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Sunday 30 October 2011

Betty Williams' Corrie funeral to be aired Spring 2012

Betty Williams' funeral on Coronation Street will be shown on screen either February or March of next year, says today's Sunday Mirror. 

The paper also repeats the rumour that Julie Goodyear might return to Corrie as Bet Lynch for Betty's funeral. It also says that other Street legends such as Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden), Julie Goodyear and Roy Barraclough (Alec Gilroy), Sarah Lancashire (Raquel Watts) and Cheryl Murray (Suzie Birchall) are among those who could appear at Betty's funeral.

Now then, much as I would love to see all of the above back on the Street for Betty's funeral, it's hard to know who will return and who won't - or can't.

For instance, if we read newspaper reports from last year when Corrie tried to get Jean Alexander to return as Hilda for the 50th anniversary, then it's very unlikely Jean Alexander will return to Corrie as Hilda.  Read more on that here.

Also, Sarah Lancashire returning as Raquel Watts seems unlikely as she once famously said "I'd never return to Coronation Street, not  for a million quid".  Read more on that here

And while it would be fantastic to see Cheryl Murray return as the goddess that was Suzie Birchall, the last we heard of the actress was that she was quite poorly, but if anyone has an update on Cheryl, do please let us know as we would love to hear how is. She's always been and remains a firm Corrie favourite in our household.

However, it is possible that Roy Barraclough might return as Alec Gilroy, as he's still a working actor.  And Everton Football Club chairman Bill Kenwright, who used to play Betty's son Gordon, could also appear.

Corrie producer Phil Collinson is reportedly set to meet with scriptwriters this week to discuss plans for Betty's exit from the soap.

Any other legends that you'd like to see back for Betty's send-off?


Llifon said...

I would think Maggie, Mavis and Billy Walker would have stronger links than Suzie tbh.

Anonymous said...

Yes I still think actress Irene Sutcliffe should come back as Betty's Sister -Maggie Clegg, I also agree Billy Walker should make an appearance, In honour of Betty's loyalty in the Walker family era at the Rovers.... What about barmaid Gloria Todd, she was quite friendly with Betty??

Tvor said...

I'd say it's a pretty good bet Kenwright will return and likely Julie Goodyear if they ask her which i hope they do. IT would only be fitting for RBetty.

njblas said...

There would have to be a glimmer of hope for Hilda to make an appearance - if only for the fact that Betty Driver and Jean Alexander were good friends in real life.

corrierules said...

Jean Alexander was not present at Betty Driver's funeral. (at least I did not see in in amy articles or news items)I don't seen her coming on Corrie for the funeral of Betty Williams.. she is not a fan of the show these days

Anonymous said...

Mavis riley/wilton hasnt been mentioned, which iam suprised by as Betty driver always spoke about her,

I want Mavis,Bet and hilda back for betty funeral.

Maybe vera could also comeback as a ghost

Anonymous said...

Mavis riley and bet lynch

Anonymous said...

Why realistically would suzie return after twenty seven years for a barmaids funeral from her old local? I love her character but its not likely. Micky

Anonymous said...

rip betty you and your hotpots will be missed loads!! miss seing u on corrie!!x

Mr Morgandorfor said...

Its someone's Real Life Death of course they will comeback and And Peril from Emmerdal is coming back for it She is the connection between the two soaps She was Betty's Step Daughter. Also Head that Bet Will come back if she can write her own on screen words of good bye. Jean Alexander is still acting but hates Corrie its changed to much If i wanted to see anyone back in genral id like to see Jackie Dobbs

Also Janine in easternders stared in a interview on TV that she would never go back for all the money in the world look at her now So Raquell


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