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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Colson Smith interview: Can Craig bring Ray down - and find love with Faye?

Prior to this week what are Craig’s feelings towards Ray, how would he describe him?

Craig is not Ray’s biggest fan. Craig is very protective of Faye and they are now in a relationship which is like, the best thing ever for him! His protective instinct makes him wary of Ray because he knows that Ray is a bit dodgy but he can’t quite put his finger on what it is about him.

What are his first thoughts when he sees the blueprints in Ray’s office? Does he understand the importance of what he is looking at?

No, when Craig first sees the blueprints he is trying to process what it is he is looking at. He is aware that he is in an uncomfortable situation and he shouldn’t have seen what he has just seen but he doesn’t know what it is. All he knows is that Ray has caught him and it takes Craig a bit of time to process what the secret is.

What makes Craig realise he is in an uncomfortable situation? 

Ray takes Craig to one side and tells him that they need to talk about what he has just seen. When Ray tries to play it down to Craig, Craig gets suspicious and starts to realise that what he has seen is more than just a plan, it is something that Ray is going to put into action. 

What is Craig’s reaction when Ray then tries to buy his silence? Has Ray underestimated Craig?

Yes definitely, Ray sees Craig as some young copper who is not very good at his job. He refers to him as Officer Dibble which Craig actually takes as a compliment because he hasn’t got a clue! But for all of Craig’s naivety, he knows right from wrong and he has a strong suspicion that what Ray is trying to do is wrong. The more that Ray tries to butter him up, the more he realises that something is going on. 

Ray makes two attempts to keep Craig quiet. Is it Craig's naivety that makes him play detective and look for answers from Gary and Sally?

Craig doesn’t fear Ray at this point, it is more of a strong dislike and a clash of personalities. Craig doesn’t quite know what Ray is capable of and the extent of the damage that he can do. 

When does the penny drop for Craig and he realises that Ray is actually a nasty piece of work?

When Ray says that he will have a word with the Chief Inspector, Craig begins to feel out of his depth. Ray makes it clear to Craig that there is only one person that is going to win this and it’s Ray so Craig is now in the middle of something that he does not want to be involved in and it is a really sticky position for Craig because his girlfriend, Faye, is employed by Ray and he has just offered her a promotion. Craig still wants to keep Faye happy but he also wants to do his job the best he can. This is where it starts to become a challenge and Craig has to decide whether he protects his girlfriend and her job or whether he acts on his hunch.  

How torn does he feel? How much is his loyalty to Faye holding him back from doing what he feels is right? 

Faye is Craig’s weak spot and it affects the way he thinks and how he makes decisions because he doesn’t want to ruin Faye’s career after she has just got a new promotion. Craig and Ray are constantly trying to score points off each other and when Ray offers Faye that job, it means Ray wins Faye over Craig. Craig realises then that he is losing control and it tests the relationship between him and Faye. It also signals there is no relationship between him and Ray, Ray is now Craig’s arch enemy. Craig rarely thinks about himself and he puts himself in the line of danger quite regularly - the person he is worried for is Faye.

Do you think Faye and Craig are a good match?

Yes, definitely. Craig and Faye go way back and their bond was built when they were school kids and Craig helped Faye through her pregnancy. That gave them a foundation and a trust stronger than anything. Now they’ve met again at a different phase in their lives and there are good intentions from both of them to give it a try. 

Do you think Craig could be the one to bring Ray down?

If Craig is going to bring Ray down he is going to need some help. It’s a tough one because he went to Gary for help because he thought he could trust him but now he is wary of him so that is not an option. But I think Craig is strong enough and determined enough to not let Ray get away with anything. 

What advice would you give to Craig?

“You’re on to something, he is definitely a wrong ‘un. Keep it up!”

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Anonymous said...

Officer Dibble was the cop in the Flintstones cartoon. Does this name have a different meaning in Britain?

Charles Dytham said...

Officer Charlie Dibble was actually a character on Top Cat.

Anonymous said...

Officer Dibble is used as a derogatory reference to the police. Eg, the Dibble are coming!

coconno196 said...

Craig is too young to have seen Top Cat. Plus, lovely as he is, Craig is a trainee constable so no threat to Ray. I hope he keeps his eyes open though, and reports to his sergeant.


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