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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 6 November 2020

Hi.  I took a break expecting to undergo a hand operation which would prevent my being able to type.  However the nurse did not like the ECG and sent me for tests which led to a discovery of clots on the lungs which apparently could be pretty dangerous.  So no operation for a few months.  And with the world locked down I thought it was time to return.

Sean actually did not watch "It" until 2 am - he had his eyes covered throughout.  Dylan has just breakfasted on ice-cream.  There is an awful lot which Violet is not going to be told (above).  Sean is behaving more in the way that we grand-parents look after the grand-children when the parents go away.

Later on Monday after Debbie has spent hours lying through her wonderfully maintained teeth over her impecunious state Abi, feeling guilty, asks Sally what she might do to make it up to Debbie (aka Roxy property buyer).  Sally suggests a pamper session chez Metcalfe - Abi points out (above) that Debbie is not keen on the hot tub!  One idea which did not swim!

Debbie is going to butter up Sally so much Ray will think she is a slice of bread and starts off by referring to Sal's top (above).  Debbie asks if it is "puce" (if so I would expect it to be a much darker colour than the one we see).  But in fact it is pink to make the boys wink Debbie asserts.  Sally's face shows a broad smile as she feels very flattered.  And before long Debbie and her tricks are convincing Sal that leaving the Street is a very good idea.

Dev has just spent a good couple of minutes tearing a strip off Corey (Asha's boyfriend) outside the builder's yard with Ed Bailey listening whom Dev believes has been pressuring Asha into having sex because Asha has admitted as a responsible youth that she has seen the doctor and has a supply of the pill.  Dev has jumped to the wrong conclusion and instead of spending the afternoon with Aadi trying to put things right has caused almighty embarrassment to Asha - who sums it all up above!  We all know Dev is acting out of character so no doubt he will be hugely relieved when offered cast sums of cash by Ray and Debbie for his various properties on the Street - it seems to me that his lack of self control is being driven by his money worries but the kids manage to solve those on Friday.  Dev should listen to the kids more often.

Normally the parents are telling off the children for their phone addictions but in this case Dylan is pointing out that Sean was watching "Love Island" repeats on his phone and not the football match (dead lucky to get into see a game.  We went top of the Premier League last night for the first time ever and the best I will manage is highlights tonight on Match of the Day!).  And I bet that jacket was not cheap Sean!

In uber-ranty mode (and to be honest Leanne shouting has been overdone in recent weeks so for many reasons I hope the Oliver story will soon come to a conclusion) has just alleged that Gail and Nick are only interested in the latter's shiny new son and that was why Gail had alleged to Wendy that Nick was not 100% behind Leanne over Oliver at present.  Leanne asserted that blood was thicker than water and Gail managed the above response, which I shall have to mention the next time someone says it to me!

Which just about wraps up my return.  Hopefully a review of Friday night will be along later, although as it is Oliver heavy it might be a short one.

Writers:  Ellen Taylor (Monday); Jonathan Harvey & Mark Wadlow (Wednesday); Chris Fewtrell (Friday)
Directors: Sasha Ransome (Monday); Ian Barber (Wednesday & Friday)


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Jo said...

Get well soon! x

fairycake said...

May God watch over you and keep you safe and well foreverafter. You are in our hearts, thought and prayers. X

Anonymous said...

Take care and get well soon.

Maybe Leanne is projecting her own feelings, the way she's raging at everyone you'd think all that matters is having a biological child and everyone else is a distant second. She never shows a scintilla of concern about any other children in her entourage like Amy or Simon even though she's camped out at the hospital and hardly ever sees them and tries to guilt others like Steve and Nick into following her example.


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