Saturday, 22 October 2011

Kym Marsh has a lot to be thankful for

Some of you may groan but since, according to comments here, there are fans of Kym Marsh/Michelle Connor reading, here's a link to a nice, chatty interview with Kym where she talks about her home life and Coronation Street. She talks candidly about having a premature baby who is still having a few health problems but seems to be doing well. She misses baby Polly now she's back to work but is looking forward to the ups and downs of Michelle's life on screen.

She notes that Michelle is usually a loser at love. Michelle is looking forward to a wedding, initially planned for the Bahamas but she decides to get married in Weatherfield instead, probably due to the mess Carla's in because she wants to stay around and help her. I can't imagine Ciaran will be too happy with that and since we know Keith Duffy is leaving, this will probably lead in to his exit storyline.

Kym also talks about her temporary split with Jamie Lomas last year after the premature birth and the death of her baby, Archie. She's also spent time with teenage mums while doing a documentary and she also speaks out about plastic surgery, saying “There’s that term ‘growing old gracefully’ but why should you? There’s nothing wrong with a little tweak here and there if it’s right for you.”

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Anonymous said...

does anyone know where carla's leopard print top came from in monday night's episode

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