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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Corrie weekly awards: July 18 - 22

Shifty award: Gold Star: Could James have looked or behaved any more suspiciously, skulking around, withholding news, sneaking around nervously? TGHG (Thank God He's Gone!)

Dodgey Bank Name: "Reflections Finance"? Really? Sounds like it runs out of a canal side warehouse by a bloke named "R. Kray"

Cards on the table award: Gold Star: Carla bared her soul to Peter and he nearly went for it.

Catwalk tantrums award: Gold star: Sean couldn't stand not being at the photo shoot with Marcus and Dylan.

The Walls are Closing In Award: Claustrophobic Star: Gary's bent on spending 24/7 with Izzy to keep her safe. Julie might think it's romantic but it's making Izzy crazy.

Mouths of babes award: Faye can tell Owen fancies Anna and he most certainly does.

Gossip is much better than secrets award: Tracy promised to keep the James business secret and couldn't wait to broadcast it in the pub.

Fashion shout-out of the week: Didn't Anna look lovely all in pink?

Lines of the week:
Carla "Sometimes stuff just happens, Peter"
Peter "I do trust her. I just don't know if I trust meself" (Barlow genes will out!)
Kirk "Did you ever read that book, 'What's that Noise?" by 'Iza-bell Ringing'" (HA!)
Leanne "This isn't a joke is it?" Tracy "Oh Leanne I'm just not that funny" (No, you aren't)
Deirdre to Ken "Fancy relaxing with a nice film? Misery's on!"
Kevin ranting about Ken "He's always thought he was better than everyone else" (he's certainly better than you, you div!)
Sally to Kevin "She's hurt and guilty and all you're doing is going on about your flaming scratch card money" (why is he still living there?)
Audrey on the way "upstairs" "Happy Birthday, me!"


Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty’s Awards:

The Ronseal Wood Award: A joint award between Ken and his “grandson” James clunking around in the big reveal scene, more wooden than a couple of tent poles. It was so appallingly bad it was actually funny. The eyes darting from side to side reminded me of Thunderbirds puppets. The great pity is that if this story had been done properly and been built up slowly it could have been very good.

Not worth the paper its written on award: Nowadays in the 21st century Building Societies and Banks no longer use cheques, they would transfer the money into your account and even if it were still 1990 and they did, the cheque would be made out account payee only to KEN BARLOW. His grandson JAMES CUNNINGHAM couldn’t pay it into his account anyway, rendering it useless. All that stressing and eye darting when the postman came for nowt!

Keep your grubby talons off him award: What is wrong with Carla trying to seduce Peter whilst Leanne who was once her best friend and was responsible for her returning to the Street lies in hospital after a miscarriage. She makes Me Me Me Michelle seem generous and selfless. Oh don’t tell me married Lee-am wasn’t the love of Cruella’s life after all, its married Peter B. I hate this story and would like to see the little family happy for a bit.

Can’t Get Away from your Possessive/Obsessive Boyfriend Award: Poor Gary and poor Izzy I am not sure which one I feel sorry for most.

Get away from the camera award: Selfish Selfish Sean, showing off and trying to muscle into the Freshco ad shot. Man boobs and an orange moon face aren’t really photogenic qualities dear. Marcus: dump this self obsessed fool and go out with that nice Freshcos manager .

Contrived Romance Award: It has to be the constantly unshaven Owen and Anna, sorry but I want Eddie back. This couple being constantly thrown together don’t gel for me at all.

We All Cheered Award: We shouldn’t really condone violence but I challenge anyone not to have felt some sense of satisfaction when Gary lamped Sean in the Rovers – hurrah! Give that man a pint of Newton & Ridley.

Mind your Manners award: Stella seems to be very over familiar with everyone when she has only been in the Rovers five minutes, I don’t like Tracy but she is the mother of her boss, the owner’s, child and its neither her place nor business to interfere or speak to her in the rude way she does. She is NOT Liz.

Most Pointless Annoyance: Sneering Eva, sooo spiteful and irritating, what was all that about her expecting Gary who she doesn’t even know to “nick” knickers for her. By the looks of her, surprised she wears any. Total waste of air and space.

Llifon said...

I thought a fashion award would go to Deirdre with her dressing gown and towel on her head. Made me smile. Possible to have a pic?

Anonymous said...

Does one not have to go into the bank anymore to sign documents when they take out a loan? A surveyor just gives the bank some random amount and they'll mail a cheque right to your house no questions asked? Sure.

Tvor said...

Well what can you expect from a bank called Reflections Finance?

Anonymous said...

After been on holiday, I am trying to catch up watching last week's episodes. So far, I have watched the first half, and I must say that the Monday 18th and Thursday 21st episodes seem much better than Corrie has been for quite some time. It is much better when Becky is not shown, and it is also much better to see the acting anywhere (hospital, shop, street, houses etc) outside of the pub for a change rather than filming people inside of the Rovers most of the time.

gab said...

that whiole scam was ridiculous u cant jsut get loans on houses like that

and true why is kevin still living at home and wot happened to jeff?


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