situation. Julie is SO mod! I love her style! How does she get her hair to do that? Chesney sees Fiz upset and tells her that she's the real victim and should have gotten the money. Well, he is rather correct. Fiz gets upset thinking about John staring at only walls and bars in jail. Chesney tells her he's probably playing pool and watching telly more like. Yeah, he probably is. Didn't she watch Oz? Julie is starting to get really sick of Fiz's bellyaching too now. Fiz realizes she needs to take drastic action if she wants to get through to John in prison. Uh oh.


Tracyluv said...

I really didnt enjoy it yesterday, this awful Molly and Kevin stuff which is soooo staged and does not ring true. Why would Molly who is as straight up and honest as they come have an affair with Kevin of all people, her husband's boss, old enought to be her father and the personality of a grub. I cannot believe at the slightly sign of a wobble in their very new marraige she would go off with Kevin! Also Fiz is driving us up the pole with this John business, its just groundhog day, with her ringing the prison, he wont speak to her bla bla bla. It is becoming very very tiresome and she is really irritating. Sorry Fuzzball, what happened to your backbone?

Clare said...

Skid-mark serious. HAHAHAHA :)

Tvor said...

About Molly... It occurred to me while reading the update, that Molly really just might be *that* kind of girl. She took no prisoners when she arrived on the show, persuing Kirk and trying to get him away from Fiz and she ran after Tyrone pretty fiercely too. Maybe it's not so out of character for her to flirt seriously with kevin once she knew he fancied her. I think she might be into conquests and her father Diggory was certainly always leering at the ladies.

Yoork said...

Yes, I think she just might be "that kind of girl" too. Plainly put, she's bored, her husbands not giving her any attention, and she saw Kevin's bod (torso of the week), and she liked what she saw. I think attention hungry and playing with fire.

Anonymous said...

We haven't seen Kevin's body have we? At the gym he had his tracksuit top done up right to his chin. Torso of the week absolutely belongs to Tony on Monday's episode and is probably more like torso of the year. Goodness me. I don't even think Jason can compete with Tony's.

Tvor said...

Jason's probably got the better body but Tony's is more "real", he's in very good shape although Jason is more sculpted and "buff".


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