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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – November 7 2020

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Now, I don’t know about you but I love that Debbie Webster’s back on the street. She’s smart, sassy, everything a proper Corrie woman should be and I hope she never leaves. But alas, I fear she might. Because this week we found out that she’s in cahoots (and I love that word) with sleazy Ray and she’s the Roxy whose name is on everyone’s lips. Yes, Debbie is the Roxy who’s buying up houses on the street left, right and centre so that she and Ray can knock them all down and start building loft warehouse apartments or something. I’m not really sure what they’re planning, some sort of world domination by all accounts, one cobble at a time.  

One of the residents interested in selling up and moving out is Sally. Sally? Leaving the street? Well, Debbie does her best to further stoke tensions between Sally, Tim and Geoff and succeeds in getting Geoff to smash up Sally’s chiminea and Sally’s not best pleased. Sally puts her house on the market and Ray puts an offer in immediately which makes Sally suspicious. She quizzes Debbie after Abi warns Sally she thinks there’s something strange going on.

Elsewhere this week, I’ve been fast-forwarding through scenes featuring the Bailey family (too dull by half) but can deduce from what I’ve seen whizzing past my eyes on screen, the following: Grace is pregnant and in jail and tells Michael it’s his baby. I liked the old Michael, remember him? Bit wacky, bit of an entrepreneur? Now he just stares idly at baby scan pictures with a sad look on his face. 

I’ve also been fast-forwarding through every single hospital scene. I know Jane Danson has been acting her socks off as the distraught mother about to lose her son. But I can’t bear to engage. The world needs more humour right now and this storyline is unwatchable for me. 

And now, let’s have a look at some of the storylines I have been watching.  Well, Sean and his son Dylan are proving interesting even if it does mean more screen time for my least favourite member of the cast even if he did have some good lines from writer Chris Fewtrell this week which made me laugh out loud. 

Meanwhile, Emma confesses to the cops that she took five thousand pounds from Scott and used the money to give to Imran to pay the lawyer who’s looking into Oliver’s legal case. I adore Emma and hate to see her cry. 

Also this week Dev makes amends with his twins after he embarrasses himself and daughter Asha by shouting the odds in the street. Asha is only 15 but gets the contraceptive pill from Dr Gaddas at the health centre. She tells Dev, and also Amy (who warns her about not getting pregnant just like she did) that she’s not going to sleep with Corey until she’s 16 but Dev only hears what he wants to hear and has a slanging match with Corey and Asha in the street. Dev later apologises and invites Corey to dinner where they bond over a shared love of golf. Asha’s relieved that her boyfriend and dad are getting along but then her heart sinks when Corey says that he wants to sleep with her before she turns 16. 

And finally this week, Craig and Faye decide to go on a date. “You mean out, out?” Craig says. “Or we could stay in, in,” Faye replies. A lovely way to end the week.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Ellen Taylor (Monday);  Mark Wadlow and Jonathan Harvey (Wednesday) and Chris Fewtrell (Friday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Bobby Dazzler said...

I am loving Debbie back on the and sassy indeed!

I did laugh about whizzing through the Bailey and hospital scenes...same here, just couldn't bear anymore of Leanne, weird thing is that I never did care for Ben Price as Nick. After this last episode, I've changed my mind.
Love Dev in a pinny. Dev's character has always had comedic appeal, so glad that he's back!

Tashacat said...

I have watched Corrie for years and this is the first time I find myself fast forwarding so many scenes. Glad it’s not just me. Baileys are boring, and Leanne’s constant strops are so wearing now. I have been in her position, and never, ever spoke to hospital staff the way she does,

Anonymous said...

Controversial, but I would say Ben Price has been the best actor in the Oliver storyline. While Jane Danson has been “acting her socks off”, it’s Nick that I feel most sorry for and that’s because Price is giving a more subtle and nuance performance which is more captivating to watch than shouting and shouting in every episode. Funnily enough, I too didn’t care much about Price’s Nick Tilsley, but I think he has risen up to the challenge the best and now I honestly think he deserves more storylines.
It’s understandable that Oliver’s storyline is a chore to watch, but I will say that you shouldn’t miss out of Price’s acting as we hardly see that subtle acting in Coronation Street.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with all these comments. I've always thought Ben Price's acting skills amounted to pained facial expressions but he has excelled as Nick in this storyline. Question is why haven't we seen this before? The scene between Nick and Gail was very sensitively done, Nick just stopping before he broke down.

I have no interest in the Baileys. Why should we care about Grace and one of the brothers? Would have been much better if he (can't even remember his name) had teamed up with a woman on the Street. I like the friendship between Amy and Asha, also the blossoming romance between Faye and Craig.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Ben Price as Nick has been brilliant in this storyline.
He's one of Corrie's best actors.
I hope Nick makes a go of it with Natasha and Sam.
I too, am getting fed- up of Leeanne's constant anger, but maybe that's the way she's been directed?
If she suddenly becomes gentle and vulnerable viewers, will say it's out of character!

Anonymous said...

I hope that Leanne's anger isn't a contrived ploy to justify an affair storyline with Nick and Natasha.
It seems the trend with issue storylines is for the writers to shoehorn in an affair,Liz and Johnny after Aidan's suicide and Fiz and Tyrone during the domestic abuse storyline in which Tyrone even left his baby daughter Ruby at the mercy of her mentally unstable mother Kirsty so he could spend Christmas with Fiz and Hope.
As for Leanne,she is living every parent's worse nightmare and is having a breakdown and frankly the presence of Nick's son Sam[another uneccessary storyline ]is making her feel worse as she sees in Sam the life that Oliver will never have.


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