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Monday, 16 November 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 16th November

Leanne is starting to remind me of a Trump fan. She finds reasons for why people have realised that it would be kinder to let Oliver die: Dr Howarth is trying to cover her own back, Nick is more interested in Sam, Toyah is jealous, Tracy is unfeeling, the judges don't know what they're talking about. All of these things have become her reality rather than facing up to the truth, rather than listening to anyone else. I do wonder how this story will end - will Leanne finally accept it, or will the life support be turned off with Leanne still in denial? (not that I'm comparing to voting for an orange, lying, narcissistic sexual predator to losing a child).

Anyway, I'm hoping that when this is all over, Leanne goes to visit one of her relatives (e.g. St Stella, Eva, Janice, Les, none of whom seem that bothered about Oliver) because I think Jane Danson needs a bit of a break from crying and stomping. Tonight, she begs Steve to support her with the appeal and Steve begs her to drop it.

Peter is also a little in the river of denial, telling Si that Leanne will win the appeal. This leads to a confrontation with Carla, in which he tells her that she wouldn't understand since she isn't a mother. Peter has forgotten that Carla had a miscarriage after finding out that he was having an affair with Tina, but the scriptwriters haven't because Carla reminds him of it (there is a weird thing with parents that they think non-parents aren't capable of basic empathy). Anyway, Peter calls Howard (his AA sponsor) who isn't in, so he rings Carla who ignores him in favour of having a go at Adam re: Sarah and Alina. Then Peter's day gets worse as a scally approaches him and demands his phone. He refuses to give it up but instead loses his cab as the thief hits him (off-screen) and takes it.

Kung Fu Cliff is back! A.k.a. Dave Dutton, the eleven time appearer on Corrie. He doesn't do any martial arts this time but rings the police and then offers a slug of whisky from his hip-flask to Peter, which he takes. Even though we've been told many times that if Peter drinks again then He. Will. Die. He and Carla make up, but not before Peter has had a bit more booze from the Co-op. EDIT: several people in the comments have pointed out that it was mouthwash he was swigging and not alcohol!

Even though we've had this pandemic on for the last eight months, people can just wander into the factory at will - Eileen turns up to tell Sean his make-up has arrived. He and Michael start selling the gunk (I'm pretty sure we had this story before when Sinead was alive), but they have different ways of doing things  Michael goes door to door whilst Sean throws an Avon style party with Todd, Tyrone, Fiz, Alina and Gemma. When is Weatherfield moving into Tier 3? After having a make-over, Tyrone buys some (but for Fiz, not him).

Ray takes the mick out of Craig, calling him Officer Dibble, but he has a point - it is quite handy for the producers every time they need a cop to turn up to read someone their rights. Instead of paying for a talking actor and their silent but facially expressive sidekick, they can just get Craig in (a bit like having the Bistro set for restaurant scenes rather than hiring somewhere to represent The Clock or Delphine's). Craig has bigger ambitions though, he wants to make it to Detective Inspector and he's starting with Rotten Ray. Ray asks Craig to help with security issues and Craig waits for him in the office, accidentally seeing the plans for the skyscraper that Ray has carelessly left lying around. He tries to bribe Craig with a meal for him and Fay(e) and then ups his offer to putting in a good word for him with the Chief Inspector after Craig does some snooping, asking Gary if he's heard about any building projects in the offing. Gary denies it, then sprags on him to Ray.

Finally, Kirk's Thoughts podcast - who would tune in? If he's going to sing the theme tunes of old Hanna Barbera cartoons, then maybe.

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maggie muggins said...

Nice write-up, Rachel! This make-up "not-a-pyramid" scenario is cringe. As for Rotten Ray - does the Weatherfield area have a thriving underworld of building corruption? That skyscraper looks like it would mean tearing down the entire Corrie area and more.

Oh, I thought Peter bought booze too, until I saw the liquid in that bottle was blue. And he rinsed his mouth and spit it out. Remember Kung-Fu Cliff saying his wife was away so he didn't bother with odourless vodka? Peter was trying to hide the smell, a sure sign his deception will continue and we get to witness the horror show of a big binge.

dhvinyl said...

Speed Dahl seems to have turned into a venue for anything. Sean and Michael don’t have two brass farthings to rub together yet can splash bubbly drink around and take over the once alcohol free basement with nary a sign of gruesome Geoff, or indeed any staff at all. Corrie writers’ whole attitude to the pandemic is mystifying..masks on outside, but off in shops, the pub, and hospital. But yes, Peter was swilling mouthwash, American-style from a paper bag. If Leanne hasn’t given up on Oliver, the props people certainly have. The cuddly toy may magically conceal his face, but they forgot the pillow in the bed which is now just a dip!

Bobby Dazzler said...

Looked to me as though Peter was using mouthwash from the co-op.
It is certainly strange that no one has called about little Oliver..let alone visit as there seems to be multiple people going in and out of his room, taking off masks to speak/spray one another.
I would be more than a little annoyed at Craig snooping through the things on my desk....just so contrived...not feeling PC Tinker

dhvinyl said...

Sadly, Bobby Dazzler, no one's ever going to take PC Tinkler seriously. Some people just don't look like policemen. Hope his renewed relationship with Amy works out though. The band of thieves (also known as the script writers) should have made a promise that 2021 will be a totally upbeat year in our Street. They , and we, have suffered enough this year!

John L Murcutt said...

Should somebody not ask Leanne if leaving that little man in a coma as if conscious he would continue fitting, if she feels if she considers it cruel?
Hopefully Craig will not drift into corruption. It would be a shame after all his hard work and dedication to become a member of the Police Service.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I thought Craig was going out with Fay, not Amy?
Why don't Sean and Michael start selling Sinead's beard oil instead of make up? What happened to that anyway? I thought Carla had taken it ove,r but it seems to have been quietly dropped.

dhvinyl said...

Fay/Amy - I continue to get muddled, but you're right!


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