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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – November 21 2020

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I’ve really enjoyed this week’s Coronation Street and hardly needed to fast forward through any scenes at all, which is the first time I’ve not had to do that in a long time. This week has centered on Peter and Carla and has been very watchable indeed. When they argue in the back room of the pub, Peter storms out and goes to work in his cab. He's beaten up by a scally and a passerby offers him a sip of whiskey from his hip flask. Peter’s so shaken by the assault that he takes the whiskey and... he’s off drinking again. Meanwhile, Carla tries to act as cupid for Adam and Sarah but ends up sleeping with Adam in a hotel room when she should’ve been at a conference. She confesses to Peter what she’s done, but not who with. However, it can only be a matter of time before Peter finds out who Carla spent the night with. The hotel rings Carla’s phone and Peter answers. He’s told that the man Carla was with left his wallet in the bar. Over at the corner shop Adam tries to pay but when he reaches for his wallet, it’s not there. All we need now is for Dev to mention to Peter that Adam’s lost his wallet and Peter will put two and two together and then the sparks will fly. 

Until then, Peter’s drinking again and is rushed to the Kate Oates memorial ward in yet another flaming hospital scene.  Carla goes to see Adam and tells him she’ll keep what they did secret. “Don’t worry,” she tells him. “I won’t tell peter I slept with his dead sister’s son.” Ah, soap, don’t you just love it?!

Over at Billy and Paul’s flat, Summer returns with a different actress playing her. It was all rather odd with nu-Summer and nu-Todd coming face to face with each other and we’re all trying to make sense of these two characters knowing each other but the actors being different to who they once were. Anyway, Todd’s still working to split up Paul and Billy as he wants Billy back. He gets Paul drunk and dares him to wear Billy’s robes, which Paul does but when Billy comes home he gives Paul a dressing down in more ways than one. 

At the Bistro, Ray makes Faye his trainee manager for all his hotels and bars. But he’s only done it to keep Faye close and to use her in his plot to keep Craig quiet. Yes, Craig and Faye are now officially an item and it’s lovely to see. But Ray’s afraid now that Craig has seen his plans to demolish the street and tells him he should keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want Faye to lose her new job. 
And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

This week was terrible. All the Peter and Carla stuff was toxic, forced and a chore to watch. Hardly any build up to Peter’s struggle and now they get an entire week dedicated to themselves? Ridiculous. This week gave all the reasons why you shouldn’t root for this couple. All the progress they have made for all to be thrown away with Peter saying horrible things about Carla’s mental health (a big disservice to her psychosis storyline) and Carla jumping into the bed with another Barlow. You have to be a very bias fan towards Peter and Carla if you enjoyed any of that. Very disappointing and horrible viewing.
Todd is the only good thing in the Billy/ Todd/ Paul love triangle as Gareth Pierce has settled into the role very well. Billy and Paul are a tedious couple so the sooner they are split up the better.
The Oliver storyline was good with seeing Steve’s feelings and his family supporting him. It’s unfortunate that you stubbornly refuse to watch the storyline (even though you still do reviews) when the acting has been excellent.
Craig keeps up the soap stereotype that policemen are rubbish.
Overall, a very disappointing week, especially compared to the week before.

Anonymous said...

I have to totally disagree with your comments about Peter and Carla. I've loved this week too with those 2 being the centre of the plotlines. Alison & Chris are both excellent
My son is an alcoholic so a lot of these episodes were hard to watch.
You complain that it all happened too quickly, but that's what happens when they fall off the wagon, there's "no build up". It just happens, with no reason. Also you mentioned about Peter commenting about Carla's mental health issues. That also is true to life. My son says horrible comments to me that hurt deeply in an effort to get me to back off so he can get back drinking. They have portrayed this storyline excellently. Maybe, that's why it's so hard for me too watch as so true to life, including the repeated trips to A&E, the hollow "I won't do it again, I promise" comments and the refusal of help from the alcohol advisory services with "I don't need their help" lines. That could've been my son in that hospital bed saying this very same words.
I really hope you never have to deal with this situation in real life, because that was portrayed exactly how it is

Anonymous said...

The Carla/Peter/Adam stuff had me hooked this week. I wasn’t expecting Carla to confess and I certainly wasn’t expecting Peter’s reaction. He didn’t fly into a rage, didn’t hit the bottle, didn’t spout venom – instead he put aside his anger and forgave her. The scene where Peter reassured Carla that they could get through this because they’d survived worse was really touching. I really felt the emotion of that scene.

Whilst I don’t think the writing’s been all that great for Carla and Peter since they got back together, there’s no denying they’re played by two great actors, have amazing chemistry, and, like Peter said last night, have been through a hell of a lot together. They’re deeply flawed individuals who have a complicated history– all this makes them one of the most compelling couples the show’s ever had, regardless of how infuriatingly destructive they can be at times.

And to think this is only the beginning! Wait until Peter finds out it was Adam! Definitely explosive times ahead. Barlow family gatherings with never be the same again!

Anonymous said...

An enjoyable week.

Peter and Carla: I sympathise with Carla and don't blame her for her actions. Peter's treated her so badly, the way in which he spoke about her mental heath was so unbelievably cruel that I don't know how she's forgiven him. In fact he's said a lot of awful things like 'Tina led me on', 'You're not a mother so you wouldn't understand', and 'You slept with that guy and I didn't complain' when actually she was assaulted. How more insensitive can Peter be? Why does Carla always give him a free pass? She should have showed him the door!

I do like them together but god Peter can be such a prick sometimes. I hope when this incident with Adam comes to light, that Peter realises he needs to treat Carla better because he's been awful and frankly she desserves better.

But of course when Peter finds out about Adam, Carla's going to be potrayed as the bad guy and Peter the victim. So typical.

Anonymous said...

Please see comments from Anon 12.56. That's what alcoholics do as a defence mechanism so they can get a drink. They hit out. At that point alcohol is all that matters and everything else is collateral damage to get a drink


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