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Sunday 16 October 2011

Corrie weekly awards, Ocober 10 - 14

Sour Grapes award: Crabby Star: Gail flirting with Paul only to find out he's dating Eileen.

Delia Smith award: Who knew Frank could cook!? Creme Brulee?

The peasants are revolting: The factory is running amok without Carla, Frank and/or Hayley. It's running amok with Carla there  too.

Job? What job? Gold star: Stella comes back from her second holiday, puts Tracy in her place and then keeps leaving to visit Carla.

And They're Off award: Gold Star: The contest competitors are at it again, with a new entrant (Sylvia) covertly playing her cards close to her chest.
Buck Up award: Gold Star: Stella was a *lot* more help to Carla than Maria or Peter or even the counsellor. But she's not on her feet completely, yet.

Pants on Fire award: Paul is pretending it's his brother that didn't want Eileen to come in the house. That sounds like a load of horse hockey to me!

This Means War award: Gold Star: Carla is determined to fight for her factory. Anna is just as determined to stick up for Frank. (she looks a bit like Frank, too, don't you think?)

Unique present award: Deirdre's still making sad little pots and bowls.

Flamin' Cheek award: Frank took 40% of the equipment and supplies out of the factory!

Birthday Party award: Dancing Star: Deirdre!

Lines of the Week:
Deirdre "We could always sit in and eat nuts"
Kylie "A girl's got to look good when she's going on a hot date" Gail "Oh, been hanging around outside the One O'Clock Club, Eileen?"
Sylvia "Did Emily Pankhurst chain herself to the gates of Parliament so you could stand there working while pregnant?"
Tracy "Steve doesn't love me". (What was your first clue?)
Deirdre to Steve "Tracy might not care what shows up in her bed but I'm the one that has to do the washing" (She meant toast crumbs, but that was a bit close to the knuckle wasn't it?)
Sean "Pecks are things you ogle at in the gyms, they have no place on dates" Eileen "Paul is a pecker" (*snork*)
Sylvia on her new knee "I reckon they got it from a Blackpool donkey the way it plays me up some days"
Eileen "Sally Webster does not suit smiling"
Frank "I *am* the victim" (see Flamin' Cheek award above)


Frosty the Snowman said...

The flamin cheek of her award: Scowling Sophie expecting Sal to just hand over the cash so she can swan off to France and asking Dev for an advance on her wages when last time she took it and upped and left, so she still must still owe him! She really is a dislikeable young Madam, pity it’s not her leaving instead of her sister.

Two sided award: How come Simon has been taken out of school for the holiday to Newquay or wherever when Russ attends the same school as Headmaster Dork and wasn’t allowed to?

Most Sackable Employee Award: Stella has not been back 5 minutes and she is disappearing off to tend to a woman she hardly knows leaving Steve in the lurch and unable to go to Ken’s. What on earth is the point of this bland two expression character with the squeaky voice? One word: Useless.

Misguided Loyalty Award: Now Mrs Connor treats everyone like something she has just stepped in so how come the undivided loyalty from everyone? Maria is running after her like some kind of spaniel and now Stella who is the ma of the woman whose husband Carla is trying to steal??? Just don’t get it.

When did you suddenly become so insensitive award: When did Rita become Jack’s babysitter and why push him right under Tyrone’s nose like that? Pretty cruel if you ask me and not like Rita at all.

Is she another of Dev’s secret lovechildren award: Tina really should go easy on that spray tanning, she looked really dark on Thursday.

Get into the 21st Century Award: All this silliness with the factory, now Frank is going to start up on his own company, who buys these smalls?. Even M&S don’t buy British any longer as it’s far cheaper to import.

Adam Rekitt said...

Next time I need a new sofa, I'm going to buy a couple of shares in Harveys and then nip into my nearest branch and take whatever I want! I think Corrie just invented a new way to shop.

Oh and Frank should be charged with intimidating a witness, he would never have got bail and Frank's mother's conduct was harassment. Yet Carla is the one who gets the visit from the hard nosed police officer.

And more from Stella the Marvel. Carla is seeing a Counsellor, but it's Stella with all her minutes of counselling experience who gets Carla back on track.

Who cares about the feelings of crime victims when there are a few more minutes of air time to be wrung out of a story?

Anonymous said...

Well said, Adam, well said. Regardless of ownership, Frank would only have been released on bail with a no contact order imposed. I know this is only a soap but they way Corrie writers portray the court/police/law is socially irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Great, more of Frosty's misogynistic and racist commentary. Just what the world needs more of.

Barlow's Libido said...

Great, more over-the-top politically-correct claptrap from an anonymous.

Just because skin colour is mentioned, does not automatically make a comment 'racist'.

Tvor said...

Frosty, I think Russ would have been allowed to go on holiday but Chris interfered did he not? and asked Brian to put his foot down without mentioning his name. He used the excuse that Russ was falling a bit behind.

Anonymous said...

I loved Deidre's pottery and the looks between Ken and Tracy. Ha! That's why I luv Corrie...lots of drama and then the comedy cuts in...hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Peter and leanne probably did it the proper way ms filled out a holiday form for simon, whereas Lloyd and Cheryl were planning on telling the school that gormless Russ was ill.

I would also like to add, what kind of head teacher spends his time visiting a pupils home to talk to his parents I'm sure that brian has been round twice now

Anonymous said...

Oops ms is meant to be and


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