Monday, 31 October 2011

State of the Street: October 2011

We've come to the end of another month of the Street. Hard to imagine the year is nearly over! They're filming Christmas episodes now. As we look back to October on Coronation Street, it was a month of trials and tribulations for Fiz and Carla. Has Eileen met yet another loser or is Paul a good guy in a no-win situation?

And where's Pam and Bill? Why bring them back with all the publicity to shove them back into a hospital supply closet? And what would you do with Sally and Kevin? Keep them together, or give them new lives/storylines/partners?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Of all the characters around at the moment, Sally is high on the list for a new beginning. I hope TPTB don't bring Sally and Kevin back together, and for once let's have a woman who says: 'I've had enough of men.' She's got the cash to set up a franchise; she could become quite a pushy businesswoman but with more heart than Carla. She could do party plan or anything that makes her independent. Go on, writers, give at least one woman on the Street the gumption to go it alone.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Sally will get back together. Sian will dump Sophie after she sees their big smooch on the internet...Ches and Katie will have their baby and Tracy will lose her babies sending Steve off the rails. Fiz is released from'll be tears all around!!
Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great.

Kylie O'Reilly said...

Any plans to bring Kevin and Sally back together will most likely have been scrapped due to real-life circumstances beyond the control of the actors and writers.
Personally I think Sally will take over the Bistro (becoming Gails boss in the process) when Peter hits the bottle again thrusting Leanne into Nicks comforting arms and he sells it to Sally in a futile attempt for them to escape the Street and start anew.

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