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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Alison King interview: Can Carla rescue Peter from falling off the wagon again?


How has Carla been feeling since the whole situation with Abby?

She was feeling vulnerable and pushed out. The fact that he turned to Abby and not her  when she has stuck by him and gone to meetings with him is upsetting. There was this knee jerk reaction from Peter to go and help another damsel in distress and take that way out rather than being honest with Carla. She felt it highlighted a problem in their relationship that he felt that she wouldn’t be able to deal with the situation, he was pussy footing around her. Then he hurt her by saying that he forgave her for the situation with Jordan which was absolutely not her fault, that was really hurtful and made her wonder about what was really going on in his head and how long had that been building up? He has been bottling things up and she had opened a can of worms by calling him out on the Abby situation and in true Peter Barlow way he used attack as a form of defence.

Do you think the break away from Weatherfield has helped their relationship?

It hasn’t maybe gone as well as it could have done. They were in his best place which is on a boat but part of her is dying to get back to the factory and the emails and he had a lot of things on his mind and he has come back to the situation with Leanne. I don’t think she felt that he was really talking to her, it was a bit of a sticking plaster not a fix for the relationship.

What happens when they argue about the Oliver situation?

She doesn’t agree with how Peter is dealing with things with Simon. She thinks things should be a bit more open and Simon should be put more in the picture about what is happening. Whilst she knows Leanne is trying to do the best thing for her child fundamentally the fall out with Peter comes from him telling her that she wouldn't know what that is like, he brushes under the carpet the fact that they lost a child together and that she is a motherless vixen who can’t experience these things, and that is really her achilles heel, that is the thing that causes her pain and the thing she reacts to. She has her brittle outer core but she has been through a lot and it has all shaped her and brought her to this place and she doesn’t need Peter brushing all that under the carpet. 

After the row does she feel guilty when she has discovered he has been robbed and beaten up?

She does because as soon as she is back she gets caught up in other people’s business and the factory and she is trying to build bridges, get Sarah and Adam back together, look out for Alina. Peter and Carla are both guilty of not thinking about the other one enough and trying to be too independent so she feels awful when she finds out what has happened to him and has no idea that he has actually started drinking again as a consequence. She felt justified in rowing with him and then something awful happens to make her feel bad. It is typical of their relationship.

How does she feel when he refuses to go to stay at the hotel with her?

She feels really shut out, she thinks that would be a good way to relax and recover but he isn't interested and she obviously doesn’t know why. She feels like he doesn't see her as a woman and that hurts. She sees it as another example of him not really trying with the relationship and that is so difficult for her to deal with. He had all that time for Abby and he’s not really trying to mend their relationship.

Yet again is it Abi who finds out the truth about Peter falling off the wagon, Carla must be devastated when she finds out?

The fact that she didn’t know and that it is Abby who says she should talk to Peter, because there is a real reason to be worried, then she goes to talk to him and he is still denying it is so hard to deal with. It is only because she sees something in him when he is talking to her and because she knows him so well that she realises Abby is right and something is going on. It is a double edged sword because she feels pushed out but she knows she has to deal with it.

How does she feel when he turns the tables on her when she offers to do everything she can to help him?

He reacts in typical Peter Barlow way and shuts her out again. But she also feels guilty as she knows she has taken her eye off the ball because she has got involved with other people’s business when she got back rather than realising there was something going on with him and there was a reason for his behaviour. Instead she should have told him how she was feeling but instead she is going into self destruct mode again 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Of all the potential couples to become a legend, you'd think the writers would realise it was Peter and Carla. Every storyline is a boring conflict of some kind. It's getting tedious, writers. Let's see them in their own self-contained flat or a house, doing normal stuff in between the explosive storylines. Peter's character is capable of great comedy. I've never been a Carla fan but that's just me. She's fine as the assertive business woman in the factory but we don't see her regularly having a chat in the pub as she did with Michelle. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Carla and Peter are my favourite characters but even I'm tired of the constant cycle of misery they seem to endure. It's very rinse and repeat. If they're soulmates why are they never happy when they're together? They're either off screen or they're arguing, nothing else. Also isn't it time they got a place together? Carla's not had a place of her own since moving back to the street three years ago! And Peter falling off the wagon because he got beat up sounds contrived to me... I thought if he drinks again he'll die? Or have the writers conveniently forgotten that?
Either way I'm looking forward to these two characters getting some long overdue screentime, it's just a shame it couldn't be a happier storyline. Also Carla working at the factory isn't working. In fact the factory as a whole isn't working. Let's hope Ray knocks it down!


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