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Friday, 15 October 2010

Watch: Bill Tarmey's emotional farewell to Jack Duckworth

Bill Tarmey gave an emotional interview to ITV's This Morning programme today. With tears in his eyes, he said his farewells to 31 years of Coronation Street.

You (well, if you're in the UK) can watch Bill's interview online here and it's definitely worth a look. However, This Morning did get something wrong about Bill Tarmey's history on Corrie. They showed a clip of what they said was Bill's first Corrie appearance but it was actually Jack's first appearance when he turned up as Vera's husband at Gail and Brian's first wedding.  That wasn't the first time Bill Tarmey appeared on Coronation Street.  He had already appeared as an extra before then and you can read more about Bill's stints on Corrie as an extra before finding fame with Jack Duckworth at Back on the Street.

Bill revealed in the interview that his pigeons will carry on in Corrie and they'll be looked after by Tyrone.

Post-blog note: Looks like this is now on YouTube so overseas visitors may now be able to watch the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Flaming Nora! Jeesh, Bill is just such a nice guy, and I will definitely miss Jack.

Anonymous said...

I think he'd been an extra since 1976. At Bert and Ivy Tilsley's housewarming party in 1979, Vera stated that Jack couldn't make it - but Bill Tarmey was there as an extra! Jack Duckworth first appeared briefly in November 1979, disappeared until 1981, and then made infrequent appearances. In 1983, the "Vince St Clair" story-line elevated Jack to superstardom and he moved into the Street - and Bill was then awarded a permanent contract.

So, he's been appearing in the Street since 1976 (34 years), made his first appearance as Jack in November 1979, became a regular visitor to the show in 1981, and a full-time character in 1983. What a journey! I love Jack!

More on his rise to the top in Corrie at Back On The Street -

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