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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 18th Nov 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Lies deceit and alcohol. The three go seemingly hand-in-hand, and where continuing drama is concerned, the demon drink is the perfect plot device. Coronation Street is of no exception, and the demon drink looks to have brought two, maybe three cobbles relationships to the brink of collapse...

Cab-less following the mugging, a distressed Peter is in the back room of the Rovers and with Carla out at the conference, he’s easily drawn to the whisky bottle sat in Jenny’s decanter. When boozy Barry returns for his hipflask refilling, Peter is only too happy to assist, just bad luck that Abi is at the bar to hear all about it. Displaying concern for her sobriety sorority pal, Abi confides in Carla about her suspicions. 

Carla’s ‘cupid’ stunt for Adam and Sarah does seem like psychological displacement, ignoring Peter’s war wounds and seemingly, she’d much rather mend his nephew’s woeful marriage instead. As soon as Sarah left the hotel (you can't blame the girl can you), Carla quickly took her place to share a commiserating drink with Adam. Heading home to confront Peter (assumingly full of booze herself) the audacity is quite astounding, yet, the plot and scene were set - it was obvious what was coming.  

Billy’s modest archdeacon promotion may come with a massive vicarage type house but being a vicar of good standing, he decides not to take it. However, this is after Paul has perused pictures of the flash house, and a packing delivery mishap gives him ideas above his station, resigning from Underworld in a pride driven paddy. With Todd’s plotting and scheming, he simultaneously gets Paul the sack and his job back in a matter of hours. Todd makes masterful mixing seems easy - you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Getting Paul slightly drunk also helps!

More sobering, Craig’s off-the-record policing investigations about shifty Ray Crosby have begun in earnest but with Faye’s lofty career aspirations, I think Weatherfield’s answer to Harvey Weinstein may have more fuel for his fire. Ray is well ahead of the junior cops game though. How far will he go to keep his property development plans in place? He offered a general manager position to Michelle as well didn’t he, and we know how that turned out! With ex-mayor Sally on his case though, Ray may well have met his match!

Back at the Rovers, Peter caves in quickly and in admitting his alcohol relapse to Carla, the cracks of this relationship’s rocky road are widening. Peter’s illness is blatantly clear, and however hard he tries to disguise it to his girlfriend he’s in dangerous denial territory. Does that give Carla an excuse to get into bed with Peter’s nephew though? A troubling tryst indeed. 

The main takeaway from tonight’s episode is that quasi-incestuous bedhopping Barlow's should never be underestimated. After Monday's episode aired, I did think seriously about Peter's future. As the 60th-anniversary approaches, is Peter's legacy in danger? It was the year 2000 and Corrie's 40th Birthday, that saw Ken's wayward seafaring son return just as Coronation Street was saved from the threat of bulldozers. It could almost be synchronous if Peter's final relapse coincided with Corries 60th anniversary if you get my drift? 

That's if Carla's betrayal doesn't finish him off first. 

I’ll leave that thought with you. 

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Anonymous said...

Was I the only one cheering for Adam and Carla to get it on? They look great together and have way more chemistry than Adam's ever had with Sarah. Plus Peter's treated Carla appallingly lately.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter has been totally ruined. I remember when he was trapped under the rubble in the tram crash that I couldn't bear the thought of him being killed off. I only go by my gut reaction to a character, not their potential or what they were like once upon a time, and now I wouldn't be bothered if Peter left. Simon was going to join the navy when he was 18 and that could have been his exit storyline next summer. However, he's feeling pushed out by Leanne because of Oliver. Peter and Carla talked about sailing round the world. Maybe there's an exit storyline for Peter who takes Simon on the trip instead.

Anonymous said...

Now Corrie, PLEASE put Peter and Leanne back together! The last time Leanne was truly happy before Oliver's birth was when she first met Peter and Simon. After the heartbreak of losing Oliver and with Nick having his own son, I think it's only natural that she'd gravitate towards Peter/Simon again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[18;49]I was cheering for Adam and Carla too as Adam has also been treated terribly by Sarah who chose to protect Gary over her marriage to Adam and only decided she wanted Adam back [despite telling Gary she still loves him ]after Gary married Maria.
It would serve both Sarah and Peter right if they lost Carla and Adam.

