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Friday, 28 October 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 28 October at 7.30 & 8.30

Coronation Street, Friday 28 October @ 7:30pm
Fiz’s fate rests in dying John’s hands. As John lies unconscious in hospital Fiz hears the news and sees a glimmer of hope. The police interview Rosie about her kidnap ordeal. She reveals how John schooled her in the details of Colin, Charlotte and Joy’s deaths. But it’s merely hearsay and Chesney warns Fiz they need John to pull through and make his confession. As Chesney waits at the hospital John starts to arrest and the crash team rush to his side. Will John survive to tell the tale?
Chris declares his feelings for Cheryl. Feeling guilty Cheryl apologises to Lloyd for their row. But when Chris corners Cheryl, telling her she doesn’t really love Lloyd she loves him and kissing her passionately, how will Cheryl respond?
The cracks begin to show at Underworld. Carla tries in vain to drum up more business for the factory leaving the staff debating jumping from the sinking ship.
Elsewhere Mary’s furious when Sylvia wins 1st prize in a competition after stealing her answer.

Friday 28 October @ 8:30pm
John makes a bedside confession. As the crash team manage to get John’s heart going again, Fiz visits her dying husband. At the hospital John regains consciousness as Fiz arrives with Hope. Though clearly in a lot of pain, he makes a statement to the police, telling them how Fiz had nothing to do with the murders. As John explains he was hiding out in Anglesey and had no idea she’d been arrested Fiz forgives him, admitting that despite everything she’ll always love him. Choked with emotion John holds Hope closely as Fiz sobs for what could have been. Is it curtains for John?
Lloyd’s efforts come too late for guilty Cheryl. Chris puts pressure on Cheryl to dump Lloyd but she’s torn, not wanting to hurt Lloyd. Seizing the initiative Chris tells Russ that he and Cheryl are getting back together and they’re going to be a family again soon. But is this what Cheryl wants?
Elsewhere Mary can’t let Sylvia’s cheating go. Karl plans a poker night


Humpty Dumpty said...

Graeme Hawley saved the night with his performance. It was quite a touching death-bed scene and I'm sorry to see him go. Chris/Cheryl/Lloyd: it must be down to the acting (thanks to your blog, I'm now scrutinising the credits for writers). 'Does he make you feel like this?' Chris asks. You mean, like a plate of limp lettuce? And Sylvia, one can only assume she will, indeed, get ill on the cruise or suffer some mishap which will greatly please Mary.

Anonymous said...

This is torture...watching the great final deathbed scenes between Fiz and John..and baby Hope..(such a little monkey)...only to be interupted by the boring Lloyd/Cheryl/Chris waste of time. Argh. Great ending for John though. A teacher to the end!!

Tvor said...

I agree. The Grey family is indeed well named. dull.


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