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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 6 November 2020

Welcome to a replay of Friday night on t'Street.  I have to be honest for much of the programme my attention was elsewhere as Southampton were thrashing Newcastle and going top of the Premier League for the first time ever.  If like Sean and Dylan I had been allowed in the ground to watch the match I would have watched these episodes later.  Some of the following may be a little sketchy.

Our main story this evening is Oliver (above in case you cannot remember), Leanne, Nick, Gail and Simon who has finally been found again.  Wendy the guardian has recorded all the verbal evidence she has been gathering on one of those little recording machines (which is odd as I thought everyone used their phone these days).  After talking to Simon she accidentally leaves it behind having taken a call about her next meeting.  Simon takes it back to Leanne and they listen to edited highlights, in particular when Gail decided to tell Wendy that Nick had been talking nonsense and the truth was that Leanne could not see what was best for Oliver (above Leanne is playing it and Gail's voice is saying the words shown).  Needless to say I then thought we were watching 'Enders as Leanne lashed out at just about everyone in hearing distance.  Gail and Simon replaced the recorder before Wendy knew it was missing and Gail made out that they had not listened to the contents and that Wendy would not want anyone knowing how forgetful she was.  {By contrast when I was in hospital recently and had to carry my own notes between departments they were sealed before being handed to me and again before the return from the scan - which I thought was overkill - I wonder what they had written about me?}.

Meanwhile Debbie and Ray are getting on with their plans to build a huge hotel (does Weatherfield really need a hotel? - oh yes for fornicating couples who are not married).  Sally puts the house on the market for £145k and within about 5 minutes Ray has made an anonymous offer of the full asking price.  Sally is not accepting - after all someone else might want it and be prepared to pay more once it has been properly marketed.  Debbie tells Ray off for his stupidity and also turns down his offer of sharing a non-marital bed in one of his hotels (although apparently they used to indulge in such activities - and to which I think she might be making some reference above).  

Dev acknowledges to the twins that he has got it all wrong and points out that being a single father is proving a challenge he things he is losing and asks Aadi and Asha what they think would be good for them.  Both agree that returning to Weatherfield High instead of Oakhill would solve Dev's money problems and they would not feel out of place.  Dev "reluctantly" agrees and then suggests inviting Corey to tea.  Turns out that Corey knows a lot about golf - being caddy for his father and he even knows who Seve Ballesteros was.  Conversely Asha is not impressed but Dev suddenly believes he has a second son!  And Corey is no longer the Mr Nice Guy not pressing Asha to take it to the next level - if she has made the adult decision to take the pill she must also have made the decision to sleep with him and pressure is applied (when "Big D" - a golf club nickname for Dev) is out of earshot (above).

In yet another unneeded raised voice session Michael Bailey visits Grace Vickers in prison to talk about the baby.  Clearly the bright young man (well he keeps having all those money making ideas) is struggling with the concept that Grace is actually telling the truth this time and to be honest who can blame him.  James makes it clear that Michael should avoid Grace in the same way as avoiding the virus and wash that girl right out of his hair, or use sanitiser, not sure which.  Michael may not been keen on Grace - but a baby is a different matter.  Quite possibly she will receive a lesser sentence when the pregnancy is used in mitigation.

Talking of court cases we do not see it but somehow Emma was in court this morning and was only fined - that must be a record between arrest and conviction!  Sean and Dylan are getting along a little better and the former is upset when Violet and her best beloved contact Dylan to tell him of a trip to Scotland and a five star hotel.  Eileen and Todd talk Sean down off the competitive ceiling and as a consequence Sean has realised that knicker stitching and part time barmaid have to be replaced and he needs to improve his life.

Craig also lets on to Sally and Tim that Geoff is telling a different story to the one Debbie told - Geoff insists Debbie wound him up (Geoff tells the truth) which Debbie of course denies (lying her head off). Faye was dumped by her two timing boyfriend on Wednesday and by the time this evening was finished she has made it clear to Craig (who gave Geoff Metcalfe a piece of his mind in front of Faye earlier) that they are now going out (above) and whilst the former great lump struggled to get his brain around the concept he realises that she is serious and that a man in uniform is attractive!

Written by Chris Fewtrell and directed by Ian Barber.

Not sure which of those two should take the blame.  I really don't think the prison scene should have needed raised voices and Leanne dumping Nick again and slamming doors - in a hospital - is just not on.  I personally feel that the Oliver story has been extended for too long - but then it does have a huge personal resonance and consequently I am biased.  Take care out there!


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Anonymous said...

Thought the scenes with Leanne, Nick and Gail were very powerful.
Jane Danson deserves much praise for her full commitment to this storyline and Leanne’s character. While Leanne is being horrible to the people who are trying to help her, it is very true to her character. She is losing the son she has always wanted. Jane’s acting is very dramatic and powerful.
Ben Price keeps being more and more impressive in each episode. His acting is very multi layered. I feel so sorry for Nick and Ben can convey lots of emotions, even with just his facial expressions.
Helen Worth was wonderful to watch on Friday. The scene between Nick and Gail was lovely and you really got to see their mother and son relationship in a very heartfelt way. It’s great seeing Gail more serious lately rather than just being silly.
Say what you want about the Oliver storyline, but no one can deny the acting has been brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is when Gail is serious she does this annoying whispery voice and blinks all the time.

Bobby Dazzler said... on Anon@ 18:30


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