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Monday 24 October 2011

Coronation Street storyline praised by Alzheimer's Society

Last week on Coronation Street, Eileen Grimshaw - who is currently dating fireman Paul - found out that his wife has Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer's Society hopes the storyline will get people talking more about dementia and the issues affecting families living with the condition.
Jeremy Hughes, Alzheimer's Society Chief Executive, said: 'It is good to see Coronation Street featuring a dementia storyline and one that tackles such a rarely spoken about subject. If a carer develops feelings for someone else they may feel very guilty. Having such a high profile soap covering the issue will hopefully enable more people to feel comfortable talking about it. We know from talking to people that everyone experiences dementia differently and relationships they have are very different too.'
In the coming months the storyline will explore Paul's guilt as he embarks on a relationship with Eileen and how in turn Eileen copes with being the 'other woman' in a very complex and unusual situation.;

Tony Hirst who plays Paul said: 'Since taking on this part, I have learnt so much more about dementia and how it affects not just the person with the condition but has an impact on the whole family. I am really enjoying the opportunity to help raise awareness about this devastating condition.'

There are currently 750,000 people with dementia in the UK. Of this, there are 16,000 people with dementia under the age of 65 yet it is estimated that the number is much higher.

Jeremy said: 'The fact that Tony's wife is in her 40s will hopefully help spread the message much further that dementia can affect younger people too. Many younger people with the condition fail to get an early diagnosis as they put off seeking help. We would encourage anyone who's worried about their memory to visit their GP.'

Visit the Alzheimer's Society website


Anonymous said...

Ahh this is the never done before storyline!! Shortland Street in New Zealand did it, and I'm interested to see how this storyline will pan out!

Llifon said...

Didn't Rita have a relationship with some Anthony who's wife had Alzheimers, about 10 years ago?

Anonymous said...

She sure did. I'm laughing about this "never tackled before" rubbish. It's not as if the Anthony Stephens storyline was back in 1966 or something like that. It was only ten damn years ago!

Anonymous said...

Well did the quote and the report tick all the EastEnders boxes. Let's see...
1) Phrase "Issues affecting..." used - check.
2) The word "tackles" used - check.
3) The phrase "will hopefully enable more people to..." used - check.
4) The phrase "the storyline will explore..." used - check.
5) The term "raise awareness" used - check.
6) The term "spread the message" used - check.

Yup, folks, we're "exploring" Walford territory and viewers allegence to a fifty-year old institution is being "tackled" as Granada "spread the message" that entertainment of the type popularised by HV Kershaw and Bill Podmore is being ditched which "will hopefully enable more people to" do something differently with their lives rather than be preached at and therefore "raise awareness" that Corrie of old is in its coffin and the nails are being well and truely hammered in.

maggie muggins said...

Oh, for goodness sake, Anonymous, the show can address modern life occurrences without losing its way as a soap. I don't see all these coffin nails and preaching that you speak of. If you don't want to watch Corrie, don't. If you have so little interest in it, why do you still keep up with storylines? I feel preached at - by you. Sorry, it's just getting so boring reading these types of posts here.

Anonymous said...

After almost forty years of watching the programme, I want it to stay within the successful confines that have made it last half a century, Maggie. You don't seem to be able to see the one-way track that it's going down nowadays (little comedy, lots of angst). Perhaps your too recent a viewer to see the loss of past glories?

Anonymous said...

But Maggie has a point. If you don't like what you're seeing - don't watch - instead of complaining about it.

Re: Eastenders, maybe it is a good thing, considering awards they seems to scoop.

The storyline, I'm looking forward to it because it means we get to see more of Eileen!

Anonymous said...

I think this story line is going to be interesting.
It is different, as lines go, maybe not totally unique, but to some it is.
I like Eileen, and this Paul seems a nice enough bloke, I for one would like to see how they handle this sensitive issue.

maggie muggins said...

Anonymous (whichever one you are), I've been watching Corrie for about 15 years. I've bought lots of DVDs and watched plenty of the early episodes. I think the show is doing a fine job of keeping up with the times, and still respecting the core feeling of early years. Of course it's not an easy job - the way we all live has changed enormously. I'm in my 60s and find many things annoying in the world today, but Corrie isn't one of them!


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