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Sunday 30 October 2011

Corrie weekly awards: Oct. 24 - 28

The face of Guilt!

Knitting under the guillotine award: Wooly star: I see Mary has taken up Blanche's morbid enthusiasm for trials, hoping for the worst.

Miscarraige of Justice award: Gold Star: Fiz was convicted! Still, John confessed on his deathbed.
Silver Star: Sylvia won a cruise in a contest on Mary's discarded slogan. Well she *did* throw it away!

Big Sister award: Sunita has always been really good to Sophie.

Delusional award: Ropey Star: Rosie is tied and gagged. John is saying this isn't a kidnap. No?

Once a teacher, always a teacher: Gold star: John Stape Quizzing and marking Rosie on his confession details.

Irony award: Stape calling himself Mr. Chips to book the viewing and so we could say Goodbye Mr. Chips at the end of the week.

Fashion accessory of the week: Orange bra worn over the shoulder.

Ghosts in the machine award: Why on earth is there furniture in Jason's flat? After it was rebuilt, he nor Tina ever moved back in.

Medical Miracle award: The tumour is reduced and stable, but it's still there, right? leading to...

Pants on Fire award: Gold Star: Chris lied and let Cheryl think things look grim.

Overcompensation award: Squidgy Star: Amber kissed Sophie, Sophie liked it. Sophie proposes to Sian

Trial cliche award: Gold Star: There's always someone that springs up, enraged that someone lies on the stand or other similar. And the accused also usually has reason to scream their innocence at the jury or person testifying.
Silver Star: The best intended testimony is always twisted against the accused including that *of* the accused.

Deirdre Barlow Award (handed down from Gail McIntyre): "I Didn't Do it!!!"

Lines of the Week:
Julie to Brian "You might as well have said 'Here's Johnny!!!'" (Indeed)
Sophie "Sian can be such hard work sometimes" (Pot? Kettle?)
Prosecutor "23 minutes to search a 2 up and 2 down house?" Kirk "Sounds about right to me"
Rosie to Jason "You have no vision! I see the world in wide screen, HD, on Demand!" Jason "You're on Cloud Cuckooland!"
John "Hello Rosie. We need to talk" and "I'd rather die than go back to jail" (you got your wish)
John "Fiz needs me and I'm not going to let her down again" (got a funny way of supporting her)
Cheryl to Lloyd "I don't deserve you" (Too right you don't)
Norris "I fear HMS Retribution has sailed"
John about himself "Selfish to the end"


Frosty the Snowman said...

Strangest competition win award: What competition would not confirm your win in writing but ring on the caff pay phone to tell you? Sylvie has to be off in a couple of days as well, is she taking Dennis who made another infuriatingly short and pointless appearance on Friday.

The Dullest Non Event of the Year: All this tiresome nonsense with Sian and Sofa getting “engaged” – who cares? We all know Sian is leaving so what is the point of carrying on with this charade – any story about these two and Awful Amber is a cure for insomnia .

Get on with it award: I wish Chris and the Greys would just GO. Everybody hates Chris, and nobody gives a monkeys about him and his dopey unkempt son.

Weirdest Court Case Award: The whole thing was a ridiculous farce, like a bad episode of Crown Court from the 1970s - we all know Fiz isn’t going to be sent down but let off scot free without waiting months for an appeal hearing. How could they have convicted her for Charlotte’s murder when she was giving birth to Hope at the time – absolutely ridiculous.

Estate Agent of the Year Award: THEY show people around properties that is their job and what they earn their fee for. After all the Suzy Lampugh business there is no way that even Dozy Rosy would let in “Mr Chips” and be alone with him in the flat.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fiz was convicted for Charlotte's murder..she was only convicted of the murder of Colin Fishwick. How Colin died was what John was explaining to the cops (what a lame bunch) on his deathbead.
I am glad to see the end of this story though - dragged on way too long.
I do not find Sophie and Sean one bit believable.

Anonymous said...


Tvor said...

No, Fiz was only convicted of Colin's death, the night of Chesney's birthday when Fiz left the cafe to see where JOhn was and was gone for (allegedly) long enough to help him kill Colin. Colin actually died from complications to a head wound that he'd got from that beating so they figured Fiz and/or John bashed him on the head with something.

Becca said...

When I first started reading this article (quite some time ago!). I actually enjoyed reading the comments as much as the artical itself. However, I have to say that over time I am getting increasingly annoyed with your comments Frosty.

As far as I can remember you have yet to say anything positive about the programme. Fair enough, everyone has the right to their own opinions and i do agree with you about the boring Grey family, but you don't seem to like anything about it all and I have to wonder why you bother to watch it at all?

Anonymous said...

Becca, I agree with what your saying about frosty's comments.

JAM said...

Hear, hear Becca. I've also wondered why Frosty, who obviously dislikes almost everything about the programme, from actors to characters and storylines, continues not only to watch but to comment on it. Frosty, let me introduce you to one of the greatest inventions of the past 50 years: the Off button.

Fishwife said...

I appreciate Frosty's perceptive comments.

They make a change from the tedious "I hate Fiz" "I love Rita" school of commentary.

Keep it up Frosty! You seem to have a good grasp of your subject matter.


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