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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Ruxandra Porojnicu interview: Alina and Adam?

How is Alina settling in to working in the factory?

Alina enjoys working at the factory, she is more confident in herself and what she can achieve now.  She would call Michael her friend as well as Emma and Seb. 

How much does she know about Adam and his situation with Sarah? What is Alina’s reaction when he tries to flirt with her? 

When Adam tries to flirt with her in the cafe it is unexpected! She doesn’t know if it is her imagination or if it is actually happening because she knows that he is married to Sarah and that they are having trouble in their marriage. She is unsure about him and doesn’t know whether to take him seriously.

How close is she to Sarah? Does she feel torn because she is attracted to Adam?

She feels like she owes Sarah something because Sarah gave her the chance to work at the factory and build a new life on the street. She respects Sarah as a boss and how she leads the factory, making sure that all the work is done. But there is a flirtatious spark between her and Adam and she enjoys teasing him and playing the game. 

If Sarah wasn’t in the picture, do you think that Alina and Adam would be a good match?

It would be interesting to see them together. Alina is a single girl trying to build a new life in a new country so she would like to have someone in her life to protect her and take care of her. She would like someone to make her feel supported and safe and that’s what Adam would do.

Carla tells Alina to steer clear. Does Alina listen to this advice or is she caught up in how Adam is making her feel?

Alina is having a lot of fun teasing Adam and playing their flirty games but when she speaks to Carla, it is a reminder that Adam does love Sarah. She starts to feel like a pawn in his game to make Sarah jealous and she is torn about what to do next. 

Alina has been unlucky in love, first with Seb and now this flirtation with Adam. Would you like her to find someone on the street or do you like that she is settling in by herself?

I like that she is independent and single but we all need someone so I think it will be very interesting to see who will be a match for Alina. She was a good match with Seb but she needs to be on her own for a little while and not depend on other people. 

This week, the factory go to Speed Daal for a team building session. What were those scenes like to film?

It was so much fun. It was really nice to work with Andrew Whyment, Peter Ash and Gareth Pierce because I haven’t really worked with any of them before. It was also very interesting for me to see how they worked as actors and learn from them. I really enjoyed it.

Who would you like more scenes with? Or is there one person that you haven’t yet worked with that you would like to? 

I am so excited to work with Maureen Lipman! She is so funny and such a lovely person. She is a great actress and I am sure I am going to be mesmerised by her… I am going to have to keep myself together, working with her.

What advice would you give Alina?

Don’t play with fire! She is definitely attracted to Adam and she likes the little game that they have but she is going to hurt herself and she is going to hurt good people as well, like Sarah. It is a dangerous path to go down. 

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Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with Alina and Adam dating,they're both free agents so do speak and it is certainly no business of Sarah whom her ex-husband dates just as it's no business of Adam's who Sarah dates.
A few months ago Adam was the 'bad guy' in Sarah's eyes for trying to get the truth about Gary's crimes including Rana's and Rick's death even though Sarah is the one who chose Gary over her husband Adam when she lied to the police to protect Gary and yet Adam is still the villian for flirting with Alina despite Sarah professing her love for Gary and jealous he chose Maria over her?!
Sarah needs to learn the world doesn't revolve around her!


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