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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 11th Nov 7.30 & 8.30 pm

In tonight's Corrie, Leanne and Steve face their second day in court, and as the family judges seem to be deciding Oliver’s fate, Leanne puts in the fight of her life. Although the inevitable end to this storyline is rapidly coming upon us, I’ve enjoyed this storyline. I mean as a Corrie fan, drama fan, and as a father, this storyline has seeped into my conscious just like Aidan’s suicide and Sinead’s demise. A story that has made me think, discuss the storyline issues with my wife, even mortality itself!

I know Leanne’s reactions have polarised viewers, but my word, some incredible performances have been played out recently, and no more so than tonight. Leanne’s heartbreaking plea for clemency as her little boy lays dying, Simon’s brotherly defence, Steve's looking on forlornly and the affectionate play at his son’s bedside - Corrie at the top of its game!

It’s also good to see the factory back in the mix, isn’t it! Is Todd’s reincarnation as a knicker salesman, part of this revival? The double-entendres and workplace banter is a welcome relief, with all things considered, and Sarah’s screaming match with amorous husband Adam was rather fun too. I know we’ve seen the whole ‘factory staff fracas/ knicker businessman walks in at the wrong moment’ trope a million times over, but still, it worked a treat. Carla coming back from her hols and getting straight on it was a joy as well, glad to she’s back to her best!  Whether collaring Alina or chastising Sarah - she’s a tour de force and as always - the voice of reason. Can she simmer Paul and Todd’s jealous catfight? 

Billy’s ecumenical job prospects have also prospered regardless of Paul’s drunken shenanigans. I’ve still no idea what an Archdeacon is/does yet as a devout disciple of Coronation Street, I am all for it! Ridiculous onesies aside, I quite like Paul, I just wonder where this storyline is heading? The temptation of Todd for a newly promoted man of the cloth... we shall see. 

Less obvious, is where Nick and Leanne are going to end up in all this? As Steve and Leanne have inevitably grown closer, surrogate ‘Dad’ Nick has been pushed aside and I think, quite unfairly. The heart-to-heart with Toyah tonight added more weight to the narrative, Toyah is going to defend her sister of course but I think she was playing devil’s advocate there. 

The devil is also in the detail and sadly, the court's decision is one that we were all expecting. What’s best for Oliver is undoubtedly the worse possible outcome for his parents. 

Like I said at the beginning of this review, Leanne has never been one to shy away from a fight, but sadly this isn't one she can win.  

Wednesday's are always my favourite episodes, and for obvious reasons, but these past few weeks have been incredible!

What are your thoughts?

I am @rybazoxo your Corrie connoisseur  

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Jan said...

Underworld now have Todd, Alina, Michael, Toyah and a once seen nameless woman in the sales department. With a sales team that big you would think they were some big multinational corporation. I then had to laugh when Sarah said asked where ‘everybody’ was and outside the ‘everybody’ consisted of Beth, Sally and Alina.

Anonymous said...

You know what the most farfetched thing about the show is at the moment? It’s not the sinkhole, or Ray’s plan to build a skyscraper, or that Craig is the only Copper in the whole of Weatherfield… No, it’s that bloody knicker factory!

Who’s bright idea was it to make Sarah the big boss? Now, Sarah being in charge of the cake run I could understand, but putting her in charge of the factory… Seriously? She’s hopeless. If she were a celebrity, we’d be voting to get her out of there!

But what irks me most about the 'new' factory - aside from its hideous makeover which makes it look like a child’s soft play area - is its ever-growing workforce. Alina, Michael, Toyah and now Todd all work in the sales department (although why such a small business needs such a big sales team, I’ll never understand). Why do we never see anyone sat at a machine sewing knickers anymore? And why do random characters walk in off the street for a chat as if it’s a drop-in centre?

Let’s face it, the factory’s become a bit of a joke.

The way I see it, Corrie has two options:

Option 1) Restore order by putting Carla back in charge (If anyone should be running that place, it’s Carla Connor).

Option 2) Let Ray and his bulldozer knock the outdated relic to the ground (preferable whilst Izzy, Sean, Paul, Alina and Michael are inside... that should get rid of some of the deadwood).

I’d be happy with either option.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about the factory and Sarah's lack of managerial skills,first she hired her daughter Bethany [who has no experience in the rage trade]to be head of the sales department to spite a grieving Beth who understandbly did not approve of Bethany and Daniel as a couple a few months after Sinead's death and now hires Todd whom she knows Paul despises and is bound to cause trouble.Carla needs to be back in charge.
With regards to Nick feeling left out,I think that's partly his fault due to being more concerned about his son Sam.
When Leanne and Steve were about to meet the German doctor to see if he would treat Oliver,that's when Leanne needed Nick's support the most but instead he thought it was more important to meet his son behind Leanne's back and in the flat they live in together.
Unfortunately I think the' Nick has a son' storyline undermines his claim that he loves Oliver as his own son when in reality he's always seem distreaced thinking about Sam and once Oliver dies,Nick will still have Sam and would soon forget Oliver.

