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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Coronation Street Christmas Spoilers 2013

Christmas is my favourite time of year and along with the tinsel, tree and turkey, I love it when the Coronation Street spoilers come out to tease us with events on the cobbles at Chrimbo.

In this week's fab double issue of Inside Soap magazine there are the following teasers for Coronation Street Christmas storylines.

There's a glimmer of hope for Kylie and David to get back together but not before Kylie causes mayhem for the Platts.  Kylie sulks off in a drunk, emotional state and David finds her by the canal on Christmas Eve where they have a heart-to-heart, but will they get back together?

Carla has shock news for Peter!  Inside Soap says: "Peter's absolutely stunend by Carla's shock news and it has huge implications for their relationship."  Meanwhile, Peter and Tina continue to flirt and Tina throws herself at Rob to make Peter jealous (and Tracy livid, I hope!).

Nick loses it completely at the Platt's Christmas dinner and slaps Leanne in a vicious rage beside the sprouts.

Steve's school mate Andrea sets her cap at Lloyd and gives him the glad eye.

Steve's in the dog house when he buys Michelle a ridiculous gift. 

Sophie bonds with a homeless girl called Maddie - but could her new pal end up being bad news?

And of course, it'll be Hayley's last Christmas.  Tissues at the ready, folks.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why David would even want Kylie back, considering she's proven to be an ungrateful, untrustworthy bitch who stole everything he had. Basically she's like another Leanne.

He should want to be able to see his kids, but that's it. Let Kylie and Nick get together (she will eventually to rub it in David's face, for sure), because they're actually well-suited for each other.

Ping Pong Poon said...

Please dont it be the OLD CHESTNUT that Carla is pregnant????????? Unplanned pregnancies have been done to death on soaps.

Looking forward to Leanne getting a Slap on christmas day!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments regarding David and Kylie. Who the hell is she to take the moral high ground! At the end of the day she slept with her brother-in-law yet Nick and Kylie act like the innocents. As much as I detest David he is a loving father and has every right to see the kids.

Tvor said...

Of course Maddie is going to be bad news. Standard Issue stuff. Kind of glad that this Andrea isn't going to be a bunny boiler and chasing Steve or vice versa. Sounds like she really is just a mate for him.

Anonymous said...

David deserves everything he gets he did it to himself

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