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Sunday, 8 November 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th February 1997

Ken's tried to explain things to Deirdre, but when the explanation is "I slept with the headmistress eight minutes after you walked out", there's not much more you can say.  She slammed the door in his face.  Meanwhile Sue Jeffers was distant to him at school so he'd generally mucked up his home and work life.  Martin told Mike that Roy had cash in the bank and ready to spend so he agreed to sell the cafe to him.  Alma was upset though, as she thought Gail was taking advantage of him and his simple mind (although Gail had earlier told Martin that she thought Roy was special and the rest of us were average, which is bang on).  However, Gail accused her of being patronising, and Alma changed her mind and sold to him.  Mike was thrilled and wondered if they could've fleeced Roy for a few more grand.  Mike was also upsetting Sally, because she couldn't handle the pressure of making counterfeit clothing.  Ida Clough was sniffing round a locked cupboard and getting suspicious, so Mike told her it was because they suspected the staff were thieving.  Ida turned on Sally and accused her of being in Baldwin's pocket and grassing up the workers.  She went home and broke down in tears with Kevin as she admitted what was going on.  

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 7th and 9th February 1997

Samantha took Sean to a judo class and was impressed by his talents.  She decided that they should do a charity parachute jump together which absolutely terrified him.  He tried to back out by claiming he didn't get any sponsors, but an amused Des popped up with £20 and said all his other employees would sponsor him.  Sally told Mike she'd happily work for him, but not on the dodgy stuff, but he said she couldn't pick and choose.  He said she'd have to leave because the counterfeit goods were keeping the business afloat.  She called his bluff and resigned, so Mike took on Ashley to help him flog the stuff at the markets, which annoyed Don.  Rita saw that the Websters needed a break and took Sophie and Rosie out on her country pub lunch with Alec.  Alec was not even slightly amused.  Fraser the gangster left prison, and decided that he wanted to see Liz immediately.  He turned up at her pub and bought her some champagne.  Oh Liz, you really are quite stupid sometimes.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 12th February 1997

Curly went to Eric Firman, concerned that Anne was making him out to be a sexual pervert who preyed on the female staff.  Eric was dismissive, but was unhappy to learn he'd trusted a member of the shop staff with the keys to the shop so he could slink off early.  The tension bubbled over and he argued with Anne, making her cry, and Eric seemed to be taking her side.  Jack wanted to go to a Victualler's Ball with Vera, but they needed someone to look after the pub.  He tried to get Betty to cover, but she refused, so he tried to wind her up to get her to agree.  Of course it went wrong and she stormed out because we haven't had this storyline for about six months.  She finally returned when Billy realised she'd be under his feet.  Alan told Fiona that Fraser was not only a dangerous nutter, he was also married.  He refused to let her tell Liz the truth though because he hoped she would lead him to a promotion.  Meanwhile, Sally told Ashley the stuff he was selling was knock-off, so he told Mike he wasn't interested any more, and Deirdre told Ken they were going to have to be just friends.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 16th February 1997

It was Valentine's Day and Betty arrived at the Rovers to cover.  Jack and Vera went off to their dance, but Tricia had to stop working behind the bar when her waters broke.  She gave birth in the back with Betty and Jamie helping out.  However, the baby was five weeks premature, so he was rushed off to the hospital.  Jamie and Tricia both worried he wouldn't pull through.  Don, being the nasty bit of goods he is, suggested to Jack that maybe the baby wasn't really premature and Terry wasn't the father.  Fraser arrived at the Hour Glass with an announcement: he was buying the pub.  Alan was intrigued to find out, and told Liz about his dodgy dealings.  He asked her to keep him up to speed with what he did.  Curly missed a meeting when Anne didn't arrive to take him to work.  She said the car broke down, but he didn't believe her, and they argued loudly and violently.  She tried to be nice to him and he called her mad and shook her - just as Eric appeared out of the Gents.  He sacked Curly.  I'm not surprised - it was pretty nasty.  Anne turned up the next day and asked if they could be friends.  Obviously he said no, and she turned on Samantha, because she's barmy.  Samantha continued to canvass for sponsors, and Des was horrified to discover Sean had signed him up as well.  He backed out immediately.  

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 19th February 1997

Thanks to Don's poisonous tongue, Jack had serious doubts that the new baby was Terry's, and went to the hospital to try and find out.  Instead he got Tricia crying on his shoulder.  He spoke to Martin and he assured him that the baby was premature.  Samantha got drunk so she could get the courage to have sex with Sean.  He was disappointed that she needed to be loaded and left.  They talked the next day and she said she might need counselling because she really doesn't like sex.  Alan floated the idea that Steve could be moved to another prison where Fraser couldn't get at him - if Liz kept him informed on her boss's criminal activities.  Deirdre was horrified to hear Fraser was out and in her life, but Liz said she'd be fine.  Deirdre twigged that she fancied him - a fact confirmed when Liz ended up snogging him.  Ashley tried to get close to Maxine, but she kept stringing him on, which angered Don.  He said all hairdressers were the same and she was as bad as Denise at leading blokes on and not delivering.  Ashley told Don to keep his nose out of his private life.  

There are a couple of significant arrivals in next week's episodes, and one tragic departure.  We'll be watching them with popcorn on Twitter @merseytart

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