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Monday, 2 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 2nd November

Alina Pop! is back and here to advise the lovely Emma on her hush money. I don't know why anyone's bothered about the money from Rotten Ray and his sexist mate going to Oliver's legal fund, but Alina thinks that Scott's associates (who? Buster Edwards? Ronnie Kray?) will be after her for the dough. Emma is taken in by the police and lies through her teeth, but later, she confesses to Steve where the money came from.

I think we're all getting a bit sick of our relatives during lockdown, but Abi is ultra-fed up of Rita Briggs Debbie, and karma isn't just a delicious curry dish as Abi gets her revenge on Debbie's snooping around her addiction issues and friendship with Peter, by snooping around Debbie's property business. It doesn't take much for Debbie to crack as she breaks down and 'fesses up that she is bankrupt and her laptop and jazzy clothes aren't hers, they were borrowed from a friend. However, in the loos, Debbie tells a mystery caller that she "just dodged a bullet" and they "need to talk". Later, Abi spills the beans about Rotten Ray and his blackmailing of Kevin, and Our Debbie stomps off to the Bistro because lo! she is the mysterious Roxy.

Meanwhile Aggie is back, so presumably Coronavirus is all over now? Michael is apparently looking for a new job, post-Grace. Unfortunately, Grace isn't over, or her storyline, as Mikey bumps into her outside the hospital and she shouts out that she's pregnant. Yawn. Like Michael, I was hoping I'd never have to see Grace again.

Sean is doing excellent dad work letting his son stay up til 2 a.m. and eat ice-cream for breakfast. Hasn't half term finished? Dylan's not that fussed though, he just wants to hang out with Aadi, but Aad has to work in the kebab shop and is moaning about it and new trainers, or the lack thereof. Corey, who is back at school after half term despite being 26, turns up with the aforementioned trainers as a gift for his girlfriend and so Aadi jumps to all kinds of conclusions about his sister's sex life and spills to Dev. I do find it a bit weird how everyone in Corrie is so interested in their relatives' bedroom antics. Although considering people are constantly getting pregnant, you'd think that contraception could be part of their conversations. 

Anyway, Dylan wants to go see Weathy County even though there have been no fans at football games for many a month now and gets Sean to get James to get him a ticket avec hospitality, then finds out it's £150. Each! Surely James gets a friends and family discount? Not that Sean is his friend at all.

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Louby said...

I suppose the football thing had to be in the episode as part of the "Dylan thinks Sean is the best dad ever" storyline, but it seemed ridiculous when they've been so covid aware up to now. Also because why would a boy who lived mostly down south care so much about some little northern team.

However, I did really enjoy last night's episodes, especially Abi's comments about Sally's biscuits.

Smiley said...

I knew it! I called it - Debbie is the one who is working with Ray!

Anonymous said...

I'm also puzzled on how Sean and Dylan could attend a footy match during Covid 19 when spectators aren't allowed?
Ice cream for breakfast?I thought Sean was smarter than that!

Anonymous said...

Rita Briggs - yes I remember her in the Children's series 'Johnny Briggs' I used to love it as a teenager :) (Btw, the series had no connection to Mike Baldwin :))


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