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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 4th Nov 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Now we know that secret property developer 'Roxy' is Debbie Webster, and in cahoots with Ray's skyscraper scheme, more residents on the posher side of the street are becoming involved in the storyline. I'm guessing the old Victorian houses of Coronation Street won't be part of the plan and would still be in situ whilst this skyscraper goes up? It's a daft premise, BUT plenty of drama, comedy, and subterfuge so it's all good. Smoothing things with David, and giving Geoff a run for his money, Debbie's next target is Sally & Tim, and the current family feud is ripe for picking. Debbie’s duplicitous sweetening of Sally and adding fire to Tim’s ever-growing rage is a humorous farce. I also enjoyed the chiminea camp carry on. Riling the waring father and son to fluff Ray’s property nest is a dangerous game but of course, it works. The match for this skyscraper caper has now been lit, but are you enjoying it? 

Last Wednesday’s focus was on Evelyn and Arthur’s twilight years romance, so in true Corrie equilibrium, this week is Asha and Corey’s troublesome teen tryst and the subject of teenage sex. I can’t think of much to write on the subject but I do like it when Dev’s (less than perfect) parenting skills come to the fore. Less of the Yoda impressions and more tactfulness I think? It was good that Amy’s pregnancy scare resurfaced for depth in the plot, I liked that, and it does show that she hasn’t forgotten that abortion she had. Asha’s being sensible, and a sensitive issue well raised, but you just knew Dev was going to blow up.
Talking of which, Faye had a lot of similar girly teenage trouble a few years ago (remember baby Miley?) so you’d think she’s offer advice too, but, after being dumped by Noah, BFF ‘bodyguard’ Craig is ready with a platonic ear. Are these two going to be the next Corrie pairing?  

Sean's late with his rent after Dylan’s football treat and his post-match wallet is empty. I guess Sean and me agree on the popularity of the so-called beautiful game but the football-mad young lad overhears his Dad’s gripes to Eileen. I wonder, is Dylan going to take umbrage at his father’s poverty and persistent preening, maybe? 

Steve is visibly struggling and that's where I have found myself anchored in this Oliver storyline. As a father myself, it’s an unimaginable situation if your child is critically ill. But what about his daughter Emma and the dirty money? Toyah is often the morality go-to when trouble calls (like a young Emily Bishop) but Imran is of course career biased. Emma cant be heading for the dock too, can she?  
A successful day of scheming for Debbie, but is the even-numbered side of the street facing the bulldozers? Will Sally and Tim depart for good? I do like Debbie, she's brilliant and I even like Ray, he reminds of Mike Baldwin. It would be sad to see these too depart when the scheme fails but rather that than our beloved street in ruins, eh?  

What did you think of this midweek Corrie double? 

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Anonymous said...

Of course Imran is career biased he could be struck off and lose his career over one stupid girl’s actions.

C in Canada said...

The notion of anyone wanting to build a skyscraper in the middle of a backstreet like Coronation is laughable, as well as anyone thinking they'd get the building permission to put it up.
The city's height restriction would scupper the whole plan from the get go.
Ray's off his rocker if he thinks he can actually pull this one off.

Anonymous said...

I cringed when I saw/ heard Dev shouting at the top of his voice at Corey in the middle of the street. Doe he really want the whole neighbourhood to know his family’s business?
I was in two minds about Asha’s story. It was good that she was thinking ahead about taking precautions but also disappointed that it sent out a message to any teenage girls watching that having sex at such an age was quite normal.

Canadian watcher said...

Sigh. Two rules written in permanent marker on the Corrie writers wall:
1. No one over the age of 12 should remain a virgin.
2. Birth control is only for happily married couples with a decent income. (because they already have so many unplanned children, all with different fathers and mother)

Anonymous said...

Canadian watcher, unfortunately, that is the norm nowadays, that young people have sex younger. And Asha did ask for birth control? Right?

Louby said...

Imran's career wouldn't be at risk if he had just followed the money laundering regulations.

I quite like Ray myself, when he first appeared I hoped he would be a loveable rogue type character, but that went when he blackmailed Kev!

Bobby Dazzler said...

I love Debbie as a baddie, and even better that she's in cahoots with Ray.. Planning and plotting (and not killing anybody, unlike other corrie baddies of late)..I am loving it...loved to see Deb/Roxy dangling Cheshire in front of Sally.
Sorry, the storyline for Oliver while sad, is boring.

I wish they'd use Amy more, Elle is a great actress for one so young.
Why does Faye have no friends? and ...of course we can see where it's going for her and PC Plonk...sigh...predictable

You know what'd be great to see? Less of Sean and his whining....grow a backbone fella

CK said...

PC Plonk lol!

C in Canada said...

Aw, poor Craigy! I think he's adorable, and he's improved very much in his confidence since becoming a copper. He's always been a favorite of mine, and I've always wondered why he and Faye were not romantically involved sooner than this. He's a good lad with a good heart who can speak up when he needs to (I'm looking at you Daniel!).


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