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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, October 24

This week's weekly update has been written by K Richard Whitbread who's in the hotseat while Flaming Nora and Sunny Jim are tying the knot!

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street weekly updates. I had hoped that I might even get an invite to the wedding of the year, but it was not to be and I cannot therefore report how many Tunnocks were consumed or what the bride wore, but I am sure she looked stunning. I have crept into update Towers tonight and I have turned off the music and am enjoying a little piece and quiet before setting fingers to keyboard in earnest.

So what has been going on in the Street this week you might ask - actually it has been a bit quiet. Most of Monday has been spent in Weatherfield Crown Court where Fiz Stape stands accused of three murders, Colin Fishwick, Charlotte Hoyle and Joy Fishwick (just in case you had forgotten). As ever the prosecution team have first go at telling a story and Brian makes a complete hash of trying to support Fiz and Charlotte's mother, Dorothy Hoyle, almost completely forgets that it was Fiz who rescued her from imprisonment by John Stape. Mary and Brian have a good laugh about Detective "Anthea" Redfern's name when he is called into give evidence until the judge threatens to clear the gallery. Hayley is not much help either getting confused over the events at Ches's birthday party. However Fiz is represented by Nicola Taybarn QC (played by Jaye Griffiths) and after a slow start she manages to prove there is no forensic evidence linking Fiz to the deaths.

At the end of last week Amber decided to spice up Sophie's life. First they closed Dev's shop without his knowledge and then they headed into town to a club. Where, to get rid of a boy chatting up Sophie, Amber gives her a great big smacker to prove that they are lesbians. Amber has been spiking Sophie's drinks all evening, so she does not push Amber away. And subsequently Sophie spends much of the next day skiving off work due to a hangover and she tells her father that there was a kiss. Amber tells her to do and say nothing and Sian returns early from her holiday - her mother had picked up a man and she felt surplus to requirements. Anyway Sophie merely tells Sian that she has realised how much she loves her.

Rosie, who is getting very annoying, I can see that even Jason has almost had enough of her ways, is demanding that he sells the empty flat and buys them somewhere to live because she is no longer allowed into the former Webster residence given that her Mum and Jeff are getting jiggy jiggy and she decided to put a stop to it by making it appear that he had made a pass at her (Rosie). Initially it all went according to plan with Rosie wearing next to nothing and almost removing Jeff's trousers and Sally believed the clearly concocted story but Sophie gave the game away and let Sal know that it was a put up job. And Eileen is fed up with Rosie hanging around her house has well. So Rosie wants out. She may end up going further than expected.

Mary has taken up residence in court - but Norris and Rita briefly fall out over such ways, but not for long. There has been little sign of Dennis this week.

And who is that hanging around in a car with a beard? Well it appears to be one John Stape, who books a viewing of Jason's empty flat under the name of Mr Chips. He has been hanging around for several days and keeping an eye on the comings and goings in the Street and outside the court. And (spoiler) there is an extra episode this week - no doubt all will be revealed this time next week.

Eileen and Paul were getting on very well when Glenda wrapped up her report last week. However Marcus felt that he really ought to tell Eileen what he had seen in Freshco and she is distraught. She eventually decides to go round and tell Paul's wife of his low life behaviour, but when she does, his wife behaves oddly not even registering what she is being told about the lying scum with whom she shares a house and a marriage. A little later Paul turns up on the Street and tells Eileen the sad story of his wife and very early onset Alzheimer's disease. She no longer knows much about her life and the marriage died on the physical side a long time ago. This does not help Eileen who throws him out, saying that it is still adultery as far as she is concerned. I am not sure this is the last we shall see of Paul.

Sally, who is working for Frank now, attempts to recruit the other factory workers. Becky who cannot get another job accepts, pretty reluctantly, but the others remain loyal to Carla, although there is little enough work and no machines. They take turns sweeping the floor and cleaning the toilets to keep busy. Carla is trying to get business - but it is hard to find.

Writers were David Lane, Mark Wadlow, Simon Crowther, Peter Whalley and Chris Fewtrell, directors were Duncan Foster and Kay Patrick. Copyright belongs to ITV Productions.

And that I think are the main bits this week. However I would also like to say just a few words more. Betty Driver, rest in peace. You almost managed to work until you dropped and I salute you and thank you for
your contribution and the hot pot. You provided entertainment for us for many years and we all thought you were going to go on forever. Thank you.
K Richard W

1 comment:

Adam Rekitt said...

Lawyers do not advise innocent people to plead guilty, especially to 3 murders when a conviction means you won't see the light of day for a very long time, if ever. Prosecution witnesses do not sit with defence witnesses or have confrontations with the accused family. Coronation Street is happy to claim credit for raising awareness of "issues", so it is irresponsible to continue to get these things wrong and play on fears of crime.

This is not Kavanagh QC or whatever, where the story is revealed as the trial progresses. We already know what happened and so the trial is excruciatingly dull. The attempts to liven it up, such as Mary's stupid comments were crass rather than comic. Coronation Street is not subtitled Crime and Punishment and Collinson should either keep his promise to get rid of the crime or go.


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