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Sunday 23 October 2011

Corrie weekly awards: Oct. 17 - 21

Loyalty award: Gold Star: Sean and the rest of the staff standing behind Carla.
Silver Star: Jason is there for his mum.

Too good to be true award: Paul seemed too perfect. Of course he'd have a big wife shaped flaw!

Showdown in the Streetcars Corral: Gold Star: Becky and Eileen both wanted the switch job. Neither one got it.
Obvious Plot device award: Gold Star: Sally wasn't fired, she was laid off temporarily. But she took it very personally so that Frank could swoop in and scoop her up for his new factory.

Early to bed Early to Rise: Paul and Owen both slipped out of the house early.

Cutie Patootie award: Baby Hope! Someone was obviously off to the side making her smile! Loved her bunny ears top too!

Ill-advised plan award: Gold Star: Rosie figures she can trick Sally into thinking Jeff is unfaithful. Using herself!
Silver Star: Eileen telling Paul's wife about his affair.

Bank Balances will out: Gold Star: Out of work Becky and Eileen end up having to work for the Devils they know, both Frank *and* Sally.

Ethical Fail award: Gold Star: Amber spiking Sophie's drinks.

Fashion statement of the week (or Fashion Fail, depending on your point of view): Rosie in that tacky purple thing.  And Jeff wanted her *on the street* passing out flyers while wearing it! You can imagine what kind of offers she'd get.

Lines of the Week:
Eileen about Sally "She's one of them people that lights up the room... when she leaves"
Tommy to Becky "You fancy another drink? I'm feeling lucky tonight" Becky "You better be talking about the fruit machine" Stella "Oh leave him alone, he looks terrified" Becky "As well he might, Stella. As well he might" (She'd eat him alive!)
Becky "Shops weren't taking principles instead of money"
Izzy "What part of 'we don't want to work for a rapist ever' don't you understand"
Sophie "I get more funny looks about being a Christian than being a lesbian"
Marcus to Sean "Promise me you'll never train as a relationship councillor"
Sally "What on earth are you wearing? You look like your entering Miss World" Rosie, while pretend sobbing "Thanks Mum" (hahaha!)


Frosty the Snowman said...

Desperate Stalker Award: Now I know Eileen has been lacking in the male attention department lately but do they really have to make her so annoyingly needy and pathetic: She met this bloke two weeks ago, now she is acting like she is his fianc√©, bombarding him with voice messages and texts and getting upset when he hasn’t called her back within 5 minutes. Then turning up twice uninvited to his house, the second time to spitefully put his wife right! They should have cast a strapping lad to take the role of the fireman, not someone who comes up to Eileen’s waist, it makes the whole scenario quite comedic like a seaside postcard.

Experienced Sewing Machinist Award: How come everyone on the Street has the skills of being an experienced and talented sewing machinist? First Eileen, now we have Becky who was given the job in the faktry as a favour to Hailey as a packer to assist Kirky suddenly saying she also is “an experienced machinist”. Is there anyone in the Street that can’t operate a sewing machine to a professional standard? Is it a northern thing? Please enlighten Frosty as he doesn’t know anyone under 65 that can use one.

Christian Values Award: Sophie the “good little Christian” dropping her sister in it and letting her beloved Daddy down at the last minute when she promised to look after her half brother, lying about attending Church, instead going off into town with the equally silly and uninteresting Amber Alhabore.

Why? Award: Why on earth is Stape stalking Rosie with the intent to kidnap her AGAIN? Stupid stupid stupid.

Suddenly Remembered Award: How long has Jason’s flat been stood empty with nothing mentioned, especially as there is always someone looking for a place to stay on the Street and they could have rented it out, or lived there themselves instead of being cramped into Eileen’s fighting over the bathroom. Plus isn’t the flat half Tina’s? Probably remembered just in time for the Pointless Michelle character to return to have a convenient roof over her helmet head,.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sally being so unfair to Carla? If I remember rightly Carla was very supportive of Sally when she told her about her breast cancer.

(and I know this has nothing to do with corrie but ..

R.I.P Marco Simoncelli

Adam Rekitt said...

I wonder why no-one has mentioned the huge windfall Sally is going to get when she takes Carla to an Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal. What employer in 2011 makes decisions about redundancies based on people's circumstances? "Eh we'll get rid of that Mrs Miggins. 'Er 'usbands loaded!"

Once again, Carla looks like a complete fool and the scriptwriters show that they are totally out of touch. The factory feud could be a great storyline if it wasn't underpinned by a rape and if the writers bothered to spend 2 minutes doing some internet research. As it is, it is just silly and we all know Frank's venture is doomed to failure.

Cobblestone said...

Like Frosty, I too was glad they've remembered Jason's flat - although surely it could not have escaped major damage in the tram crash? But even if they do sell it, a large part of the money raised is Eileen's. She loaned Jason the money to buy it from the inheritance her dad left her and she really needs that cash right now. Something else that seems to have slipped their mind.

Anonymous said...

I for one am just happy to see Jason being supportive of his mum. For her seeming "desperate and needy" I'd say their working her age, single status, lack of employment, people dying, people leaving her, fighting with the neigbhours life into what it might actually turn into: fragile self-esteem and lonely depression that warps your perspective on how you should and need to be treated. She's a lovely character, I wish they'd let something in her life go right.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Frosty - Paul coming up to Eileen's waist - she seems more like a fireman than he does ...... Not sure I like them together.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pay one lick of attention to Fiz or Chesney during the dramatic jail visit Hope stole the scene totally - all smiles and big cute is that kid?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments Frosty; I have to agree on everything you said.

Your comments on the Awards are amusing, but more than that, they make me realize how much my brain has switched off over the years.

I briefly think "how can that be"? or "why would he/she do that"? but you elaborate and bring the discrepancies to the fore, not something I believe the writers think anyone does anymore.

The show is full of 'holes' these days, too many story lines, too much on the go, too much sensationalism within such a tiny street.


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