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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 13 November 2020

Weatherfield has of course now moved into another parallel universe as the country enters lockdown except for a grimy Street in Manchester which appears to be not that aware of the previous rules on face masks, let alone anything else.  I almost feel sorry for those having to cope with rules that can change a thousand times between a scene being written and reaching our screen, but not enough not to point it out!

Anyway Eileen feels that Todd should be contributing - so once 10 am has passed he has to get off his backside and either do the cleaning or get a job (above).  Todd decides, jumps out of his chair and heads for the front door and job hunting!  What I could not work out is why the TV remote control was the other side of the room enabling Eileen to grab it and turn the set off.  If you are watching TV the remote is always close at hand because there is always something else worth watching in the breaks!

Mary is not at home so George Shuttleworth is watching "Vera" (a well known ITV televisual detective drama set up North) and as they are oft repeated decides that he has seen this one and tells Eileen the culprit.  He sees her face and immediately says he was joking.  Eileen is even more outraged that the concealer Sean has used on George is £35 so within a few seconds we get a whole range of Eileen's face pulling!

At the end of Monday Paul was very, very inebriated and had arrived back from the Underworld team bonding intending to do some Billy bonding.  Greg the Bishop was in the bathroom and Paul really needed to go - but has no memory of it the following morning as Billy advises him of his wish to force the Bishop (above) out of the closet.  However it only made this posting because it gives us another chance to see Paul in his wonderful unicorn sleeping apparel - it is certainly a coat of many colours and therefore might well appeal to the Bishop (although I believe that is a mistranslation as it was a coat with long sleeves).

Time for an Emmaism!  Fix has just encountered Emma and Amy being grilled by a local journalist interested in the Oliver Battersby family.  Fiz politely tells her to go forth and come back when emotions are less raw.  Emma thanks her for being (as it says above "dead wise.  Like a big owl or something."  I think Fiz is flattered!

On Wednesday don't blink or you will miss Dirk arriving on the left hand side of your screen, then hiding behind the stairs.  And if anyone has a floor plan for the factory please share because I have absolutely no idea how it is all supposed to fit together.

Steve has reached the end of the on hand library; together they have all read the Thomas the Tank Engine series and all of the Mr Men books.  Steve searches online and discovers that the original author of the latter, Roger Hargreaves, has died but that the series has been extended by his son Adam who apparently wrote "Little Miss Chatterbox".  Steve suggests that perhaps Emma should be responsible for reading that title (above)!  A quick search online is worrying as it shows that particular title was written by Roger Hargreaves - poor research but at least it made us all smile!

Gail is not a good place when she arrives in t'Rovers and asks for a very large g&t.  Now I have never poured a triple as offered by Jenny - but when she delivered it (above) I thought to myself that there is not much t in that glass - no bubbles.  And you always hand over the rest of the bottle of t to the customer!  Also given we are not going to pubs much at present I am really surprised that all the beers are "on" - but then I did say I would try and avoid such oddities!

And that just about wraps it up for this week on the Street.

Written by: Carmel Morgan & Steven Fay (Monday); David Isaac (Wednesday); Owen Lloyd-Fox (Friday)
Directed by: Ian Barber & Sasha Ransome (Monday); Clive Arnold (Wednesday & Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Paul and Todd’s banter about being “fine” cracked me up. Anyone familiar with books by Canadian author Louise Penny will note that her acronym FINE could be applied to many current Corrie characters.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

The fact that the writers can't even research the Mr Men books properly for a short scene smacks of laziness.

Anonymous said...

What I find to be a farce is Sarah thinking it's a 'fine'idea to hire Todd even though she's aware of the hostility between him and Paul.There will be trouble!
Sarah has not learned her lesson from when she hired her daughter Bethany [who has no experience in the rage trade]to head up the sales department to spite Beth who's grieving Sinead's death and couldn't accept Bethany and Daniel being a couple a few months after herdeath.
Once again Sarah's so managerial skills are a joke!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe it is intentional mistake by Steve rather than the writers. We can always sya things that we really have not researched or our memory becomes hazy.


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