Anonymous said...

One day Adam was trying to get it on with Alina who I’m guessing is about 20 next day he is heading into the bedroom with Carla who is 45. Age has no meaning in Corrie obviously!

coconno196 said...

Ditto re Carla & Adam age difference.

Plus Faye(18) has been a waitress for 5 minutes. How on earth can she now be a manager?

CK said...

Carla did go on a bit at Adam and Alina while supporting Sarah. I can just imagine the fallout though nothing stopped Adam from walking into Carla's hotel room.

Anonymous said...

In an alternate universe I would love Adam and Carla together, but not in this one!

Peter’s going to hit the roof (and likely the bottle) when he finds out. I remember how badly he took Leanne cheating on him with Nick so God only knows how he’s going to react this time with it being the supposed great love of his life sleeping with his nephew. Adam better watch his back!

There’s no excusing Carla’s actions but Peter said some pretty awful things to her last night. I know he was just trying to push her away so he could drink but mocking her mental health struggle was out of order. I wonder if it was just his addiction talking here or whether deep down he meant some of what he said to her? I get the feeling he harbours resentment towards Carla over the whole Jordan incident and now all that suppressed emotion/anger is finally coming to the surface.

I hope Carla and Peter get through this because I adore them together even though the writing hasn’t been great for them recently. Surely if Carla forgave Peter for that awful Tina affair (which was way worse than this), then he can show her the same forgiveness?

Either way I’m super excited for Peter, Carla and Adam getting more screen time because all three are excellent characters who’ve been woefully underused.

Anonymous said...

I was more concerned by the fact Carla was wearing trainers to a business conference. What’s happened to her? Carla Connor where's heels not converse!

Anonymous said...

I actually think Adam and Carla would make a good couple. They're quite similar - they can be ruthless when they need to be, they sometimes rub people up the wrong way and they can be self-destructive, but underneath they're both vulnerable and want to be loved.

Susan's death has meant Adam has lacked a strong female influence in his life, and while Carla may not be the nurturing type she'd definitely be strong enough to rein him in during an argument. I think they've got potential, perhaps more than Peter and Carla at the moment and I actually hope Corrie develops on that.

Anonymous said...

I really miss the old Carla. Yes to heels, yes to wine! What is wrong with a strong, independent woman? She was a great inspiration before. Now she's the complete opposite. I really dislike this character now.

I too like the idea of Adam and Carla. I feel they have chemistry but she's back to her feisty self with him. She tells him as it is and doesn't have to walk on eggshells like Peter. Peter only brings her an anchor in the sea (Pun intended!)

I doubt Adam+Carla will survive, which is a real shame. I wish the last few producers wake and realize maybe Peter and Carla shouldn't be together. It just doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

Well she has the hat trick now with the Barlows, Just dad left to go.

Anonymous said...

100% agree with all this!

Carla used to be the baddest bitch on that street. She had the factory, the cool flat, great clothes, and the best lines!

Nobody messed with Carla back in the day. But the writers have stripped her of all that now by throwing tragedy after tragedy at her.

She's more like her old self with Adam which is why I'm liking them together. With Peter it feels like he drags her down (they used to be ace together but it hasn't worked for me this time around because they've turned boring and argue all the time).
If ditching Peter and being with Adam makes Carla more like she used to be, then I'm all for it. But something tells me this will all end in disaster.

Anonymous said...

Carla's a hypocrite, lecturing Peter about Abi and Tina, lecturing Adam about Alina... only to jump into bed with him herself!
Has she learnt nothing from her one night stand with Robert that ruined her marriage to Nick? What am I talking about, it's a soap, of course characters don't learn from their mistakes!
And I thought she was pals with Sarah? Still big on girl code as ever then Carla, lol!
It's Peter I feel sorry for. Adam quite happily knifed him in the back. Peter will get together with Abi now. Not happy about this s/l at all. Bad move writers. Very bad move.


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