Anonymous said...

Underworld is just a mess and the sooner Sarah is not the boss the better. She’s very unqualified to run the factory that it’s just embarrassing. Have Carla run the factory again, have Sarah her assistant and have Nick run the Bistro again.
Although there’s irony of Carla interfering with Adam and Sarah when she was understandable mad at Peter for interfering with Abi. I know Peter and Carla are a popular couple, but they are very toxic together. They don’t make each other better, they make each other worse. Perhaps the popularity is because the actors are good at bringing the drama. But splitting them up would be healthier for both characters.
It’s looking more obvious that Billy, Todd and Paul are going to have a love triangle and I think this has promise. It would interesting to have a gay love triangle.
I know Leanne has been difficult to watch, but I did felt very sorry for her in the court. Jane Danson’s acting was very powerful. I felt the enormous love she has Oliver and I have felt that during the storyline.
Nick really can’t win no matter what he does. Half moan at him for not telling Leanne to let Oliver die. Now half moan at him for telling Leanne to let Oliver die. Half moan at him for getting in contact with his son. Now half moan at him for being with Oliver at the hospital over being with Sam. I just think more people need to give Nick a break and stop nitpicking a step dad who is losing his step son and is obviously trying to support Leanne the best he can.
Steve reading the books to Oliver was very emotional to watch. I hope they focus on his loss as father too, as that often gets ignored in soaps.
Must say, the acting in the storyline has been excellent.

perkysmom said...

The writers should let Oliver die and have Leanne go into a deep depression, a complete personality change. Yes, this sounds awful but the Oliver story has been dragging on for weeks. Think of the acting challenge for the person who plays Leanne. It would be good not to hear Leanne screeching and stomping out whenever someone tells her something she doesn't want to hear.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Ah yes the in the world do they ever sell anything? Carla and Sarah meet with the buyers from what I see, we are in the middle of a pandemic, who the hell is selling anything?
Oliver.........still not feeling it, although impressed as always with Jane Danson's skills...not so much Ben Price. With his squinty eyes and whispery voice..drives me bonkers!

Finally, the thing that really bugged me? Fiz...going on about...I remember when the girls were taken from trying to identify with how they're feeling about Oliver dying. Ummmm...Hope...Cancer??? Did she forget that she exactly knows the fear that Leanne and Steve face. Damn writers, brush up on your Corrie history, and the continuity errors have greatly increased. Yes, I know it's a pandemic, but c''s starting to remind me of a "Carry on" Film

Anonymous said...

I love how Sarah keeps having to assert that she’s the manager because she’s fully aware that Carla’s far better at her job than she is. Hopefully Nick will sell his shares to Carla so she’ll be boss again, then Nick can take over the bistro once Ray leaves (which I imagine he will once his plans to monopolise the street are scuppered). I’d like to see Toyah return to her job at the Medical centre because she’s wasted at the factory of the damned. I’d also get rid of Alina and Michael who bring nothing to the factory or the show in general.
It’s high time Corrie started wielding the axe on some of its deadwood characters who are bogging the show down. The current cast is way too big and as a result characters are being side-lined and disappear off-screen for months because there’s too many of them to juggle. Why they needed to bring back Todd and Kevin's sister, as well as give Nick a son, I'm not sure exactly!

coconno196 said...

All of the above re factory - so true.

I also agree that a quiet breakdown for Leanne is the best way forward, and let Nick stay with Natasha and Sam.

Anonymous said...

As heartbreaking the storyline is about Oliver’s illness, all the main actors have been brilliant.
Jane Danson has obviously been amazing. Her commitment to staying true to Leanne’s character is admirable. Yes Leanne has treated the people trying to help her poorly, but she is going through the worse moment of her life. It’s only right that Jane stays true to Leanne’s character instead of becoming unrecognisable. Her acting is heartbreaking and award worthy. We can see the pain she is going through and the desperation she has for keeping her son alive.
Simon Gregson has rose to the seriousness of the storyline. His acting as Oliver’s dad is emotional to watch. For someone who is mostly known for being comedic, it’s nice to see portray Steve’s heartache well. We can see Steve’s struggle with accepting Oliver’s death.
Ben Price has been incredible. His acting is subtle but complex and impactful. Acting isn’t just how loud you can shout or how much you can cry. I don’t understand Bobby Dazzler comments at all. “Whispery voice”, if anyone is whispering it’s Gail when she’s being serious. We can see how lost and heartbroken Nick is. If it’s obvious that Nick is finding this hard, then Ben is clearly doing a great job.
Kate Ford has been excellent. It’s very refreshing to see Tracy showing her thoughtful and understanding side in this storyline. Being the voice of reason while still showing how much she cares about Steve. We can see her compassion and sympathy throughout the storyline.
They all deserve a lot of credit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:05, I completely agree with all of your comments. The current cast is way too big, a lot of deadwood needs to be cut. Sorry but Bailey family haven't worked.


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